Malaysian Airliner shot down over Ukraine


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Dingus Milktoast

Gym climber
Maestro, Ecosystem Ministry, Fatcrackistan
Aug 11, 2014 - 07:51pm PT
And when boiled down, its the very same reason we call Pakistan a friend. THEY have nukes too. But they are anything BUT our "friends"..

I have several Pakistani friends. None of them have nukes. They're stuck in ole Lodi again....


Trad climber
Santa Cruz Mountains and Monterey Bay
Aug 22, 2014 - 07:47pm PT

Our ‘Enemies’ in Ukraine Speak
2 days ago
Eric Zuesse
RINF Alternative News

America’s ‘news’ media do not let the victims of Ukraine’s civil war — the people who are dying and being driven out from the southeastern regions of that country by the new Ukrainian Government — speak, and tell their story. Scenes will therefore be posted below from an admittedly overlong amateur video from southeastern Ukraine, in which they have been allowed to tell their story. This is being done here since U.S. ‘news’ media apparently don’t consider it something that you would want to know, and since you should be allowed to judge for yourself whether it is or not, and to judge why it’s not being reported on the ‘news’ sources that our ‘democracy’ offers to ‘inform’ America’s public about public affairs. It is also being done because these still photos from the documentary summarize this over-long documentary’s important narrative. You are welcomed to click onto the link above to see the entire 82-minute documentary.
First, there will here be an introductory paragraph summary of the relevant background (not discussed in the documentary), if you want to know that: In February 2014, our State Department and CIA used ‘false flag,’ or engineered-so-as-to-be-misinterpreted, violence by our country’s paid Ukrainian agents, in order to exploit the ‘Maidan’ demonstrations in Kiev, the desire of Ukrainians for a less-corrupt government than existed in Ukraine, and than has existed in Ukraine ever since the fall of communism there. Our Government, the Obama Administration, paid masked gunmen there to dress as if they were from the State Security Force of the corrupt Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and to shoot at and murder not just policemen but anti-Yanukovych or ‘democracy’ demonstrators. (However, Yanukovych had, in fact, himself been democratically elected in 2010, and still was the democratically elected President.) (NOTE: The complete key phone-transcript whose audio is briefly heard excerpted there is printed here.) And our gunmen also threatened some members of the Ukrainian Parliament at gunpoint, and engineered their approval of an emergency replacement of Yanukovych’s government by one that was appointed by Obama’s agent, Victoria Nuland, and that was headed by Nuland’s friend “Yats,” Arseniy Yatsenyuk. This new government was filled with people who stated their desire to exterminate the people in Ukraine’s southeast, the people who had voted overwhelmingly for Yanukovych — to just get rid of them. Doing that would make Obama’s regime in Ukraine become permanent. Then, Ukraine held a ‘democratic’ election in which voters everywhere but in the southeast voted, and essentially the same coup-installed people remained in power. The billionaire oligarch Petro Poroshenko was elected as the President of ‘Ukraine’; and Victoria Nuland’s chosen leader, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, continued on as the new country’s Prime Minister. Yatsenyuk fired the previous Defense Minister and replaced him with Mikhail Koval, who on June 11th announced a program of ethnic cleansing in the southeast. This was actually a direct extension from the program that had already started with the extermination on May 2nd of hundreds of supporters of the previous government, who were trapped inside the Trade Unions Building in Odessa and burned alive there. This massacre was masterminded by people who were installed by the Obama Administration. That massacre started Ukraine’s civil war, by demonstrating to people throughout the southeast, that the newly Obama-installed Ukrainian Government wanted to kill them. It was now official policy throughout the southeastern portion of Ukraine, to kill the Obama-installed regime’s opponents. All of the residents there were being officially labelled by the Obama government as ‘terrorists,’ and their elimination was declared to be a patriotic necessity for Ukraine. However, this amateur documentary from Ukraine’s southeast — the video from which the scenes below are taken — presents the resulting civil war not from the Obama Government’s side, but from their regime’s victims’ side, which is hardly heard at all in the West.

Since this amateur documentary presents the unvarnished reality of an actual ethnic cleansing campaign in progress, corpses and parts of corpses are necessarily shown, and also bombed buildings are shown. There also are curse-words that are spoken by the victims. Censoring these things out would be a violation of the most basic requirements of honest journalism, and would be to cover-up the reality of an ethnic-cleansing campaign, merely because this reality is ugly — that would be a shameful thing to do, a fundamental violation of the journalistic standards of any democracy, and will not be done here, though it is routinely done by our ‘journalists.’

Whatever it is, is mass-theft, combined with mass-murder, combined with a super-scandalous cover-up by all but a half-dozen ‘news’ media in the West (each of which has only a small audience), so that even almost all ‘alternative news’ sites are part of the cover-up. But this site, fortunately, isn’t. It’s one of the few that are honest.

In fact, international aristocrats are raping our entire planet with impunity (such as by owning ‘news’ media and politicians), and are ‘trophy hunting’ and otherwise slaughtering not only rare species of animals, but also the human residents of southeastern Ukraine. To ‘bag’ a human or an expensive animal of any species is especially status-confirming to them. Their impunity is the mark of their ‘superiority’: Only they can commit crimes with impunity; so, the bigger the crime, the bigger the thrill it is for them.

Mountain climber
pac northwest
Aug 31, 2014 - 01:05pm PT
Long time....the recording from Kiev air traffic control was not released.
Russia had been asking to make recording public since several days ago...nothing: silence.
Earlier incident recordings were promptly released by Malaysian government.
What is in these recordings that requires silence?

A little background: Petro Poroshenko, the current president of Ukraine, who is a US/EU puppet is a Big Toxic Food Industry king. He's the owner of candy factories "Roshen", major user of vanillin and hydrogenated oils. (this business was illegally acquired/stolen by Proshenko as a part of "privatization" aka mafia-divide-the-goods unlawful action in the early 1990s). His plan is to use Ukrainian coup as a door-opener for Monsanto:

"Ukrainian presidential candidate, Mr. Petro Poroshenko, the billionaire chocolate king of Ukraine, who is tipped to win the upcoming 25th May, 2014, presidential election in Ukraine, is apparently planning to collaborate with Monsanto to produce GM frost-resistant cocoa beans in Ukraine.

Apparently Mr. Poroshenko, whose company Roshen, is Ukraine's biggest chocolate manufacturer, believes that he will be able to do so within two years. And his ambition is to become the world's biggest producer of cocoa beans - with an annual production rate of some 5 million metric tonnes.
" (GMO cocoa beans that is)

Big plans...

His confectionary monster that is profiting off diabetes had been having problems with Russian sanitary control in a year before Ukrainian coup; Russian confectionary factories are a direct commercial rival of Poroshenko. Soon, the New world order masters will make you eat GMO cholocate grown in Ukraine...while organic one will cost $10 per bar in Whole Foods (just for the "new royalty class").

Mountain climber
Anchorage AK, Reno NV
Aug 31, 2014 - 01:07pm PT
is apparently planning to collaborate with Monsanto to produce GM frost-resistant cocoa beans in Ukraine.

That is sooooo evil!!!

It would be much better if the farmers lost their crops and livelihood to frost.

More seriously there is no such thing as a non GMO domesticated plant or animal.


Mountain climber
pac northwest
Aug 31, 2014 - 01:18pm PT
Ukraine is very, very big. A lot of space to grow GMO corn and now cocoa beans. Canadian and most US soils are junk compared to Ukrainian. Monsanto would be dumb to bypass this one...Obama wasn't that expensive for them, it looks like.
Good, compliant sheeple are sugar-dependent and GMO-fed ones.

Plus, all the future fracking in Donbass region by Western oil companies that can't wait.

Mountain climber
pac northwest
Aug 31, 2014 - 02:09pm PT
Monsanto isn't wasting any time with its rollout in Ukraine. Growth of GMO crops was likely under-the-table pre-condition of IMF loan distribution.
Under the promotion of ethnic hatred and instigation of war in Eastern Ukriane by the West, there's nothing but the the worst corporate greed.

Russia moves towards ban of GMO:
Putin warns Obama about US GMO promotion:


Mountain climber
pac northwest
Aug 31, 2014 - 02:16pm PT
In the meanwhile, silence about both Malaysian planes.

A plane full of Western citizens is flying over Donetzk war region--by now, of city's about 1 million population, 700,000 had fled the area--with military planes flying and bombing all over--and no one is tracking it....tell me more about it. I like fairy tales.


Aug 31, 2014 - 04:43pm PT
Hahaha .... stupid Americans


Trad climber
Santa Cruz Mountains and Monterey Bay
Sep 1, 2014 - 09:07pm PT
This is the first time that we hear what the new - post Strelkov - commanders have to say. This is the first time that the Novorussians are going on the offensive. And this is the first time that we get to hear the views, values and ideas of the people fighting against the Nazi junta.


Trad climber
Bay Area
Sep 8, 2014 - 12:32pm PT
MH17 damage photo
Credit: HighTraverse

Pro-Russian rebels have denied any possession of a BUK.

However, photographs and videos cast doubt on the claim by the Kremlin and pro-Russian rebels - that they did not have a BUK missile launcher on their territory.

Three eyewitnesses, all civilians, separately told Panorama that they saw a missile-launcher in rebel-held territory a few hours before the Boeing jet was hit.

One eyewitness saw the missile-launcher roll off a low-loader at Snezhnoye, around ten miles from the crash site, at around 13:30 local time (10:30 GMT).

"We just saw it being offloaded and when the BUK started its engine the exhaust smoke filled the whole town square," he said.

'Pure Russian accents'
The eyewitness told the BBC that the crew struck him as Russian soldiers: "Well-disciplined, unlike the rebels, and not wearing the standard Ukrainian camouflage uniform sported by government and rebel troops alike."

"They had pure Russian accents. They say the letter 'g' differently to us," he said.

In eastern Ukraine, most people speak Russian but the BUK crew did not speak Russian with a local accent.

A piece of the crashed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 lies in the village of Petropavlivka, Donetsk region, eastern Ukraine, on 23 July 2014
Investigators said the plane was hit by shrapnel from a fragmentation weapon such as a BUK
His testimony was confirmed by a second eyewitness, who added that an officer in a military jeep escorting the BUK spoke with a Muscovite accent.

If correct, the Kremlin has to explain to the relatives of the 298 passengers and crew who died - including ten Britons - why Russian military personnel were allegedly seen in the area escorting a BUK shortly before MH17 was shot down.

Mountain climber
The Other Monrovia- CA
Sep 8, 2014 - 12:53pm PT
HT, I'll bet you whatever that your pick isn't from MH 17. That looks like
a Russian/Ukrainian chopper fuselage to me.

Trad climber
Bay Area
Sep 8, 2014 - 01:37pm PT
if you're so certain, take it up with the BBC.
From the same article
Credit: HighTraverse
MH-17 was 9M-MRD

Mountain climber
The Other Monrovia- CA
Sep 8, 2014 - 01:44pm PT
I just might, they've been duped before. The reds are different. I seriously
doubt that a B777 would have un-painted skin (next to the red painted area).
And the first pic shows what looks like cannon/bullet holes not consistent
with a missile shootdown. The second pic is obviously legit.

Big Wall climber
Sep 8, 2014 - 02:12pm PT
Russian's shot down the airplane..f*#k'em!

Trad climber
Bay Area
Sep 8, 2014 - 06:55pm PT
The reds are different.
The shot up red looks scorched from the heat of the warhead blast wave.

I seriously doubt that a B777 would have un-painted skin (next to the red painted area).
more blast damage, scorching the white paint.

And the first pic shows what looks like cannon/bullet holes not consistent
with a missile shootdown.
What would you expect a missile shoot down to look like?

Depends on the missile warhead.
The BUK (SA-11) can carry a combined effects ( fragmentation - high explosive) warhead. Think of a mach 3, 70kg shotgun shell with radar proximity fuse throwing steel or tungsten rods (a couple of feet long) and ball bearings in a forward cone. Specifically designed to create exactly the kind of damage shown in the photo. Tear the crap out of the target. Disable all it's systems. Instantly destroy its airworthiness.

more than you need to know
multiple independent sources more or less agree with this article.
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