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Trad climber
San Francisco
Nov 23, 2014 - 10:44am PT
Coming upon a horrendous accident just outside Yellowstone, people are standing around
reluctant to approach the mangled auto. No responders on scene yet. Able to get inside through rear passenger door. The smell of blood and antifreeze hangs in the air. This person (18 yr old woman) slumped in drivers seat. Man she's gotta be dead, but no, a strong bounding radial pulse. Then I hear the gurgling snort so I get her head up to open up airway & protect her spine. I spend the next 90 minutes in this position, my hands & shirt soaked with blood and cerebral spinal fluid. Paramedics try to hyperventilate her with a bag valve mask in attempt to slow brain swelling , except they can't get a good seal, every time they squeeze the bag blood shoots out of her eye orbits. They throw a heavy blanket on her and tell me to close my eyes & brace as they smash out remaining glass with sledgehammers, then use a sawzall to cut and remove roof. The chopper lands on the 2 lane road. They get her on a backboard with C collar, try to intubate but a fountain of blood squirts up & out of her mouth. Then she's on the chopper and on her way to Billings. The entire time I just talked to her, encouraging to keep breathing, telling her as the scene unfolds what's being done, and that a lot of people are working hard to save her. The ambulance crew helps me clean up and then I drive to Gardiner through the park,and to my tiny 2 room cabin in Cooke City, MT. That night was sad & lonely as I processed the events of the day. Next day I go to the Mammoth clinic in the park to get gamma globulin & hep B shot cuz of the exposure to body fluids. The MD tells me she is still alive only because of my actions at the scene, but she dies the next day...13 yeas later I am back up in Yellowstone country with a buddy. We would be driving down that same stretch of road the next day, only I don"t really realize it at the time. That night in Bozeman @ the hostel I have a vivid dream reliving the entire scene in stunning detail. Oh the things buried in our sub conscience. In closing I ask myself why air this on a public forum? Talking about stuff I guess helps in dealing with traumatic events...let your friends and family know how much you love them always & unconditionally, peace.
Sredni Vashtar

Social climber
out in front
Nov 23, 2014 - 10:58am PT
Thanks for talking about it. I never talked about something and it very nearly killed me. I don't think I could even write it down.
thanks as well for being there for her, and having the skills to help. I think we should all have WFR certification as a minimum

Social climber
Wolf City, Wyoming
Topic Author's Reply - Nov 26, 2014 - 08:55am PT
Hi pat!

I wish, crazy bat....
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