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mouse from merced

Trad climber
The finger of fate, my friends, is fickle.
Feb 1, 2015 - 05:26pm PT
I don't remember when my memory left the building, Gypsy.

Perhaps a medical records search might help.

I do remember the blind dumbwaiter.

Siobahn was upstairs next door to the Scientology practitioners.

I remember that "clearly."

I'll be Bill Ding-ed if I remember a Claire, but then I didn't get to hang with George Sykes much, but his buddy Dan Ake was working for Mtn Traders, was it? It was a new shop, run by a very independent sort whose name also escapes me.

There was the premiere of Fred Padula's and Glen Denny's El Capitan which the four of us attended in the City.

Randy's pipes. Dunhills, right?

You probably still have them pack-ratted away, I'm betting.

The kitchen in that place was in need of paint due to what appeared to have been a spaghetti fight, reddish stains on the walls. Dolores insisted we paint, and in addition I built planter boxes inside the kitchen windows for the coleus plants and spider plants.

As for the Zenith console, it ended up in the Factory Outlet. I put it upstairs on top of the old mail order office in back of the FO, so one needed to climb up there to change the stations--KFAT and the classical station were the order of the day.

It's painful to think of George, who gave up his ghost to depression and suicide. I did only one climb with him. Jeff and I got him on Jumars and we did Pulpit Rock together, the onliest climb I ever did on that side of the Merced Gorge.
We all need a little help from our real friends.

The weird chain of memory...Bill Ding>Mike Harding. I think that was the name of the guy Dan worked for, who made body packs that x-c skiers really loved. Jefe bought one and raved over its benefits.


Social climber
Feb 1, 2015 - 06:15pm PT
Randy had several pipes and a few were Dunhills. I still have most of them except for the ones that Mark McPherran now has. When Randy and I were in London, we went to the Dunhill shop. The salespeople of course ignored us until Randy pulled out his Dunhill smooth grain; then they all came over to ask him about it. He always smoked Dunhill 965 and Rattrays #7.

Ice climber
BrujÚ de la Playa
Feb 1, 2015 - 10:18pm PT
Chris's take on Neil Young

[Click to View YouTube Video]


[Click to View YouTube Video]

Get urself a geetar or maybe a ukulele - hope we passed the audition

[Click to View YouTube Video]

[Click to View YouTube Video]
mouse from merced

Trad climber
The finger of fate, my friends, is fickle.
Feb 2, 2015 - 03:55am PT
[Click to View YouTube Video]

Thanks for Cher-ing.

Someone SHOULD comment on the shape SHE'S in. Not as good as Chele, I should note...

Aw, man, there I go again...dishing compliments to the choir.

Paging No Doctor...young boy at heart needs Tender Loving Cher but cannot get enough.

Zoe used to tell folks she was 'happily divorced.'

When is an Allman Joy best? When it's Cher-ed.

Meadow weddin' is a tradition tried by many-many. Sharing your life with a wife is as serious as your first climb. If I say "I do" I do mean it. Even if I can't, my intentions were good.

It's not just an interesting 'experiment' like takin' the first hit, either. If we could only live life in reverse, if we could only remember how very f-ed up our previous lives were in the present one, then we would be like, immortal.

But we get so tired by the time we're old and readying to go, our bodies cry out for vengeance on our treatment of them, and there is so much about life that WE CAN'T CONTROL in actual fact, though at the time we are confident or hopeful, anyway, that some of us give up and fade.

That's not what I want, but it's what would feel best to my body, wanting its rest.

There is no peace, true peace, this side of the crypt.

All I know is that when the warm fuzzies come, at my age, with my poor circulation and lack of warm blood, they are so very much appreciated.

It's why I pray. That warm result often ensues. Whether it works for you, I don't specially care.

I'm just an old poor boy sittin' quietly at home, now, mostly; and it's as peaceful as I can do for myself--except for the prayin' and the fuzzies, life would really suck.

Some are afraid of becoming shut-ins, and at an early age, this is tragic. My heart really goes out. It's pain you're feeling, and I'm just me, and I do what I can for others.

That is what makes neebee so special. She never stops.

For a long time that was the rationale for doing drugs...feeling good.

It's what being a good parent or spouse or employee (okay, we can draw the line back at spouse) is about...feeling good about making others feel good. It's probably why each of us is here, but some don't realize it.

It's just that now I'm aged, I feel even better when I can sit in the dark like a ripening cheese and think how groovy life is deprived of vision, sound, distractions. And when the neighborhood's gone quiet, gone to bed, gone to Nod, and the dogs even are quiet, including Muttso upstairs who barks constantly when she leaves...


(Well, the 99 isn't the Interstate, but it's just as noisy.) And the trains. And there are two, not just one, tracks. I'm surrounded. Thank God Castle AFB closed. B-52s make a lot of racket.

Desert dwelling nomads were wise to dwell so.
It's just too bad that camel hair cloth tents smell so.

And the hubble-bubble goes out
because you've fallen asleep
listening to the rain on the tent;
And that's a rare event.
Plus you miss most of the lightning storm off in the hinterlands, too.

One can't argue with success.
One can only accept the blame, if blame attaches.
Like meeting someone and walking out into the future
and never parting,
always sharing,
even the occasional farting.
Such sweet tomorrows from yesterdays sweeter than wine
And such sweet dreams.

Let me say, it's nice to have such a family as the Flames.

David Bowie/Girls

Preceding ramble is bought and paid for by


Divorce attorneys-at-law.

You have only one life, but may have more than one wife.
We're here for you, time after time.

Frank/Time After Time

Gnome Ofthe Diabase

Out Of Bed
Feb 2, 2015 - 04:43am PT
Climbers suck,
how these Milktoast pubic hair shaving younge punks deserve All this information is beyond my grasp.,[Click to View YouTube Video]

how these Overly coddled,'given it on a silver platter', undesreving, still think hair is some thing to shave , even down there? young punks deserve All this information is beyond my grasp.(Edited after some consideration)

They will find this, and use it I hope.

I am climbing in the spires just looking right now!!

I made my choices and stand by them,

but If iI could have the time and money I spent in my youth chasing Live Dead
and other semi pro transient life styles,

Back ...

I would be Gratefully Fred ... Dead. . . Greet fooley dead.

Sitting here in the dust bin of age I morn that, that is not how the broom of history swept me.

great shares by men who have the climbers soul
that I share
thanx for all of the posts so far . . .

Good morning, DMT
Oops that was a big phooy up I was not venting at or insulting any one,

Least of all you !

Please understand the use of the entire statement, when I opened my wrtten missive with that

derogatory declaration that was directed against youth, it was, and is meant only to preface

the reader as to my frustration that more climbers have still not seen this great thread!

I am sorry that I crossed the line of civil discourse, into the vulgar ranting of a bitter old man.

I am glad but not surprised to see that you found your way here too!
While I can understand your taking offense at my Milktoast comment it was an innocent use of an adjective, mfm , you tried to tell me, hung again by my own pitard,

Dingus, my rants and babble, my Age And Lameness, are my condition.Why pick on the infirm? I have enjoyed everything of yours that I can remember reading.
If my words are not to your liking stop reading them!
I joined the Soviet Republic of Super Topo After the great purges had ceased,
out of need and wanting to bring some thing new to this clusterphuk!

Give me some slack, slack. . .please

From here to there and everywhere, I see you saw or should have, my posts to neebee?

One to Feralflea a kin in avatars a wild thing yearning to be free/wild,(it was a nee b's authored thread)

Some of my secret spots sit now in plain sight of wide busy roads. they are still pristine!
these are the matters that I ignore when posting here!

It is Small by many standards but to be honest it is as good as the unks, to me. no G On purpose!

So one publisher took himself out?(Dave Pegg, rip) ! why?? I hope it was not the rise of the New "it must be as safe as we can make it" type of climber , those that represent a paradigm change ,
Hey I said that indoor, plastic , the un-ending search for the hardest move, out right competition would so change climbing as to push us adventure climbers to leave the sportin.

Was I wrong ?monly a bit.

Now for x maw I have the Rags of climbing coming in the mail should I share the recent issues or going forward? pass whole features ?
any infringement that might get me in dodo?

A gem of an interview, a sound bite, an unsatisfactory, but in short story - best describe most
of these,certainly that is the case in Climbing A decline that is sad and surprising!
short attentions need short shares to entice the buying of the rag. is the reason that is , i think the cause.

That they are so short I can see posting them .

From the Rock & Ice February '15, page 22, Yvon Chouinard, Coonyard says. . .
"If you take the risk out of climbing it's not climbing anymore."
mouse from merced

Trad climber
The finger of fate, my friends, is fickle.
Feb 2, 2015 - 05:07am PT
[Click to View YouTube Video]
My kinda movie. My kinda movie review.
Re The Vanishing Virginian (not referring to Lilabiene/Odd Dlot).

Reviews of the movie when they come out: low VO rating.
Reviews of the very same movie after a generation or two: High VO rating.

"Elizabeth Patterson also speaks her sassy mind as Yanceyís mother, but itís okay because sheís old. This film was dated when it came out, and deliberately so, and today it plays as a smooth dispatch from a nostalgic neverland."


Hynde sight:

Chrissie Hynde/Dark Sunglasses (live on KFOG radio)

Social climber
Feb 2, 2015 - 06:36am PT

Social climber
Feb 2, 2015 - 06:37am PT
Gnome Ofthe Diabase

Out Of Bed
Feb 2, 2015 - 06:56am PT
oopzee, I pizzed off DMT, Thanxz for adding twist to the skewer,

I was spewing instant and coco a milquetoast ritual (need chocolate) that my diet endures, not.

(real men, like, take thier coffee black) Just a cup of cold coffee. . .from what Dead song
YA know, I'm only in it for the gold . . .

it feels so good to know I have not lost it! what ever that bonehard,(1) that spike of manzanita
or pricker under the saddle that only wrankles, the very most respected !

My Jay bird agrees with Dingus though, so I am wrong at least in my choice of vocabulary
Apparently the pointing out of the 'new' trend in shaving even in men is not to be made fun of!?

She said some very important things, Among them;
1) what ever I said , said in such a vulgar way, was wrong,
2) Say New age, Metro-sexual, or actually, the phrase that fits is man-scaped!
3) I can not say anything on the topic of grooming.

Hey how hard is that new line you sent?

(1)Bone Hard!

I fell on Burning Bush, before and after holds broke changing the crux,
and that damn Gash!,super crack,

that to be vulgar using climbs in the highest # I did not send clean,
A # that clocked in at the grade of five thirteen.

Yes in the nears I sent hard twelve, but chalk negates the true onsight of the hard climbs there. They are top rope trails with white marking every hold.
Gym Climbs! now.. . . Think Eraser Head. I was trying to lead that, pre-placed gear though,
though no one is asking.

the above added for climbing content and to try to justify my existence!
So sorry for breathing , climbing. posting .walking on the same planet. . .
Did I say that this makes forty years of self sufficient wilderness existing & climbing ,
merde that is I am, is, I am is.!

Ok one two three it needs the edit it key! see , in my best,EG,Robinson , not J Cagney's
"Oh, A Wize guy"" bad choice of example, maybe I will ... still ?
mouse from merced

Trad climber
The finger of fate, my friends, is fickle.
Feb 2, 2015 - 07:51am PT
Marianne Faithful/Young Girl Blurs

Cafe on (black)
Milk gone (a lack for a lass)
Images are moving

You sit in your room (nothing new but the date)
A little brought down (nothing a good packet of non-dairy creamer can fix)
In your town

So, Dr. Phil, tell us about your experience with ground hog day, please.

Why, sure, Oprah. I saw my shadow and had to stop right there and then and think about how I felt.

I'm sorry, Phil. I was distracted. What did you say?

Do I need to repeat myself, then, dear hostess?

If you wouldn't mind.

[Click to View YouTube Video]

"I could come back if you're not ready."
"This is Phil. He's been a waiter for three years."

Oprah, you know, like most of us astute observers, that you can amaze people with seemingly dazziling insights, like bringing a cup of black coffee to a lady who never said how she preferred taking her morning brew.

What makes you say that?

I've noticed for years that a thin woman over the age of forty never uses milk or sugar.

Yes in the nears I sent hard twelve, but chalk negates the true onsight of the hard climbs. they are top rope trails of white marking every hold.

I've always said so.
I just never had the word "onsight" in my lingo.

I did onsight the Gunsight with Randy the Wily Vet. We didn't know we were sighting on anything other than just another couple of Ding brats, more or less, me more, he less...he'd broken his clo at Stoney Pointless.

I think I remember that it was wet with tears from the clouds but we used special EB Gratton Diving Fins and we had two swamis along who happened to be Sherpa-trained, thus insuring our success.

Some fun is best done out of the sun, thus insuring memorability.

And then your age shows when beauteous gypsy girls call you on the details.

Or maybe it was Tim Harrison.

No matter, really. I enjoyed the company of both men on multi-pitch routes. We never considered them as "multi-pitch," either.

They were either Grade II or III.
And I liked that Roman numerality,
that simplicity.

Ground Dog Day, III, 5.9

Well, it's raining cats and dogs, Tim. What's that tell ya?
5.9, let's go back to Degnan's and have mort de cafe.
Yeah, the coffee shop's been closed for re-modeling.

(Sun-scum was enough of a threat on the Grade II Pharaoh's Beard that the Rev used it as a reason to bail.)
I was his enabling second, however, so I share the guilty secret...the sun was out by twelve and we could have done it handily.


Ice climber
BrujÚ de la Playa
Feb 2, 2015 - 08:10am PT
Didn't really take off on the Airplane thread, better get it in here in case Licky gets banned.

Talk about a reefer five foot long. Who are those two? They're from Coronado.

"I can say no more."

-Ringo and/or Paul or Richard Lester

It felt like a mile a minute or at least 3/5 in ten seconds

[Click to View YouTube Video]

Woodstock pffft, it was an ez choice to stay in Berkeley and wait for Altamont.

Do away with people? In general or just those like Bruce Lee .. er .. Kay

Something is amiss when even Doc Hartouni is frettin' (and he don't even have a guitar). Hope he doesn't quit in disgust, because he's probably the only one (though he never reads this thread) who could point out that that is actually 3 and 6 tenths miles a minute).


Ice climber
BrujÚ de la Playa
Feb 2, 2015 - 08:27am PT
Sometimes it all comes down to who has the bigger bag (at least in Scotland).

More crazy folks per square mile Finland or Scotland?

One lump or two?

What a stupid question(z).

[Click to View YouTube Video]

Social climber
Feb 2, 2015 - 08:54am PT
mouse from merced

Trad climber
The finger of fate, my friends, is fickle.
Feb 2, 2015 - 08:58am PT
^^^The coming and a-going Gypsy^^^
Back to forth
Fourth to fifth
Then helter-skelter
Back to perigee

I got a big bang out of this.
[Click to View YouTube Video]
Doctor who?

Not Dr. Phil, surely.

Ready, steady, van Gogh.
The mouse ran up the clock.
The clock struck 16 billion
And the mouse just sat there through the whole thing,
Went through approximately twelve times as many lives,
And then, like a good Hindu,
Ran down,
Screaming, "Entropy is coming! Entropy is coming!"

He felt like Paul Revere,
All sincere,
Because he wasn't there, really,
He was here.

This was all related to me by a little bird.Not too happy with the Seahawks, the little bird lost several bets.

Ice climber
BrujÚ de la Playa
Feb 2, 2015 - 09:06am PT
Poquito macho.

[Click to View YouTube Video]

Social climber
Feb 2, 2015 - 09:09am PT
mouse from merced

Trad climber
The finger of fate, my friends, is fickle.
Feb 2, 2015 - 09:23am PT
[Click to View YouTube Video]

Sport climber
Feb 2, 2015 - 09:44am PT


Your "pray - pain - drugs - feeling well" - post above is one of the best I've seen on ST. Thanks for posting.

And pardon me for slipping away and over to British odd-balls.

The empire seemed to abound in British oddballs, from the notorious Richard Burton, who "liked to boast that he had indulged in every vice and indulged in every crime", to the maverick General Orde Wingate, who "would ... hold interviews while lying naked on a bed and combing his body hair with a toothbrush".

Never leave your toothbrush behind...

ThŚstrŲm - You Will Be President
[Click to View YouTube Video]

According to his instructions, Thomas Jefferson's gravestone reads as follows:

"Here was buried Thomas Jefferson
Author of the Declaration of American Independence
of the Statute of Virginia for regious freedom
And Father of the University of Virgina"
Gnome Ofthe Diabase

Out Of Bed
Feb 2, 2015 - 10:04am PT
Entropy, the story behind the story of the story of my life...

Ice climber
BrujÚ de la Playa
Feb 2, 2015 - 10:48am PT
I missed it, but Chele caught it on the telecast, Jeff (Don't Call me The Dude) Bridges is finally releasing his basment tapes.
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