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Trad climber
No. Tahoe
Aug 20, 2016 - 10:16pm PT
Such a great picture of Matthew. So alive and full of promise.
Mighty Hiker

Outside the Asylum
Oct 8, 2016 - 07:15pm PT
Thanks, Dean. Good luck, and safe travels!

Social climber
Los Angeles
Oct 8, 2016 - 09:14pm PT
Thanks for searching, Dean! Please stay safe and take good care of yourself.

Redondo Beach, CA
Oct 20, 2016 - 04:21pm PT
In early September, 4 of us convened at Deadhorse lake with the intent of searching the bowl between Starr and Kehrlein. Here are some excerpts of my original report:

Ive spent a lot of time staring at a blank screen, looking for the words, but they just dont come. I dont know why I have so much emotion tied up with Matthew. People go missing in the Sierra quite often, yet I dont find myself drawn to them. So, while my emotions flip flop around like a fish out of water, at least, there are words on a page.

I had never hiked the Minarets before our Sept. 2014 search. Id seen the peaks many times while skiing Mammoth many years ago, but never stepped foot there. I have now taken many steps and seen many beautiful scenes of these lofty and sublime peaks. Our hike to Deadhorse Lake was no exception. For some reason, I had the vision of it being a rather mundane area. I have no idea why I envisioned that. In 35 years, Ive never met a Sierra lake I didnt like.


The next morning, we fueled up and headed up the terminal moraine to the outlet of the upper tarn that filled the bottom of the cirque we were to search. We topped out at the outlet and were pleasantly greeted by Kehrlein and Starr Minaret surrounding a small bowl of talus and tarn. Sounds almost like an Irish salad. We all sat down, snacked and began glassing the place. You could almost search the whole cirque on your butt, but, but,,but.the eyes grew weary and the legs wanted to move. David started searching the far side immediately. After a bit of time behind binoculars, the rest of us were getting antsy to physically search. You can go cross eyed behind glass for too long.

We basically carpet bombed the bowl, leaving no stone unturned except for the loose, steep stuff just below Starr. The rest of the bowl was surprisingly stable. We were able to get right up to the face of Kehrlein, then pattern search our way down to the tarn. We checked the base of the three chutes that were in our search area as well.

We finally reconvened and concluded that we hit the place so hard that there really wasnt any reason to come back up the next day just to retread the area, so we made alternate plans. The next morning, David hiked on toward Ediza as he was geared for several more days in the backcountry. Oleander and ghost had already been in a week, so the three of us decided to hike out and play tourist in Bishop. That turned out to be a wise decision. The next afternoon, the Ritter range was hammered with rain and snow. David saw the weather eroding and hauled out as well. We decided to cross country it down stream to the main trail, then beat feet it from there. We got to Bishop with plenty of daylight left, so we went to a new brewery there that just happened to serve wonderful meals as well. For me, the trip was short on time in the wilderness, but long on scenery and friendship.

And then, back to the emotion. I feel great success that we covered the search area with a fine toothed comb. Im disappointed and sad that we found no evidence, but we are looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. If Matthew is there, he is near the peaks somewhere. There are so many places near the top to get wedged, but nearly nothing to stop a fall along the walls. They are sheer and slick with no visible places to get caught up. I have my doubts that even a seasoned climber would dare search the high places on Kehrlein. Too dangerous to tool around up there. The register has never been checked. I only hope that eventually, it is checked for an entry made by Matt Greene.

Trad climber
Upland, CA
Oct 20, 2016 - 05:02pm PT
Thank you for the report.

Boulder climber
Dec 14, 2016 - 11:20pm PT
A bit too early to say, but looks like another light snow-fall Winter so far.

Charlie B

Social climber
Santa Rosa, Ca
Jul 20, 2017 - 02:52am PT
I found something. The bishop pd and sar are aware. I just need my own closure. 707-490-2181. Please do not disrespect that I put my number here. This may or may not be related to this thread.
Ezra Ellis

Trad climber
North wet, and Da souf
Jul 20, 2017 - 09:41am PT
Bump for closure,
Rest In Peace

Trad climber
Red Rock
Jul 20, 2017 - 10:12am PT
Please update if it does end up being relevant...
Thanks B

Boulder climber
Jul 22, 2017 - 11:48pm PT
... not to be morbid, but what was found?

Jan 10, 2019 - 02:35pm PT

Hello Everyone,

We are making a 4th effort to locate some evidence in the Matthew Greene case. Our plans are to set-up basecamp at Deadhorse Lake in the Minarets, search dates are 9/4-9/8/19.

We hope some of you will consider joining are group to finally bring closure for the Greene Family, while spending time with some fellow Sierra loving people in one of the most beautiful parts of the Sierra.
Please contact me at: pagoston@prioryca.org

Thank you,

Ice climber
Pomfert VT
Jan 10, 2019 - 02:43pm PT
whatever happened to Charlie B? was whatever he found relevant??

Jan 10, 2019 - 03:50pm PT
Charlie's find wasn't relevant but worth a read...

Ice climber
Jan 10, 2019 - 07:04pm PT
I cannot believe that this was in 2013


Trad climber
Jan 11, 2019 - 09:38am PT
^^^^ This would be my prefered way to go too. I love your sentiment - leave me be.

Trad climber
Jan 11, 2019 - 12:42pm PT
+1 here

Trad climber
Portland, Oregon
Jan 11, 2019 - 02:14pm PT
+1 He belongs to the mountains now...

Jan 11, 2019 - 02:43pm PT
so f*#king hope nobody find my body

It's NOT always all about YOU and what you want.

You live in a society and if you don't want things to go a certain way in that society than move to Siberia where no one lives period ....

Trad climber
Monrovia, California
Jan 11, 2019 - 06:16pm PT
Sorry Werner, I guess I am just one of the stoopid one's, but maybe you can help me out.

If I were to go up into the mountains and disappear, an accident or perhaps by intention, and things were in such a manner that no one finds me despite many highly qualified individuals best efforts over a period of years, what about leaving me alone would violate some social constructs?

Is it still about closure for the family? Maybe they should broaden their thinking. Instead of depending on an exact location, the finding of a body part or an identifiable piece of gear, maybe they should look up at those mountains in their glory. The closure they seek could come from seeing the beauty of the place and knowing that he is up there. Somewhere.


Ice climber
Jan 11, 2019 - 06:23pm PT
If it was my brother

I'd say

It's none of your fukkin business

It isn't

But it's still none of your

Fukkin business



Not aimed at you K
Speaking generally

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