Is ti OK to be proud to perform better than your kids?


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Social climber
Oct 10, 2012 - 09:35pm PT
hey there say, moosedrool... thanks for the neat pictures and fun...

it all depends on the ol' attitude, :)
sounds like yours is okay, :)

i remember once//, when i finally got to see my kids again (long story, as i keep away from the ex)...

well, ONE of sons, with kids of his own now,back then, went to run along south padre island, down a ways while his wife watched the kids...

i was kind of sad he did not ask me to go along... as we were close 'til the dad/now ex threw in a lot of 'warped stuff'... so, well:

i ran after him (he was in 30's, i was about 52 or something? then), to kind of share a run... :)
caught up with him, and he was surprise... but--he enjoyed it...

even took time to make sure on the way back that i kept up with him...
(he was fast, in track, and such, back in his day, even though he was what is called 'very bad pidgeoned toed' (he worked around it)...

was a very special time...
now--dancing is a whole 'other ball-game... they don't reach their, as
i had a lifetime of work, into that...
painting and photography, they very well may get there, :)
math = one is wayyyyyyyy over me, :))
fishing, due to opportunity, one is wayyyy over me, :))

thus, when rightly done:
somethings these: 'say, let's perform together stuff' make for great bonds of love, later... (like after we 'kick the ol' bucket' so to speak)...
(when wrongly done--they lead to resentment, and hostilities and then distancing)

*saw an old movie--hans breker (spell) and the silver skates..
the VERY old one, not hollywood one... filmed in holland...

the dad and the kid, has a fun challenge run, in the beginning...
usually, we are led to believe that the dad wins...

this time, just near the finish, the dad GRABS the kids clothes, and dashes ahead just in time, ...
at the finish they have a good laugh, after the kid has declared he would have won( good natured, his attitude was, as it was obvious WHY he lost)...

the dad declares, as the both laugh and walk back to the family:
i was not ready to have you beat me YET.... :)

all in the attitude, it is...

sometimes, if we are still better, in good ways, it DOES set the mark for them to reach our platform, and it is sweet when they do...

when the go OVER and make their OWN platform, how much SWEETER, still, :)

god bless

seamstress... wow, nice share... :)

oh, was just thinking, when in the kitchen, cooking:
sometimes, too, long as you have a good attitude about it:
it is NICE to have a field that you are good in, that your kids perhaps never thought to 'venture into', being that, they have a nice speical
respect for you, as to that skill...

i have seen this, as well...
the kids thus speak highly, in good form, as to their folks that have such...
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