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Boulder climber
Aug 6, 2013 - 12:48pm PT
Here are the URLs for the narrated videos on You Tube:


Mount Moffit

The Thorn


Please share these around. The Ice Show will be posted to our You Tube account soon.

Peace this day.

Social climber
Topic Author's Reply - Aug 6, 2013 - 04:45pm PT
hey there say, feralfae... oh my, THANKS for letting us know...

i tried to get there twice, but dial up was stalling... :(

i never got to see it, :(

i will go try now... i wanted to so very badly...
here i go now...

oh, now i see, we have to sign up, first, :O

Boulder climber
Aug 6, 2013 - 11:51pm PT
I don't think you are supposed to have to sign up.
I have asked our web person to fix it if she can.
I will let you know what I hear.
I am so sorry you cannot see them.
We will get it fixed, though.
Keep on having entirely too much fun.
* < twinkles > *

Social climber
Topic Author's Reply - Aug 7, 2013 - 12:54am PT
hey there say, feralfae, :)
as you can see by now, i FOUND my way in, :)
and emailed you, >:D<

i did sign up, though...
well, got work to do now, so night-night to all, :)

Boulder climber
Aug 8, 2013 - 03:00pm PT
Hey, neebee,
I saw that several visitors had stopped in to view the narrated climbs.
So glad you brought your loving presence over to sign Doug's Caring Bridge guest book prior to me shutting it down. Thank you so very much. {{{hugs}}}

My wheel is turning, getting the kinks out of the belt. My studio tables are all pretty much in place, and while I have no outrageous climbs or even daring adventures planned in the near future, I am happy to be here in my little studio. I feel like a hobbit home from the goblin wars, and I am going to stay very close to home and very quiet for a while, just hanging in my studio, mostly.

So, I will check in here often to see if you are around and need any help keeping us all bucked up and ready to go forward.
You are most definitely one of SuperTopo's angels, and thank you for your loving presence here.
And keep on having entirely too much fun.
(I will continue to rag the government here on occasion, from my humor desk here in Montana.)

We carry on.
* < twinkles > *

Boulder climber
Aug 23, 2013 - 09:42am PT
Hey Neebs,
I posted over on the thread about the fire on both sides of 120. I hope you have heard from your brother and that he is fine.

I will be more in touch in a few weeks when I get back from some trips.

Much love to you and take care.

Boulder climber
Aug 26, 2013 - 03:04pm PT
Neebs, if you see this, how is your brother? Is everyone okay?

This is climbing related, sort of. Summits, anyway.

I made a Thai Moose Curry today, and wanted a great wine to have with it. Years ago, I surprised Doug with his own earth-backed, climate controlled, tile-floored, diamond-binned wine cellar for his birthday, with his own key. It is cool. :) He stocked it with lovely wines for us, now for me. Before he left, he put stickers on most of the bottles, so I would know when to drink them. Of course, I could go ask his buddy Topper. But Doug did all he could to take very good care of his wife, I am most thankful to report. Hence the "year to drink stickers" on the bottles. He was most meticulous.

Today, I am opening a 2006 Summit Lake (who does not have great memories of summit lakes???) "Emily Kestrel" Cabernet Sauvignon to serve for dinner this evening. I am carefully resting it on its side until it is decanted. Doug would approve, since there will be people from Monte Verde Cloud Forest as well as a local adventure couple.

We will be laughing most robustly as we

Carry On.

If you do not have great memories of Summit Lakes, go make some. Or do something else entirely free and beautiful as you follow your unique and magnificent heart.
* < Twinkles > *

Social climber
Topic Author's Reply - Aug 26, 2013 - 04:38pm PT
hey there say, feralfae!! wow, happy to see you here, oh my, i love the wine-cellar adventure set up for you, by a loving husband!

that is precious, and most likely a highly unique thing, never heard of such a kindness done that way, for a wife, :)

say, i sent you an email a bit ago, so this is the happy reply...
happy to see you are ready for supper and a special time...

yes--my brother, the carpenter, not the climber, :) got out safely and with
horse, and had much helpe from many friends... he then made it to groveland,
after evacuating again from where he was with friends...

will salute your new adventure trail and your wine-trail, tonight, this early eve with a glass of 'cheap wine' , as the birds CHEEP in the back yard, :)

thanks for this wonderful share, i can just picture a trail with special trail markers, along the way saying: drink me today... and safe me for next month... better than alice in wonderland story of 'drink me'... :))

ps: edit:
i just heard this name, oddly the other night??? "Emily Kestrel"
will have to look it up... i wonder if it was on the 'northern exposure' dvd, (i had ordered some from my folks' gift money, as i loved to see the alaska set up story) ... i think it was the episode about FINE wines, was where i heard the name...

love and god bless, as you hit this 'solo' trail part of your life, though you are not really solo, when friends are near... and god is watching over...

you trail is getting set-in good and solid, i can see that, too...

Boulder climber
Aug 26, 2013 - 09:58pm PT
We had a lot of fun, as I wrote dates and handed Doug the stickers to put on the tops of the bottles. We both knew why, but we were still carrying on, planning future meals to have with certain bottles of the wines. Doug was a great way-shower. *:) *

Oh, Neebs, you will love this...
We had our dinner and glass of wine out on the patio, where Doug and I used to eat evenings when he was comfortable out there. Lots of cheeps! Doug made birdhouses out of log sections, so they are camo in the trees. The birds love them. I had a barn owl a few nights ago, calling from the old, wise tree where we have our bench. Very neat. It is nice to have Doug's works all around me and not be sad about it, but thankful and smiling.

Hey, I am so glad your "not the climber' brother is all right. I am so glad, even though it sounds eventful, that everyone is doing okay. Actually, I am glad for all the peaceful people and peace on Earth today. I hope the fires are quickly drenched by water. We are getting our share of smoke here on the Divide, too. Everyone here is doing rain dances and prayers. It has been a very hot summer for us, with temps in the 90s a lot of days. Hot for us.

Studio report:
My pottery wheel is turning to get the kinks out of the belt from sitting on "off" for so long. My studio table is covered with painting stuff for the present project. Now the wheel must idle a while to run the belt smooth again, which, if my timing is good, will be about the time I finish sanding and staining the house. And the rock gardens will be done. And the apples will be ripe. And it will be time to split and haul firewood for winter, "where work is play ..." (Robert Frost) :)

It is going to be a busy time 'till snow flies around here. I am enjoying all this activity, for I find that all of it -- from picking organic veggies to logging -- is part of the journey, too. We take the pitch we are given; we do the best we can while ahving entirely too much fun; then we play on. :) I am doing a lot better.

I am so glad all is well, and hope you are doing better than ever, having fun each day and always having enough love from the Universe, Creator, and everyone. I send much love to you, Neebs. I don't think I got your last email. I am still figuring out things on this new server, and some things get lost sometimes. I am sorry. But I check here often, and we will hook up on email more easily after this next week, when the system is supposed to be turnkey.

I am looking forward to clay in my hair again. :)

* < twinkles > *


Social climber
Topic Author's Reply - Aug 26, 2013 - 10:28pm PT
hey there say, feralfae! ... okay, say, i had my small glass of wine, earlier, when i came in to the kitchen, as, i was so busy painting, before
supper, that i NEVER did supper... painted right through...

am drinking a bit more of it now, but saved the rest for NOW:
i will go outside and finish with frog's cheeping now and not birds...

loved the owl story and bird houses my mom would LOVE this... will tell her, later...

yes--check in to the groveland fire thread as the week moves on,
we have not given up hope, though the fire tries to quench it all... :(

this is a nice thread for doug to 'live onward' in, after his
'supertopo debut' here, years back...

by you being here, his 'quilt square' is ever-remembered and intack...

for all the taco folks here:

hope some of you can join in and share WINE or POTTERY, :)

we have a trail-guide here, now, pressing on, for us, showing us
how it's done...


see you soon, again, iloilo, god bless!!!!! and love...
out to the froggy trees now, happily NOT foggy... :)
*working on a 'secret project' art paintings now, will share later,
this one is not climber oriented, though... on of the few, that are not...
:) great story, though... for later...

Boulder climber
Sep 1, 2013 - 03:35pm PT
Hello Neebee,

I just got back from picking up all of last week's mail at the PO in town, and there was a box of Japanese inks (sumi) in dry block form, from a friend who found them at a garage sale or somewhere, and remembered I do Sumi-e. I am going to have more fun.
They are very neat, and I am not sure if they are Chinese or Japanese, but will know when I get them ground and begin to use them.

I hope your painting is coming along well. Oh, wait, I think you are doing more than one right now.

Everyone who has commented on the portrait of Doug that you did, which now hangs in the great room of the Club HQ in Fairbanks, comments on how well you captured the twinkle in his eyes, You really did a super job, dear friend, and thank you again.

I am working on the rock gardens this afternoon, watching the flocks of birds beginning to make their way south. Soon, the cranes of Alaska will be flying through, and the geese and ducks. I can see Lake Helena from my house, and the lake is where many migrants stop to refresh, feast, and rest before then take off for Texas, Mexico, or further.

I hope you are and all the "cheeps" are having a super day, and just wanted to tell you about my surprise gift of the ink sticks. I am going to have more fun this winter, just totally doing art all the time I can. I know you are also having fun.

Much Love and
* < twinkles > *


Social climber
Topic Author's Reply - Sep 2, 2013 - 05:53am PT
hey there say, feralfae! wonderful to hear of your neat surprise... say, if there is those curved-characters that look slightly different than the regular chinese symbols, then it is japanese, :)

also, oh myyyyyyyyyy, i was outside painting all afternoon and did not see this, though i did stop by a few on-line here-and-theres, i did not stay anywhere long enough to see THIS, or some 'thats'...

i did my two 'secret projects' for a paino player somewhere out in calif, that does not know he will get them... i am praying that they are a 'kiss from heaven'... will explain in email, later...

have done two for climber families as well, and have three more working on too...


the TREE FROGS, :)) as--i am and have been, up all night cleaning house, us artist/writers, as well as you ink, potters, and etcs adventure'ess's, well:
we DO have to clean house now and then, 'specialy with critters within these ol' four walls :)

happy supertopo 'new day' as it will BE the, and now is, SECOND of sept now, :)

happy climbing to all climbers that read this...
and happy trails to the hikers...
and happy 'greatoutdoors' to all...

ps: have a card for you, but i wanted to write a long letter in it, so i did not send it yet, :O but will do, this week...
letters are soooooo much fun!

Boulder climber
Sep 9, 2013 - 04:22pm PT
Hi neebs,
Looking forward to the letter and card, thank you.

Just sitting here today, thanking the Headmaster for my wonderful husband Doug Buchanan, and his wonderful love. I am still discovering little loving gifts around the place. So very sweet. He was a great man, a wonderful and loving husband, and an outstanding climber. Okay, maybe in some ways he was a bit extreme in the mountains, but if we are not out on the edge, we miss the view.

He was spot-on about government by initiation of force, though. Let the politicians set a good example by disarming themselves and their minions first, to show us how beneficial it is for humans. Leaders should lead by example. They exempt themselves from insurance stuff, anything they want. After all, they are the ones with the guns. I have an atlatl. But I am not trying to collect taxes from supposedly free people, either.

You know, I also have words, which are much more effective than anything else. You can change a mind with words. All you can do with a gun is make someone dead. How stupid is that?

Okay, stop reading this and go do something beautiful with your day. I may go sand and stain some more of the exterior, or something like that. I am still catching up on things from all the years of Doug being ill and all that followed. I am better.

Hey, neebs, are you going to post any photos for us later of your latest projects? Or will someone else maybe post one? Just wondering. Take care and Much Love.

* < twinkles > *

Social climber
Topic Author's Reply - Sep 9, 2013 - 05:40pm PT
hey there say, feralfae... wow, happy to see you!! letter will be in the mail tomorrow, i am glad i waited, as, i have a neat photo-copy to put in it, from a gal's post, elsewhere,,, you will love it!!!

*will paint it for you some day, :)

say, this last 'secret project' i will share with you private, as it is a 'wow' kind of 'kiss from heaven' for someone, and someone that is a famous name, so i do not want to overstep by posting it...

well, also, i do have this one, for a contest that i am starting and i can share this... a hint: my daughter said it needs more hair on top, haha, but i told her i have to STILL paint the forehead, first, ;))

sideviews really DO reveal a part of us, though, that most do not see, as, when speaking, we are face to face... :))

here it is, for contest, using black, white, and their 'speical gray' ...
which each year, is a different mixture of old paints...

wow, this year, it is on the brown side, so it is almost like having browns, to,:))

can you guess what this is:
my first ever try--has a long way to go, still:

rough first layer...
rough first layer...
Credit: neebee

say, before i mail the letter, i will put the project-story in it, will put it in a new envelope, to hold that story, too...

>:D< thanks for asking!!! :)

Boulder climber
Sep 24, 2013 - 12:14pm PT
Hi neebee!
I have a beautiful card and a long letter from you here on the desk, and I will be reading and enjoying both today.

I have been out climbing around on some cliffs, scratching in some dirt, and pondering some rock art and what was probably a hunting camp, back when people sat outside their lodges and knapped a few points to go get a moose or a buffalo. It was after mammoth times, but in a place with lots of bighorn sheep, moose, deer, elk, and buffalo. I got to sit up on a ledge with a few bighorns looking at me from the next ledge over, not quite sure what the heck I was doing there. I had been up that high on the ledges once before, but this is a new generation of bighorns, I guess, so they do not remember me. You'd think there would be stories.

Doug and I often thought that surely the eagles would remember us, as we whistled to them as they flew by, below us when we would be up on high cliffs in Wyoming.

I found some great lithic scatter (worked stone, some points and lots of pressure flakes) and two sets of lodge stones (circles of stones, which had been used to hold down the edges of what a lot of people call teepees) and some nice red ochre images on a cliff face that have been protected by an overhang.

I do not have permission to post any of the sketches of photos. I had a super time visiting with people, eating elk steaks, and listening to some good sailing stories.

Now I get to go read my mail from you.

Okay, I must ask: is that a self-portrait you are doing? If so, I am looking forward to seeing the finished work. You have a lot of wonderful talent.

More later, after I get through reading and doing a day at the desk.
Much love and * < twinkles > * to you today, dear friend neebs

Social climber
Topic Author's Reply - Sep 24, 2013 - 10:04pm PT
hey there say, wow, you are here tonight!... back from your adventure, which i know you were on! was just not sure when to expect you back, :))

yep, they ol' self portrait... started it, as there was a :
USE OUR GRAY and blacks and white and make a painting, even up to
three, for our contest... :)

so, thought it was time to try THIS for the contest, as, i have their 'gray'
due to the birthday-paints i had ordered, THEY put in the gray, if you
ordered enough of their oils...

had not done more work, until tonight, though, :(
as i had three other for a 'surprise for someone that i don't know, but kind of know NOW' ... funny, huh? how that can be... :)
(will explain later, too long!)...

i can't wait to do it now! had to be done for oct 1st... oh my!!!

happy good supertopo eve, to you and welcome back and home!
love the adventure you had, and the live critters,as well as the elk!

will email, in a day or two, :)

Social climber
Topic Author's Reply - Oct 1, 2013 - 11:39pm PT
hey there say, feralfae... here it is, the self-portrait is done, and in time for the contest and accepted!

i HAVE to add a tad more hair on the TOP though, of my head, as it was too pale painted in, :O

well, i showed it to the little one that i babysat and asked him:
"who IS this?"

and he promptly said:
YOU! :)

WHEWWWWW... if it works for a kids, it will work, :))

i usually had my hair in long braids and a cowboy hat, :))
but since i been here with a garden and yard and am painting, i been
wearing my neat flowers that i love in my hair--fake flowers and of course:

my FALSE-EYE-LASHES that i loved so, since a pre-teen and first saw a gal use them :))

they really DO help you get a decent photograph of oneself, as, your eyes are not prone to blink as much (great light shield?) :))

and the eyes show up nice in a photo...

so here it is for you:

done in black, whites and gamblin's special gray...
done in black, whites and gamblin's special gray...
Credit: neebee

now, that said and shared, me and perhaps a whole bunch of others are interested in your wonderful adventure...

sure hope you can post it soon!!
chomping at the the ol' bit, :)
as the saying goes, :)

hugs and god bless to you!!
your are not forgotten...

and YEP, i am MISSING some teeth, :)
got to keep it true, :)

it is called:


Boulder climber
Oct 12, 2013 - 07:10pm PT
Hi Neebee!
Beautiful portrait above, and beautiful dragonflies flew into my house today, direct from you. :) {{{hugs}}}

Here I am, surviving my first cold in years, snuggled under blankets and lolling in the sun. I picked up the mail earlier while on a visitor adventure on and across the Divide. I have great company, visiting with my spirit sister SSK down from Fairbanks, on her way to Maine.

I am bushwhacking my way through this coughing and sneezing, and wanted to share these quotes, apropos of life...

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure." Helen Keller

"If you want to achieve more, declare your reasons unreasonable, your excuses unexcusable . . . and get off your buts! (Author unknown but most certainly appreciated).

Those are two quotes from my topo map book I kept after "The Fall" ten years ago. Both arms in casts; not cute.

Neebs, I just got the cutest dragonfly square from you, and I am going to use it under a special item I have. Thank you.

I see you have a new email address, and I have saved it. I will write more when I am feeling better. I am talking myself out of this cold every day, and now up and waling around at least. I've been virus-proof for so long I forgot how it felt. I guess this is a lesson. :) I will figure it all our some day.

Must start our dinner preps. Much love and more in a few days when I am up and about with more energy.
* < twinkles > *

Social climber
Topic Author's Reply - Oct 12, 2013 - 09:00pm PT
hey there say, feralfae! wow, and wow, again...

i love the TWO quotes you share... helen kellers...
and the 'unknown'...

it is true with humans:
we can talk ourselves out of things... (good at times, when we must debate
with many things in order to sort the good and bad, etc) but:
very bad, when we are truly being 'unreasonable' as to trying
something new... or opening ourself up to learn, or any of the etc...
as to live and adventures... we must 'do' and do it well, then,
whatever it then may be... :)

may the dragonflies of life, from god's good hand, give you
many more sparkles, on this 'leg of the journey' that you were
so fast 'plopped down upon' when doug had to pass on...

my things that changed my life so abruptly and traumatically were not
the awfuls that others have had, but they made that turningpoint,
that we all face in some ways:

we are making the TRAILS ours, now... and we are reaching summits, meadows, powerful rivers, and stimulating creeks and views we thought
we'd see, as, we never KNEW of them (due to learning other trail-savy-stuff that was then needed) ... more summits and stimulating views and hidden mountain flowers, and such to find, as we:

keep on to trail!


body aches and colds, etc, MUST, somehow, trail along in our wake, as they slowly HOPEFULLY fade-fast!!!! get well soon!!!!

can only do so much, when the body is not up to par and we sure do not want it to 'go downhill' while WE ARE trying to go UPHILL! :)

hugs and god bless!!!!
it is raining, slow and steady here, this eve... the air is now, and 'fallish' and there will be more leaves, to rake from the yard, or i will
be swimming in them, come winter, :))

happy good fall season to you!


Boulder climber
Oct 14, 2013 - 12:01pm PT
HI Neebee,
Thank you for the lovely card, and the coupon.
I am still taking it easy, but will be getting back to you about several things soon.
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