Wildfire in Patagonia, house nearly lost....random pics.


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mars...it's near nevada...
Feb 21, 2014 - 08:28pm PT


F*#kin A tweeety....
ron gomez

Trad climber
Feb 21, 2014 - 08:31pm PT
Glad all is well there. Been on The Yerian's butt to keep the house keeping up! Did I hear you say fishing, as in Tenkara? When you get back let's "hook up" and wet the lines Jim.

Trad climber
Santa Cruz
Feb 21, 2014 - 08:36pm PT
Oh my. Glad everyone is safe.


fist clamp
Feb 21, 2014 - 08:48pm PT
My bet is Mr. Donini did a little more fire fighting than he is letting on!
John Mac

Trad climber
Littleton, CO
Feb 21, 2014 - 09:50pm PT
Glad you are both okay and were able to save your home.

Have you thought of building a defensible area around the home?

Trad climber
Santa Cruz/New Zealand/South Pacific
Feb 22, 2014 - 02:52am PT
Jim-Does Lido have a casa near yours? ok?
mouse from merced

Trad climber
The finger of fate, my friends, is fickle.
Feb 22, 2014 - 03:10am PT
Ringed around Donini's house
The fire chased the Yanqui
Our hero thought none of it fun
"Whew," goes Donini.

Ashes, ashes,
Don't fall down.

Nice catch, Jim!

God loves ya!


Social climber
Feb 22, 2014 - 04:20am PT
hey there say, donini... oh my, very thankful for your saving of your home, :O

awful time facing such a fight... :(

sorry to hear this...

very glad you are okay... intense photos, but, thank you for sharing, as to the fight
to save your house... you are in my prayers...

Feb 22, 2014 - 06:34am PT
That fire picked the wrong person to try and burn their house down, glad you prevailed.
Bill Thompson

Ice climber
Feb 22, 2014 - 07:52am PT
Glad everything is ok!
Crag Q

Trad climber
Louisville, Colorado
Feb 22, 2014 - 09:21am PT
Scary. Glad to you were able to keep the house safe.
Spider Savage

Mountain climber
The shaggy fringe of Los Angeles
Feb 22, 2014 - 10:02am PT
Just like in California.

Station Fire over Tujunga, Day 4
Station Fire over Tujunga, Day 4
Credit: Spider Savage
Captain...or Skully

Feb 22, 2014 - 10:19am PT
The price for existing on the living Earth. I'm glad you & yours are ok.

Social climber
Feb 22, 2014 - 05:35pm PT
Close call Jim...glad you and Angela still have a Patagonia roof over your heads.

Trad climber
Feb 22, 2014 - 10:30pm PT
Scary stuff, faced quite a bit of that with my career.

Never had to defend my own home, can only image the thoughts going through your mind.

Glad you and your home stayed safe.
Lynne Leichtfuss

Sport climber
moving thru
Feb 22, 2014 - 11:02pm PT
Jim, if you can give us an update we would all appreciate.

Hope all is still fine with you, Angela and your neighbors. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all there in Pat.

Your Ouray Family
T Hocking

Trad climber
Redding, Ca
Feb 22, 2014 - 11:03pm PT

Trad climber
Save your a_s, reach for the brass...
Feb 23, 2014 - 12:21am PT
Yikes, glad you guys are OK!

Trad climber
Feb 23, 2014 - 12:43am PT
Kinda looks like a river of fire passed/flowed right by your house. Crazy!! Glad everyone and everything is ok?

Trad climber
Ouray, Colorado
Topic Author's Reply - Feb 23, 2014 - 09:56am PT
Just got into Chile Chico a 100 K from the house. Went climbing at La Pyramide while the hot spots were put out. Should be able to move back in tomorrow....will keep you posted.

Everything is okay Lynne.

Yes Guido.....Lito's place is 1 K away, he's fine.
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