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Mountain climber
The Other Monrovia- CA
May 23, 2019 - 10:05am PT
Since my First Commandment is ‘Brevity is next to godliness’ I would say CBS is grasping at straws. I’m not saying there are not issues but I aver the king is still clothed, albet a trifle scantily at times. There has long been a double standard between the majors and the regionals/charter outfits which the CBS article seems to be about. To me the second takeaway, which was ignored, is the issue of The Peter Principle at the FAA. Historically the regionals’ safety was considerably worse than the majors due to less adequate maintenance and considerably less competent pilots. That gap has steadily narrowed to the point that today I would actually consider flying on a regional, if I couldn’t rent a car to the destination. As to getting on a charter, perhaps, if you held a gun to my head.

If CBS, or any mass media outfit, had one reporter with a shred of intelligence or, lacking that, knew any pilots they would look for more substantive issues. To wit, why are airlines like Asiana, Korean Air, EVA (Taiwan), Garuda, Ethiopean, Egypt Air, to name a few, allowed to fly to the US? The Asiana crash at SFO was the most egregious example of incompetence short of the plane being flown by a blind and deaf quadriplegic. The ensuing revelations about the Korean pilots solidarity in massively cheating at their recurrent training exams was as amazing in its widespread nature as was the degree to which said revelations were ignored by the Fake Media industry. As if that wasn’t bad enough 2 years ago an EVA B777 came within 1500 feet of flying into Mt Wilson above Pasadena! There were no issues at play other than immutable incompetence. The ATC controller’s final transmission was


Why has this been hushed up by the FAA and completely ignored by the hallowed Fourth Estate?


Which brings us to the B737 Max story. Of the roughly 793 Max’s in use funny that none have crashed except in Ethiopia and Indonesia, huh? I have only seen one article that noted that the day before the Lion Air crash the SAME AIRCRAFT had the exact same scenario. Luckily there was a pilot in the jump seat who was actually a qualified pilot and told the two punters at the controls how to turn off the autopilot. On top of that those morons didn’t ‘squawk’ the incident. Are you kidding me? I also have unimpeachable evidence of there having been a large number of identical incidents here and in Canada. Again, there were actual pilots at the controls so it was NBD. That Boeing installed this software surreptitiously is beyond the pale but why do they feel compelled to install software in order to sell aircraft to countries which certify pilots who have no business being in either the left or right seat? Did you know the Ethiopean first officer had a whopping 200 hours? I bet he didn’t even know how to drive a bloody car!
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