First Complete Crossing of California's High Sierra- paragli


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Trad climber
Western America
Jul 29, 2013 - 10:53pm PT
Great piloting! Nat Geo or Discovery Ch should make a special called
"The Crossing!"

A nice write up in this paper.

tinker b

the commonwealth
Jul 30, 2013 - 03:38pm PT
bad ass!
bobo you just crossed my mind the other day and i was wondering what you had been up too. i have spent heaps of time in that area below. i had a dream once about flying over it in a hang glider. i bet it is pretty cool for reals. way to get after it.
i would l love to hear the justification for FIVE leos leaving the park to chase you. combing the hours plus gas, that is a good deal of tax money going to waste.
take care of yourself,
Paul S

Mountain climber
Portland, Or
Jul 30, 2013 - 04:10pm PT
"I can't believe another idiot tried that. Lucky he ended up in a tree. There was a guy in LA a while back.. did the same with weather balloons. Shot up so high he almost died. Flew into LAX airspace and caused a big rukkus. It was a huge mess and a total PIA to get him down. Myth Busters did a special on him. Having it on the show probably gave another person the dumb idea".

I suppose it's easy to call someone an idiot that you have never met. I hiked the PCT with Joe B in 2012. He did get the idea from Lawn Chair Larry's flight back in 1982. He's an engineer and explained the concept in a very rational manner. Not much different than hot air ballooning.

He chose to pop some balloons after reaching 20,000'. He gracefully touched down in a tree which is easy to do since western Washington is full of them. Crazy? yes but not dumb.
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