Hey, there's no gas prices thread on supertopo.


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Mountain climber
Anchorage AK, Reno NV
Oct 8, 2012 - 11:42pm PT
They have no reason to lower prices no matter what chaz.. they are making craptons of cash by gaming the system.

They expect higher prices due to one reason only. Higher prices make them more money and they want more money.

When market prices become unhinged from any reasonable predictions of supply and demand it is a gamed system. While regulation is not preferable to a well function supply/demand market it is much preferable to a gamed market.

Trad climber
greater Boss Angeles area
Oct 8, 2012 - 11:45pm PT
As long as the government is hostile to oil production, only a fool would expect greater supply and lower prices.

Smart money speculators are obviously betting Obama get's re-elected, and we're paying for it every time we buy gas.

And why wouldn't they? Seems like easy money to me.

Ice climber
chingadero de chula vista
Oct 8, 2012 - 11:46pm PT
tasmanians pay probably the lowest petrol price on Earth.

because they won't stand for no monopolistic sheeit!

not to scale

Tripod? Swellguy? Halfwit? Smegma?

Trad climber
Wanker Stately Mansion, Placerville
Oct 8, 2012 - 11:46pm PT
who gives a flying fcuk about gas prices on a climbing forum?

Why do I bother writing this crap to a bunch of halfwits with nothing better to do than get on lame ass threads and go on about nothing?

Where's my crack pipe and what that weird sh#t crawling up my arm?

Sport climber
mammoth lakes ca
Oct 9, 2012 - 12:04am PT
Tripod...those are some valid questions...Please hold...

Trad climber
AKA Dwain, from Apple Valley, Ca. and Vegas!
Oct 9, 2012 - 12:07am PT
Zombies don't pay for gas!


photo not found
Missing photo ID#259495

Gym climber
It's not rocket surgery
Oct 9, 2012 - 11:06pm PT
Credit: JOEY.F

Sport climber
mammoth lakes ca
Oct 9, 2012 - 11:11pm PT
Cosmic...Wake up and sniff my anal vapors...

Ice climber
chingadero de chula vista
Oct 10, 2012 - 12:03am PT
At this point probably cheaper to huff glue. I did see some regular ST posters leaving the craft's store. Seemed a little wobbley, but did tend to lean right.

frank wyman

Mountain climber
Nov 26, 2013 - 09:58am PT
$2.91 on the way to work this morning,Might have to go fill up the big ford and drive it instead of the "GEO"

Social climber
Wolf City, Wyoming
Nov 26, 2013 - 12:41pm PT
3.18$ @ costco Las Vegas 11/7/13

Mountain climber
Anchorage AK, Reno NV
Nov 26, 2013 - 12:47pm PT
It is really depressing that there is about a $1 differential in gas prices between California and some other states.

Paid $2.69 in Oaklahoma recently. $3.69 back in California.

One of the reasons for this was that the fuel markets were more strongly segregated under Clinton.

It is basically no longer allowed to truck fuel from outside your regional market. Sometimes it would actually be profitable to truck the fuel an extra 1000 miles if it were allowed.

There are a lot of anti-consumer reasons we pay Way more than is necessary for our Fuel.

You republicans who supposedly hate taxes should look into it. You are paying a huge defacto tax to wall street.

Something along the lines of a 100Billion dollar a year drag on the economy.

Mountain climber
The Other Monrovia- CA
Nov 26, 2013 - 12:55pm PT
The Lambo is in the shop so I gotta drive the Raptor down to Newport Beach to see my mom.
It's guys like me that keep prices lower due to volume selling, right?
Besides, I like horses, lots of 'em, and the sooner we use that sh!t up
the sooner we can go back to horses.

Social climber
Nov 26, 2013 - 03:15pm PT
hey there say, khanom and zbrown... can you please email...

please excuse the commercial...

just getting the ol' addresses for the christmas card season...
since you moved, khanom...

and zbrown, just needed the email, for same thing...

thanks guys...

back to the ol' 'no gas prices thread on supertopo' :)
that IS now, 'a gas prices thread on supertopo'


Trad climber
The state of confusion
Nov 26, 2013 - 03:30pm PT

Man, I paid $2.989 for a gallon of regular for my Civic Hybrid
today. How long will it last?

Ice climber
Brujo de La Playa
Nov 26, 2013 - 09:17pm PT
Hi neebee:

I have been MIA. thankfully not POW.

sent you an email tonight.

I try not to buy gasoline as much as possible, but when I have to pay for it I volunteer to dig drug smuggling tunnels for money. It's not clean work, but it is an honest living, I suppose.


Social climber
Nov 26, 2013 - 10:07pm PT
hey there say, zbrown... got the email, hope you got the reply...

god bless... :)

good thing, i did not need to buy gas, to visit here, :))
mike m

Trad climber
black hills
Nov 26, 2013 - 10:32pm PT
Under $3 in MT a couple of weeks ago. What happened to cheap Wyoming gas.
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