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Captain...or Skully

Mar 18, 2013 - 10:51pm PT
Larry called Troll a bunch of posts ago. It was ya'lls intertia.
Unstoppable. You should bottle that stuff.
John M

Mar 18, 2013 - 10:53pm PT
congratulations on your gullibility

Oh piss... I'm tired of people worrying about responding to trolls. who gives a f*#k if the guy gets his jollies. To me it only matters if it harms people. This one harmed no one.

Today I was in Raley's market in Oakhurst and overheard some people talking about civil war in america. They were saying that the gun owners would be fighting those who were against gun ownership.. specifically those who voted for Obama. They believed civil war would happen within the next two years. The conversation was so strange that I interjected myself into it and told them I voted for Obama. Then I asked them if they were planning to shoot me. It kind of shocked them. These were five middle aged average looking adults. 3 men and 2 women.

Then I went to the hardware store and heard a similar conversation of someone warning another person.

What a strange experience.. America is going a bit nuts and people are worried here about trolls. good lord. We deserve to die.
Patrick Sawyer

Originally California now Ireland
Mar 19, 2013 - 07:31am PT
Hey Ron, just yanking your chain.

MisterE, I like being gullible, about the only fun I have nowadays.

John M, I hope you are not serious (civil war in America), but then Palin just spouted a whole bunch of crap about Obama, and Rand Paul (what, did Ron Paul name his son after Ayn Rand?) apparently is the flavor of the month with Tea Party kooks.

Sport climber
mammoth lakes ca
Mar 19, 2013 - 07:50am PT
John M...You could have asked them Tea Baggers how they were going to identify who owned a gun and who they intended to shoot then suggest they use the national gun registry...

Trad climber
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Mar 19, 2013 - 09:03am PT
The more old pharts you have the more help they gonna need. Give me about fifteen years.

Whoa, whoa. This turned into a gun thread.

Mar 19, 2013 - 11:05am PT
Begging for guns on supertopo.
Spider Savage

Mountain climber
The shaggy fringe of Los Angeles
Mar 19, 2013 - 11:08am PT
PLease please please!!! Will someone give me a day off to go climbing?

Social climber
Mar 19, 2013 - 11:10am PT
You could have asked them Tea Baggers how they were going to identify who owned a gun and who they intended to shoot

The ever-present flabolanche should be a good start.


Mar 19, 2013 - 11:20am PT
I think as individuals we can claim we are living the dream for noble
reasons. That stuff happens. That it is societies fault. That the tribe will provide.

I think once a member of our tribe decides to have children they need to
reevaluate their employment situation and create a situation where they can provide for their kids medical care and their own because kids benefit greatly from having healthy parents.

As a group we are always hyping on the creativity and genius of our members.
The same attributes are appreciated in the economic world. Take Chris Mac (a.k.a the kid for those who have been around awhile) for example. I find it ironic that the founder of this forum is respected for both his climbing and economic skills, but some of the folks who post on the forum assume you can't do both:have economic security and be a climber following the dirt path.

There are all sorts of levels of economic responsibility from rescue insurance to emergency medical insurance, to not buying into the insurance racket and saving up a bucket full of coin because though stuff happens, we know it is going to happen.

Troll, ah got ya. Hardship is a learning opportunity for children.

So go get yourself some

Trad climber
Ouray, Colorado
Mar 19, 2013 - 11:23am PT
There is much more pontificating than begging......guilty as charged.

Oh, and let's not forget the ranting.....just did some on the bringing dogs to COR thread.
Ward Trotter

Trad climber
Mar 21, 2013 - 12:03am PT
I hate to dredge this thread up out of well-deserved obscurity but I thought it needed a period at the end of its sentence.

Patrick Sawyer

Originally California now Ireland
Mar 23, 2013 - 09:28am PT
There is much more pontificating than begging

Jim, pontificating... isn't that what the Pope does?

pon·tif·i·cate (pn-tf-kt, -kt)
The office or term of office of a pontiff.

heh heh, from an ex-altar boy now atheist. But I do like his call for more dialogue with different religions, and for the poor/poverty stricken.

My god is evolution. Though as I have mentioned before, when I was nine I wanted to be the first American pope, then at ten, the astronaut option looked better. Never did either. But I always try and keep reaching for the stars.

The stars of Hollywood, and Broadway.


Okay, the lottery is not happening. I keep trying. I reckon over the years the money I have spent on Irish Lottery and EuroMillions tickets is about the amount my landlord wants in back rent by the second week of April.

So I am going to beg. I reckon my harmonica and guitar skills are as good as a lot of buskers. I just have decide where. Grafton Street? But lots of competition. Dun Laoghaire? Timbuktu?

So many journalists out of work, freelance is tough and lots of competition.

To be serious and avoid anymore of my thread drift, I still think the original poster that started this thread is wrong.

People who need help for unforeseen circumstances, deserve a helping hand. As for my own circumstances, even though Jen's medical condition has caused some financial strains, I am to blame for mismanaging our funds, not in a malicious way but a foolish way.

The only help I need is my own. But my hat is off to her doctors, the local public health nurse, the HSE and the carers that come in.

However, I am the primary architect of my problems. I just have to pull my thumb out and shorten the long finger.

BVB, Pat, Largo and others, if I ever do win the lottery (and let's not hold our breaths), I'll be there, seriously.

EDIT again

What's the saying, fill out the lottery form and... stick it in the drawer and save a couple more bucks. Though in most lotteries, the winning ticket is usually a quick pick. If Lady Luck likes you, well...

Trad climber
Mar 23, 2013 - 11:37am PT
Busking is not begging....

I used to love going to washington Square Park on a Saturday afternoon and enjoying the various Buskers. There were comedians, groups of gymnasts, martial artists, all sorts of talented people giving performances. It takes skill to drum up that audience, keep the gathering ones entertained until there are enough to begin the main show, get the money collected while keeping the people entertained so as not to leave before the bucket gets to them.

It is a service. An alternative way of producing income. But it is not begging.
Patrick Sawyer

Originally California now Ireland
Mar 23, 2013 - 12:10pm PT
happiegrrrl, I agree, busking is not begging, I just used that term for better lack of words. My bad.

Many buskers do provide entertainment and are deserving folks.
Ward Trotter

Trad climber
Mar 23, 2013 - 02:54pm PT
Tuba Skinny , the ultimate rag band buskers


Social climber
An Oil Field
Mar 23, 2013 - 04:27pm PT
One of the easy ways to spot a troll or someone using a second username is to click on their name next to the post and see how many posts or TR comments or photos added.

This is the OP's first post.

Trad climber
Cali Hodad, surfing the galactic plane ~:~
Mar 23, 2013 - 05:10pm PT
I'm confused. What would this fall under; dood claims he once could do multiple laps on a boulder problem that todays top boulderer's can't do. Dood bet's that he (now an ol' fArt) could still do at least one lap, off the couch, some 20+ years later. Challenges people to put up any amount of money that he can't do it, and he will match it saying he can. Practically no offers, but many disparaging remarks regarding his sobriety, trolling, big fat homo spraylord'ness, etc!

So, is he a:

1). troller
2). begger
3). loony
4). spraylord
5). loosing touch with reality, aka too much time on SuperTopo
6). needs meds
7). needs to cut back on meds
8). needs to get out more
9). bAdAzz ol'fArt
10).bAdAcid casuality from bitd
11) disturbed
12. crazy hippy jesus freak
13. someone nobody takes seriously/best ignore him
14. having a mid/late term life crisis
15. f'n nobody, so who gives a sh#t
16). (fill in the blank).
17).any or all of the above

Cap - "you KNOW what kinda of folk you are right?" -- AMEN! i cud give a flyin fuk what others think of me. but it does annoy me a tad that some wud think that i am spraying or trolling. wudevah..

but hey, it supremely baffles me that nobody wud wanna make some (or a lot) of easy cash. that DOES disturb me. what's gone wrong with Amurika?

anyway, i might try donating my winnings (should i send) to the doods who have run upon bad luck/hardtimes, or whatever. i was planning on doing that anyway (but not spraying about it before hand). i was initially gonna just make one simple post. i thought everyone would be game. but, its gotten like pulling teeth on a friggin' mule. maybe i shud just give up (prollie save myself a lot of money). ;)
Captain...or Skully

Mar 23, 2013 - 05:39pm PT
uh, yeah. That. I figure it don't matter, anyway. You KNOW what kinda folk you are, right?
That's it, then.
I'd be keen to sic a Billy Goat Gruff on trolls, though.

Social climber
Some Rehab in Bolivia
Mar 23, 2013 - 06:05pm PT
"Oh and Blitzo's situation, I am sure you believe he should have just predicted it."...


How the fuk could he have known he would get cancer???...

Whomever the OP TROLL is, is just being a dickhead, to be a dickhead...

His or her day WILL come when some form of HELP will be needed (Not talking insurance)...

We ALL do if we don't just instantly POP...


Trad climber
Cali Hodad, surfing the galactic plane ~:~
Mar 24, 2013 - 12:16am PT
^ what Locker said!!
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