50 greatest single pitches


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Trad climber
San Francisco, USA
Jul 19, 2013 - 05:21pm PT
The best of the best - aesthetics, rock quality, movement, position:

The Line - P1&2 linked - 5.9 - Lovers Leap
Ants Line - 5.9 - The Trapps
Godzilla - 5.9 - Lower Town Wall
Bonnie's Roof - P1 - 5.9 - The Trapps
High Exposure - P2 - 5.6 - The Trapps
They Died Laughing - 5.9 - Cathedral Ledge
Scarface - 5.11 - Indian Creek
OZ - The Corner Pitch - 5.10 - Tuolomne

Pitches I haven't climbed, but included because come on!

The Predator - 5.13b - Rumney
K Cracks - 5.6 - Pingora
Travis Haussener

Trad climber
Salt Lake City
Topic Author's Reply - Jul 19, 2013 - 05:33pm PT
Great list so far, to edit any pitch counts although the "outside North America" stuff is very unfamiliar to me...keep em coming
My GF on Blue Sun
My GF on Blue Sun
Credit: Travis Haussener


Jul 19, 2013 - 05:42pm PT
Aunt Fanny's Pantry

Trad climber
Orange CA
Jul 19, 2013 - 05:47pm PT
Cobra Crack
Cobra Crack
Credit: Gobi

The crux pitch on Atlantis
The crux pitch on Atlantis
Credit: Gobi

The Backbone <br/>
photo by Brian Mosbough
The Backbone
photo by Brian Mosbough
Credit: Gobi

Necronomicon <br/>
photo by Eliza Earle
photo by Eliza Earle
Credit: Gobi

The A1 Beauty
The A1 Beauty
Credit: Gobi

And of course the Salathe Headwall


Jul 19, 2013 - 05:57pm PT
Gobi, you climbed all those??!?!

That cobra crack beta is crazy, lol'ing on that Atlantis shot too, yikes!!

Trad climber
Colorado Springs
Jul 19, 2013 - 06:00pm PT
Split Pillar, Squamish, 5.10.

Split Pillar
Split Pillar
Credit: avid

Jul 19, 2013 - 06:34pm PT
Jolly Rancher, Indian Creek
Credit: CalicoJack

Social climber
Moorpark, CA.
Jul 19, 2013 - 07:53pm PT
I took this list as ONE PITCH CLIMBS.....

But if we are going to just start listing great pitches thats a whole diff deal....

And look at the PIC of Atlantis that GOBI posted.... good example of how good climbs get messed up by added bolts.

The bolts the dude is belaying from was never the belay back when Atlantis was a new climb. The dude falling is doing it without to much rope in the system, as you can see.

The original Atlantis had the belayer sitting down about 15/20 feet lower, on gear, the bolt was to protect the lean out move.....

...OH well.

Sierra Ledge Rat

Mountain climber
Old and Broken Down in Appalachia
Jul 19, 2013 - 09:00pm PT
You guys are pissing me off 'cause I ain't never climbed any of these pitches


Trad climber
Is that light the end of the tunnel or a train?
Jul 19, 2013 - 09:03pm PT
5th pitch of the Cruise. Not the Scenic Cruise but the original one.
Fat Dad

Trad climber
Los Angeles, CA
Jul 19, 2013 - 09:27pm PT
Triple Cracks, the Shield
2nd pitch of Anti-Jello Crack
Thin Ice, first pitch
Mark of Zorro, Zodiac
Crying Time Again, 2nd pitch
Figures, 1st pitch
Take your pick of Middle Cathedral
The Good Book, 2nd pitch
Central Pillar, 2nd pitch

Too many to even mention really. Barely scratched Josh and Idyllwild.

Jul 19, 2013 - 11:32pm PT
shut up, guyman. dry your panties out and contribute something besides whining.

second to last pitch splitter on shune's buttress
11b on rostrum
peg traverse on scenic cruise, lol
last pitch of triple overhangs (lone peak cirk)

Social climber
Portland, Oregon
Jul 20, 2013 - 12:24am PT
The Flower of High Rank at Suicide (best done in one long pitch IMHO)

Trad climber
Jul 20, 2013 - 04:00am PT
Way Rambo - Indian Creek
Corner on OZ
Last pitch of Third Pillar of Dana
1st Off width pitch on the Rostrum

Trad climber
Spokane, WA
Jul 20, 2013 - 09:45am PT
I've got to admit to being a little biased, but I'll throw in Candyland at Phantom Spires.

Eric Barrett
Spokane, WA

Jul 20, 2013 - 10:18am PT
Amazing list, Ben!

Open Book, Tahquitz

Wortley's Revenge, Smith Rock

Moonshine Dihedral, Smith Rock

Sea of Holes, Hueco Tanks

Saggitarius, Index

Clean Crack, Squamish

Wings of Desire, Skaha

Red M&M's, Frenchman's Coulee

ROTC Crack, Leavenworth

Thin Fingers, Index

Social climber
Dalian, Liaoning
Jul 20, 2013 - 11:24am PT
Amazing how many of the greatest single pitches are in North America.

We must have been singularly blessed!

Jul 20, 2013 - 11:33am PT
insomnia... at least its one of my greatest.

Trad climber
Is that light the end of the tunnel or a train?
Jul 20, 2013 - 11:37am PT
Perilous Journey.
Fat Dad

Trad climber
Los Angeles, CA
Jul 20, 2013 - 12:22pm PT
I'd have to agreee with the last pitch of the Third Pillar. Simply awesome.

Also, i was considering Candyland too. Just so unique. There are also a couple of pitches of The Wasteland, at Cochise, that are really spectacular.
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