have you had a 10,000 foot day?


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Trad climber
Mt. Rubidoux
Feb 9, 2013 - 10:23am PT
poc........I did that trail in 5 hours 13 minutes, car to car.
steve shea

Feb 9, 2013 - 10:29am PT
From the Rond Pointe Cafe to the summit of Mt Blanc about 13,000' hike up, from Dornan's to the summit of the Grand about 7,000' up, from the summit of Rendezvous Mt. to the parking lot 4,139'. You can rack up 20,000' easily in two hours at JHMR, 40,000' a day, cake. Kahiltna Base to the Iglooplex lots of vert.
Eric Beck

Sport climber
Bishop, California
Feb 9, 2013 - 12:04pm PT
Descended 10,000 in a day on Kilimanjaro in 2001. My previous one day descent pr was on Williamson.

Trad climber
Feb 9, 2013 - 12:42pm PT
One day Mt Rainier ascents from White River… like Liberty Ridge, Willis Wall, Winthrop or Emmons Glacier routes… comprise a 11,400 feet altitude gain.

Have done this also, but thought it was just barely 10K. Max ski touring is about 7500'. I don't think riding lifts counts in this category, you have to shoot for 100K in descent to be doing something.
steve shea

Feb 9, 2013 - 05:41pm PT
I think sub 5 min laps at JHMR staying on the same box all day is doing something IMHO. But you do use the tram. More difficult for me than any altitude gain was a 30mi nonstop speedhike from Cho Oyu bc to Tingri in Tibet. All between 15,000' and 16,000' just to catch a truck ride to the Nepali border.
handsome B

Gym climber
Mar 11, 2013 - 11:07am PT
Few have had a 40,000 foot vertical day.


Social climber
Truckee, CA
Mar 11, 2013 - 11:46am PT
Buea to the summit of Mt Cameroon is over 10K of gain (~10.4?), straight up. That was a fun day. I did that before the '99-'00 eruptions. Not sure how much of the top blew off.

I've probably had some ski tours that came close to 10K of up. Up and down? Tons of times.

Some folks are putting up some big numbers here:http://www.tahoevertical.com/

Grey Matter
Mar 11, 2013 - 03:00pm PT
You are allowed to hike Snow Creek. You have to go east around the DWA parcel (section 33) at the start, which adds perhaps 3 hours. The DWA tries to catch anyone going thru their section up the ithsmuth between Snow Creek and Falls Creek. As with any other hike up San Jacinto, you need a permit from the state park or USFS.

You can start out near the highway or closer to the village of Snow Creek on BLM land. If you start near the village, you can hike up the paved gated road to about 1650', near the PCT turnoff, and then head east across the wash. It would be nice to have a big post at the NE corner of section 33 so you know when you have skirted that.

The start from near the highway is shown here: http://socalhikes.com/2010/08/snow-creek-to-san-jacinto/

lots of posts at this site in 2010-12.

Another big potential access problem is the Cactus to Clouds trail up San Jacinto.
More vertical than Snow Creek since you start in Palm Springs. The BLM is planning to give land away to the rich Agua Caliente tribe. http://www.mtsanjacinto.info/viewtopic.php?t=3459&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0
mike m

Trad climber
black hills
Topic Author's Reply - Jun 19, 2013 - 11:12pm PT
Got in another one today rode Crow Peak 7 times for 10,500ft to raise about $500 bucks for the Vets Club at the college I work at.
Charlie D.

Trad climber
Western Slope, Tahoe Sierra
Jun 20, 2013 - 07:55am PT
Biggest self propelled days for me was on a bike doing the Death Ride in Alpine Co. CA:
Death Ride Profile
Death Ride Profile
Credit: Charlie D.
Did the Death Ride maybe 4 or 5 times over the years then we went up and did the RAMROD (Ride Around Mt. Rainer in One Day) which I thought was harder. Blue bird day on that one, absolutely stunningly beautiful with Mt. Rainer on your left the entire day:
Credit: Charlie D.
RAMROD profile
RAMROD profile
Credit: Charlie D.
Don't think I've climbed or skied toured 10,000 ft. in a day? I suppose the closest was Shasta on skis car to car which I think is about 8,000 ft. Anyway hats off to all you hard men and women, 10,000 ft or more in a day is HUGE! At 60 years + now that train has left the station for me.

Charlie D.
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