For all you that wanted to help out Blitzo


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Trad climber
The state of confusion
Jul 17, 2013 - 12:37am PT

Get better soon, Blitzo!!!!
Pullin' for ya hard!
susan peplow

Joshua Tree, CA
Jul 17, 2013 - 01:22am PT
Big props to Will tonight for an already full day of hectic work to go by and handle the situation at the hospital. Misinformation is not our friend & Non-information even worse. Regardless of what paperwork is on file, we found that having someone physically there makes a huge difference in not only his care but information provided. Our Blitzo was doing well but having a tough few days of it. Glad that Will was able to stop by, send our love and talk with the doctors about what's next.

We have a good team of friends, for that is sure. Thank you all for checking in and being so supportive - total bummer that our friend is ill and worse when he's on an isolation ward but warms the heart the amount of people checking in on this thread and sending good vibes.


Social climber
Joshua Tree
Jul 17, 2013 - 11:04am PT
It's a rough time for our friend. It's very hard to watch your friend suffering in pain, confused, and scared. He was 90% coherent last night (hey, no comments that 90% coherent is better than normal for Blitzo!), but still with the cDiff and diarrhea, and was spinning some wild and delusional tales that definitely never happened.

In any case, while visitors help tremendously with his disposition, it looks like he may be transfered to another facility within the week, so if you intend to visit, check with the hospital or support team first to make sure he is still there.

Lets hope they get some chemo into him soon (just waiting for the other issues to resolve first), it was very effective last summer/fall, and with some luck this round will do the same.

Social climber
Some Rehab in Bolivia
Jul 17, 2013 - 11:30am PT

"Lets hope they get some chemo into him soon"...



Trad climber
Santa Cruz
Jul 17, 2013 - 11:36am PT
Been away ... hate returning to this.

My thoughts, cares and deepest wishes for him to get on the rebuilding track.

Russ Walling

Social climber
from Poofters Froth, Wyoming
Topic Author's Reply - Jul 17, 2013 - 11:38am PT
Donation info:

To send a card, check, or something else:

c/o Russ Walling
HC1 Box 696
Joshua Tree, Ca. 92252

To send a check, make it out to Russ Walling as his bank account is still not quite set up, send it to the address above, and I'll cash it and hand him the money since he lives here at our house.

PayPal is still probably best: is his personal address to send it to. Or, if that one makes you nervous, you can send it to me at "" and I'll transfer it to Blitzo.


Dudes the Mack!

Bloot doing the daily grind...
Bloot doing the daily grind...
Credit: Russ Walling

Social climber
Some Rehab in Bolivia
Jul 17, 2013 - 12:35pm PT

Credit: locker


Jul 17, 2013 - 12:38pm PT
Hey guys, what happened with the website??

I was checking it out a few weeks back with intentions to go back & buy a print but can no longer access it? Do I have the wrong link?

There was some amazing images there.

Social climber
Wolf City, Wyoming
Jul 17, 2013 - 12:39pm PT
Nice shot! Style bump

Social climber
Joshua Tree
Jul 17, 2013 - 01:05pm PT
Stay tuned RyanD, the website is temporarily down having some ongoing maintenenance and build-out work completed. Should be up in a limited and ever-expanding format soon.

Trad climber
a semi lucid consciousness
Jul 17, 2013 - 01:22pm PT
Thinking of you Blitzo... it must be so frustrating to feel like a situation is beyond your control. I hope you are visualizing positive outcomes to make it become true. If possible, spend time envisioning each thing that you want to change and how you want it to be better... it's a way of "chanting" to yourself, and looping positive self talk, with the hope being "say it enough to yourself and will become reality"....

Trad climber
Jul 17, 2013 - 01:26pm PT
I have never met Blitzo but have followed this thread for awhile. Huge props to his caregivers! It is such a difficult time for everyone involved. Like many I have gone through this with a loved one in the not so distant past.
I don't know Blitzo but feel that I do now. I also have no doubt that the DUDE IS THE MACK.

Sending positive vibes your way! You got this Blitzo. Make cancer your beeootch.

Trad climber
Douglas, WY
Jul 17, 2013 - 01:31pm PT
Just letting the BLOOT know the entire Wyoming contingent (me!) is pulling for him, and sending good vibes.

some eastside hovel
Jul 17, 2013 - 01:42pm PT
Once again...Massive positive vibes from the Eastside for Billy!!!

Social climber
Joshua Tree, CA
Jul 17, 2013 - 02:06pm PT
Will, so glad you got in last night to see him. I am coming back to CA 10 days early, and would like to visit him on Sunday. Do you think he will still be at Arrowhead or what other facility were they thinking of sending him?

Would be more than awesome if he can get chemo in the area, like Yucca Valley, which has a brand new oncology clinic. I could take him when I take kids to school. They love Blitzo, and its already on the way.

My biggest apologies for website being down folks. A l m o sssssstttt there.

Susan, Russ, Will, Locker, & Paul: LOVE YOU GUYS.

Social climber
Some Rehab in Bolivia
Jul 17, 2013 - 06:18pm PT




Social climber
Jul 17, 2013 - 09:16pm PT
You guys are amazing - thanks for all you do.

"Dude's the Mack!"
"Dude's the Mack!"
Credit: MisterE

Social climber
Jul 18, 2013 - 12:45am PT
hey there say, all... was just checking out the names of everyone...

was sure hoping to hear a much better update, too...

in your corner, blitzo-billy... ride this bronc, and win victory...
god bless...

*will send another good cheer, trinket/card, in aug...
Ron Anderson

Trad climber
Soon to be Nipple suckling Liberal
Jul 18, 2013 - 02:44pm PT
Blootbumpin for the BLOOT!
susan peplow

Joshua Tree, CA
Jul 18, 2013 - 05:14pm PT
Without going into all the details (believe me this is a favor to you readers) is there anyone out there that knows of a Lawyer dealing with Social Security Disability benefits? In efforts to bump up the available benefits and care for our friend SSD is our next logical step. Unfortunately, it also appears that the process can be cumbersome to say the least and having a representative handle the dirty-work quite beneficial.

Sure sure I can research online, I'm familiar with Google and have started. But if you know of or have any recommendations for a Social Security Lawyer in the SoCal area (Inland Empire preferred). Please pass it on and save me hours of research and calls.

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