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Jim Henson's Basement
Mar 12, 2012 - 08:56pm PT
Oy- I've seen lots of disturbing stuff. Abusive a-holes being the least of them. Neglected animals always bother me more than people. I volunteered for Children of the Night (underage runaways/drug addicted prostitutes) as a peer counselor for a total of like.. two days before I quit because I was having nightmares

I've found two bodies- one of them murdered (stabbed in the chest), one suicide & witnessed two additional fatal highway accidents - one motorcycle into a brick wall and one guy go through his wind-shield from a head-on collision.

Edit to add: @Tami: You do kinda wonder when you see people act that way in public how bad it is in private. Meh.

Trad climber
Hodad surfing the galactic plane
Mar 12, 2012 - 09:01pm PT
"Watching a child abused bothers me a LOT"

Yes, very disturbing indeed.

When i was in my late twenties i was about to go into my gym, had my hand on the door but let this couple pass by on the sidewalk first. They were pushing a baby carriage with a pre-one-year-old in it. As they passed i remembered something i had forgoteen in my car. So rather then go in i turned and followed them around a corner. Evidently they didn't realize that i was behind them because suddenly the guy puts his left hand behind his back and with his thumb shifts this huge ring(college style grad ring)so that the big bulbess part is facing his palm. He then lifts his hand and smartly wacks the baby on the crown of its head and it cried out. He wacked it twice in quick succession, the last one was brought down just as i got to his side and enterviened. At that exact moment a county sheriff/cop springs out from between(or out of)a car. He waved me on and arrested the couple.

What really bothered me, and i can still some 30 years later picture in my mind, is that the baby's head still had that wide/round soft spot or opening where the scull hasn't closed in yet. The poor thing cried bloody murder. What a hideous childhood it must have had. I hope it grew up to be okay. Evidently they had been watching them for some time. I have wondered ever since, why would a mother and father do such a thing to their child.

Mar 12, 2012 - 09:29pm PT
Seeing a closet misogynist/climbing icon out himself on the inter web.

Mountain climber
Mar 12, 2012 - 09:30pm PT
Too many to count. But the worst one was BITD when I caught some psycho woman I boiling our pet rabbit on my stove.

Mar 12, 2012 - 10:36pm PT
Back in high school or college, I used to go on long walks around the neighborhood with a friend and just talk about sh#t. We are walking a few blocks from my house, it's dark but by a streetlight we suddenly see a man in a parked car 20-30 feet ahead reach across and WHACK a woman sitting next to him. We hadn't even noticed them up until that. I guess we heard the blow.

I look at my friend, neither she nor I know what to do, but we don't feel comfortable just walking away after seeing that. So we sit down on the lawn right there and continue talking. At least if something happens there is a witness. (This is ages ago, no cell phones or anything.) I'm sure the couple had noticed us by then. We sit there for a long time, eventually I think the man got out of the car, went into a house, came back out and they drove away. We couldn't and probably didn't do any good, but at least we provided a bit of cover if the woman had wanted to leave.

I'm with Jaybro and Tami. Abusive relationships are serious, not just drama. But the problem is that so few people are capable of getting out of them.

Trad climber
San Diego, CA
Mar 12, 2012 - 11:37pm PT
I'm starting to get the "Willies" just hearing the similarities of some of the female posters and some of the females spoken of in these threads, yikes!

Hmmm...don't know if I can top Splitter's experiences but I think I have a few in my bag.
How about walking up to what looks like an "animal," possibly a bear? that's been hit on the interstate, almost ending up on my head from slipping on the serous fluid that is running down the roadway, then, after getting close enough to the seemingly boneless, two foot high, mass of headless flesh, seeing the painted toenails of what now appears to be that of a woman, with remnants of her long brunette hair still stuck to the top of the pile. Her lower arm, from the elbow down, with her wedding ring still on her finger, laying just down the road...the rest of the body was never found, including her head. Apparently she jumped off a nearby bridge in front of an oncoming semi, then struck by a full size van.

Vomit, because of the smell, always makes me run, even if I'm right in the middle of doing something important, like starting an IV, drawing blood, intubating (passing a tube into your trachea), etc. If you're in the middle of spewing, and I'm not prepared, I'm going to let you bleed, or suffocate till you're finished, lol!

Sorry, I have many more, but here's another...

Awoken at 0230 we respond to an "unresponsive" female at a private residence. We arrive to find an elderly female on the carpet of her living room, in front of her favorite recliner that she frequently sleeps in. Her husband, in his eighties, informs us that he found her there after waking up to check on her. He stands probably 6'3" at the least, with his t-shirt, pants and suspenders on, his grandson is standing behind and at his side. The patient is still warm without obvious signs of death. We continue our assessment and begin treatment.

It is soon discovered that the patient has, more than likely, been "down" too long but we finish our required protocol before we can legally pronounce the patient dead. At that point it is my job, as the "paramedic in charge" to address family members and inform them of the outcome. After literally, standing in front, and below this strapping grandfather and explaining what we had just done, I watched this grand man fall to his knees, dropping his head into his massive hands, and begin to weep fitfully like a child, his grandson laying over his shoulders sobbing with him. I turned and walked past my partner and firefighters to walk outside into the cold night air, wiping my face myself.

Social climber
Mar 13, 2012 - 12:05am PT
Just a note as the result of some private messages shared with one of the posters to this thread.....

**Women in abusive relationships MUST get out in order to teach their children that abusive relationships are WRONG.

Otherwise the abuse becomes generational.

Thanks to those of you on this thread who are keeping it real without resorting to being inter-tards.

Trad climber
Hodad surfing the galactic plane
Mar 13, 2012 - 01:30am PT
We moved around allot when I was a kid, lived in 18 dif places between K-12 and saw allot of disturbing things.

When i was 13 we lived in Upland, Ca for about 4-5 months. Lived next to this family that had close to a dozen kids. She must have had one after another cuz the oldest one, whom i attempted to befriend, was only 14-15. One day he invited me into his house for the first time, which was very unusual because he would customarily just say one or two sentences and then retreat. They were all very guarded and my younger brother said that he had experiened their same reluctance to speak, etc. whenever he attempted. We were upstairs in the boys bedroom. He had a bunch of little brothers and sisters. They all were very subdued and never wandered far from there house. Anyway, he starts telling me how his father will be home soon and he will randomly pick one kid and then proceed to beat and torture him/her. It was terrifying to here the things that he would do to them. They never new who was going to be chosen each evening when he returned from work.

This kid poured out his whole story to me.I was shocked. Suddenly he became very afraid, visibly shaking and trembling, and told me i had to leave because his father had just returned home. I'll never forget the fear in the eyes of those kids, i kid you not when i say that they were visibly shaken, trembling as they passed me going up to their respective bedrooms as i went down the stairs. The fear in their eyes, like a trapped animal.

I can also still picture the lear on their fathers face, a look of wicked glee as he passed me at the bottom of the stairs. He had a piece of cut off hose with a wooden dowel stuck in one end that he seemed to be carressing in anticipation as he glared up the stairwell where the children huddled and waited...

My father returned from work shortly after. We had heard a commotion and crying spilling over the alleyway to our house each night, but figurred it was one of the many kids who had gotten out of line or whatever. But that afternoon I remember approaching him as he sat at his usual spot on the porch, unwinding after a hard days work. I told him what the kid told me. My father didn't say a thing, but it was obvious that he was pissed. He stood up and took off his thick, black belt and wrapped the end once or twice around his fist.

He then marched over and into their house and all hell broke loose. He beat the crap out of the guy and then made him bend over and he whipped his ass with the belt buckle in front of all the kids. Then he drug the guy outside and into our car and took him down to the police station and told them the whole story. They arrested the guy and he was in jail a few days, etc.! There was follow up by authorities.

We left for SLC, Utah a few months later. The oldest kid, the one I attempted to befriend, came out and told me to tell my father how thankful they were for what he did that afternoon. He said that things had changed dramatically, and that they had experienced peace for the first time in their young lives.

Kennewick wa
Mar 13, 2012 - 01:39am PT
"who do you think you are, do you think you're special, you next generation-ers think you HAVE IT ALL", "you're the ones causing the bubble crash and the market collapse", "how dare you just take it all away, you can't have it." Like, complete nonsensical things. Total flipping out screaming with terms like Facebook and online and social media and "kids these days" all thrown in

She ain't wrong!


Trad climber
The Illuminati -- S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Division
Mar 13, 2012 - 02:44am PT
but maybe a comment to the lady like "hey, are you ok to climb after the way he just screamed at you? I sure wouldn't be."


**Women in abusive relationships MUST get out in order to teach their children that abusive relationships are WRONG.

Otherwise the abuse becomes generational.

Jim Brennan

Trad climber
Vancouver Canada
Mar 13, 2012 - 03:12am PT
Fun in the Sun, Camp 4... 80's springtime.

The uncomfortable found shelter in a national park. My holiday gained new depth of insight to other people's way in life.

A family moved in that weren't interested in climbing but were interested in escape from the weather with what means they had.

It's a powerful thing to witness a child begrudgingly haul a toy wagon full of all their worldly goods to a campsite still in diapers.

It was a treatment in reality to watch them get run out of the park the next day as "undesirables".

Free to go climbing is not so tough in comparison. The rangers were very compassionate but could do little more than enforce the rules about paying for a campsite.

Boulder climber
Mar 13, 2012 - 03:58am PT
Thread smacks-of "holier than thou".

Trad climber
Hodad surfing the galactic plane
Mar 13, 2012 - 06:08am PT
"Holier than thou"

Knott I, knott this time anyway!

About two years ago I woke up at 3:50am and got a very faint but but certain whiff of smoke. i new something was burning. So I jumped up and went outside and stood on my apartment balcony...crickets! No sign or smell of smoke. A slight breeze drifted down the canyon from the east and I figured it was another grass fire inn the east county. I had a sudden urge to make a quik check of my neighbors condos, but hesitated to do so. I was in my boxer shorts, it was cold and there was zero signs or smell of anymore smoke. So i went back to bed and sleep.

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!! At exactly 4:30am I was jolted out of bed by, what I thought, was someone busting down my door. I jumped up yelling wait a minute I'll unlock it and realized(after i went outside)that it was the fire department busting down the door of my neighbors apartment which was diredtly aross from mine on the first floor/level. Smoke was pouring out the door and bedroom window, and they already had him out and were pumping on his chest and had a portable generator feeding him air.

Needless to say...it was a very disturbing sight.

The whole scenario kept running through my mine. It had been 40 minutes since i had gotten that first little whiff of smoke. Why didn't i stay up and had been a little more thorough? Over and over I ran it through my mind. They worked on him for over an hour, non stop. He was layed out on his back, naked on the cold hard concrete. They gave it everything they had.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I finally went back inside, my God what had i done?

I was very sick. I spoke with the next door neighbor. All I can recall him saying is "His daughter is going to take it very hard." She use to come over and visit him. It just about drove me crazy. I called everyone I new(mostly family)and told them what had happened, what i had done, or more appropriatly...what I hadn't done. Became very depressed. Especially after hearing that they had brought him to once, thought they had gotten him back but he went back into cardiac arrest. Evidently that is why they gave it such an effort.

I must have run the whole scenario through my mind acouple hundred times over the next day or two. The dude was the same age as me, mid to late fifties. I had only spoke with him a few times, but saw him almost everyday. I was haunted by how it could have turned out if I had gone down stairs and walked around the condos once or twice. If I had gotten another whiff of smoke, they would have had plenty of time to rescue him.

This deep, heavy darkness settled in my chest, engulfed my usual upbeat and cheerful self. I felt pretty low and started having dark thoughts about myself. I had gone there before, long ago, but fortunately escaped the reaper and moved on.

I hesitate to say this. But it is the truth. I decided to say one prayer, a request really, and then open the bible and see if it would give me an answer. I made it simple, something like "What do You think? Cuz i was ready to give up. So i closed my eyes, opened it up somewhere towards the middle and stuck my finger on the page. here is what it/the verse said directly above my finger nail:

"To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven:
A time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to..." Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

That's as far as I read. A certain relief came over me, and I clung to it. Kept repeating the verse over and over. I resigned myself to the fact that his life was ultimately in Someone else's hands. I also heard neighbors say, plus later read, that he had attempted suicide previously, and had stated that he would do so again and it was confirmed that he had disabled his fire alarms, jerry rigged the stove, etc.! Not that excuses anything, particularly my inaction. And i was convinced that it was just another Santa Anna wind fueled grass fire, of which we have had many, and not in the immediate vicinity.

It helps to share it here, I'm obviously not proud of the whole incident, frankly somewhat ashamed although it was an honest mistake. But i shared it because the image of him lying on that cold concrete and the various firemen pumping on his chest was indeed a disturbing event and i was indeed witness to it.

edit: i must admit, my stories are pretty lame. i'm gonna delete them anyway. got several of them that i wud prefer not to even think about, so i won't.
Delhi Dog

Good Question...
Mar 13, 2012 - 07:23am PT
I for one am glad WB isn't sharing-thanks man.

Me, too many, butt then again if you get around you're bound to see shite.

When Bush Jr took the oath of office though is pretty high up there.
steve shea

Mar 13, 2012 - 09:47am PT
My right tib/fib breaking in 5 places then sliding on my back down the hill watching my ski booted foot dangling at the end of my leg.

Social climber
The internet
Mar 13, 2012 - 11:51am PT
Relationships with strong personalities always have some drama. Nobody has the power to get a rise out of you like your significant other. If you haven't seen or dealt with this, you're probably either single or boring.

+1 to Werner's sentiment.

I have no idea how this got turned into a wife beating thread.

Social climber
Wolf City, Wyoming
Topic Author's Reply - Mar 13, 2012 - 11:56am PT
Karl Baba

Trad climber
Yosemite, Ca
Mar 13, 2012 - 12:02pm PT
splitter, Enjoyed all your stories and well written as well. Thanks and please don't delete

This is hardly a domestic violence thread except for a tangent based on some folks being "disturbed" by relationship stuff they saw. Perhaps this bothers a few people here because we all have some darkness in us or know people who have made mistakes. It's still important for people to make greater awareness of this issue because there are women who truly suffer in it and feel powerless to leave



Mountain climber
The Other Monrovia- CA
Mar 13, 2012 - 12:19pm PT
there are women who truly suffer in it and feel powerless to leave

Yes, it is a variation of the Stockholm Syndrome.

Mar 13, 2012 - 12:22pm PT
Splitter, your stories aren't lame, man. What your dad did that day is what my dad would have done. He had a pretty long fuse-he was a big, peaceful man, but child abuse is one thing that he would not tolerate. I wonder how many here would stand up, wrap a belt around their fist and calmly walk into that house? What would I do? I hope I never have to find out.
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