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Trad climber
Is that light the end of the tunnel or a train?
Aug 26, 2013 - 09:13am PT

Aug 26, 2013 - 06:21am PT
This post first appeared at The Nation.

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) stands during a listening session Tuesday, April, 26, 2011, at Gateway Technical College in Kenosha, Wis. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)
How’s this for irony:

When the City of Kenosha, Wisconsin, was preparing to formally petition Congress to take the necessary actions to get corporate money out of politics and to restore grassroots democracy, the congressman who represents the community was meeting secretly with the Koch brothers to plot election strategies and policy agendas.

Kenosha is the largest city in Wisconsin’s first congressional district, which Congressman Paul Ryan has represented since 1999 — thanks to gerrymandered district lines and heavy infusions of cash from out-of-state special interests. With Congress out of session for the August recess and Ryan expected to head home to meet with constituents, members of the Kenosha City Council decided to deliver a message. They voted overwhelmingly to ask Ryan and other Wisconsin representatives “to amend the Constitution to bar corporate wealth from unduly influencing elections.”

That’s not a particularly radical request.

Sixteen states and roughly 500 communities have petitioned Congress to support a constitutional amendment to restore the power of the people—through their federal, state and local representatives — to place limits on the influence of big money, especially corporate money, in American politics. The official calls from states across the country, and from cities such as Kenosha, come in response to the high court’s decision to remove restrictions on corporate spending to buy elections, which capped a series of rulings that undermined limits on the power of wealthy Americans to dominate the political and governing processes of the nation with unprecedented infusions of campaign money.

Ryan has been among the prime beneficiaries of the money-in-politics moment ushered in by the high court. As the House Budget Committee chairman, he has collected millions of dollars from individuals and groups that stand to benefit from initiatives such as Social Security privatization and the development of voucher schemes to “reform” Medicaid and Medicare. The congressman has become a favorite of many of the biggest donors in the country, including billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch.

The Koch brothers, prime funders of conservative causes and Republican politicians, were enthusiastic backers of placing Ryan on the 2012 Republican ticket. That move entered in a fiasco that saw Ryan fail to deliver Wisconsin for the ticket led by Mitt Romney. Ryan not only lost his hometown of Janesville but many of the other communities in his district, including Kenosha.

Casual observers might guess that Ryan would be listening a little more to his district, especially to the voters in cities such as Kenosha.

But they would guess wrong.

As Kenosha was petitioning for the redress of money-in-politics grievances, the congressman was at a posh resort near Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he had flown as soon as Congress went on recess. The Koch brothers had rented the entire Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and set up a private security perimeter so that no media — and certainly no citizens — could get near the elite retreat. And they invited Paul Ryan to spend several days with them as their guest of honor. Along with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, American Enterprise Institute president Arthur Brooks and a few other worthies, the Kochs and their wealthy friends wined and dined with Ryan.

A source that spoke to Politico reported that Ryan was “well-received by donors.” According to the Politico report, “Ryan has developed deep ties to Koch World”—the vast network of political operations controlled by the billionaire brothers.

The question is whether the congressman retains deep ties to Kenosha.

In case the congressman missed the message, the Kenosha City Council was joined in mid-August by the Kenosha County Board—the governing body of the populous southeastern Wisconsin county that is entirely within Ryan’s district—in calling for an amendment to overturn Citizens United. And constituents like Jennifer Franco, of Kenosha, are saying its time for their elected representatives to “stand with the people to proclaim that money is not speech, that artificial entities are not persons, and that every person’s voice carries the same weight.”

The juxtaposition of events in New Mexico and Wisconsin leaves Ryan with a clear choice to make: he can either stick with the Koch brothers or he can respond to the call from Kenosha for a meaningful response to the threat posed to democracy by the buying of elections and the policymaking process.

Dr. F.

Boulder climber
Topic Author's Reply - Aug 27, 2013 - 07:44pm PT
Credit: Dr. F.
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"We have to shut the Government down to stop affordable health care insurance from becoming a reality!"

Social climber
Desolation Basin, Calif.
Aug 27, 2013 - 07:55pm PT
Really, you guys, why be mean to Lois. Even Karl likes her.

Where is Baba, btw?


Social climber
Falls Church, VA
Aug 28, 2013 - 03:41am PT
what liberalism hath wrought:


that's right, in their desperate war against the "war on women", libs think pretty much anybody ought to be able to perform abortions

Mountain climber
La Mancha
Aug 28, 2013 - 04:06am PT
libs think pretty much anybody ought to be able to perform abortions

Yes, that is exactly what the article outlines...NOT. Try reading the actual text of the report before you run around yelling "the sky is falling!" Typical conservative overblown reaction which in reality is just another push to limit legal abortions to underserved populations.

Social climber
Desolation Basin, Calif.
Aug 28, 2013 - 05:43am PT
Try reading the actual text...

The GOP depends on voters with reading comprehension problems. That and the few that actually remember the time before they became total corporate shills.
Dr. F.

Boulder climber
Topic Author's Reply - Aug 28, 2013 - 08:32am PT

Mountain climber
Lakewood Aug 27, 2013 - 09:37pm PT

Yes, if a candidate tells a bunch of lies then I am inclined to not vote for them. Ryan certainly seemed to fudge his marathon time, and it's entirely possible he threw out the wrong name of the mountain he climbed........... Is that it?

I don't mean to sound sarcastic there but in my opinion those were not deal breaking lies.

Obama and Biden made some pretty malicious and untrue accusations against Romney and Ryan last year. They lied about other things, too. Ryans 'lies' are pretty tame in comparison.

I agree with you Sullly that character is an important part of what to demand in a candidate, and Ryan unfortunately goofed and gave thoughtful people a reason to further examine his character. That is perfectly fine.

My biggest dissappintment with American voters is that it has become a Hatfield vs McCoy mentality. Democrats and Republicans hate each other with religious furor. There's very little civil, constructive discourse going on, just each side bashing and slandering the other as much as possible. That's why this article disturbed me, not because I think Ryan is a perfect politician, but because I didn't want to read yet another biased bashing peice on a site that is otherwise dedicated to climbing. That's why I felt compelled to express an opinion.

Instead of railing on lying Ryan in Little Ricky's thread, I would like to do it here.

Maybe ridgedancer will respond.

Democrats and Republicans hate each other with religious furor.
Why is this true?
Because the Republicans lie and distort the truth, have evil policies and are worse than Christians when it comes to being faithful to their Party.
They created the hate, we are just trying to bring out the truth so we can stop their race to the bottom and heal America.

They lie about Obama and the Dems in every sentence they utter. What else can we do except hate them back for the lies and propaganda they create. Millions of American's now repeat the lies like they are fact. They have devolved into pure evil. Nothing they have proposed or done in the last 30 years has been good for anyone except the Rich and big Corporations.

What lies did Obama and Biden tell?
None, the only lies being propagated were on the Romney Ryan ticket. They were lying about just about everything, the budget, the economy, the debt, their policies, and especially about Obama. They are confirmed psychopaths by every definition.
Just look at what Romney did to make his millions, ship jobs to China and pocket the pensions of the people he put out of work, and avoid paying taxes by any means possible, Satan would be proud.


Social climber
Falls Church, VA
Aug 29, 2013 - 10:07am PT
a liberal argument for why liberal leaders are "bad" (not just bad leaders, which they are, but bad people):



Social climber
Aug 29, 2013 - 11:26am PT
Bookworm! You Suck!

But that was a good link.

Social climber
So Cal
Aug 31, 2013 - 06:57am PT

Somewhere out there
Aug 31, 2013 - 08:46am PT
In most jobs a general refusal to do ones job would be ample grounds for termination among other disciplinary action.

Why does this rule not apply for congress-people?

After review of an above link…

I am not an education policy wonk: I’m just judgmental. But it seems to me that if every single parent sent every single child to public school, public schools would improve.

 What happens when a certain type of person is put in charge of the learning institution who wants to run the schools like a business and they do so to the detriment of all those working in this institution and ultimately to the detriment of the entire institution itself….. ???

The Chief

From the Land of the Mongols
Aug 31, 2013 - 09:02am PT
What lies did Obama and Biden tell?

Nothing big and that matters to the freedoms and liberty's that the Constitution mandates to every citizen of this Nation.

Nothing important atal really. The first two "lies" that come to mind that have secretly been approved and implemented by the current DEM Administration:


U.S., British intelligence mining data from nine U.S. Internet companies in broad secret program


Oh the hypocrisy of it all. Same left wing ideological suspects proliferating their bullshet. Gotta give em credit.

" I know nothing....


Aug 31, 2013 - 09:08am PT
Goody, Chief Loud Mouth decided to pay this thread a visit too.
The Chief

From the Land of the Mongols
Aug 31, 2013 - 09:14am PT
^^^^^^Somebody's gotta set your left winger cottage cheese infested lard ass straight^^^^^^
Dr. F.

Boulder climber
Topic Author's Reply - Aug 31, 2013 - 09:16am PT
And what were the 2 options?
Mitt/Ryan vs. Obama/Biden

Mitt/Ryan lied about everything

And Obama used Bush's Patriotic Act to keep America safe.

So, Chuff, you think Mitt would have done a better job?

Because those are the Only 2 possibilities as far our President goes.

Some great imaginary Libertarian President that would have shut the Gov. down was not one of the options, like your delusion requires.

Sport climber
mammoth lakes ca
Aug 31, 2013 - 09:21am PT
Ah oh...! The NSA knows that I live in Mammoth and Love Rusty with undying passion...?

Aug 31, 2013 - 09:30am PT
Because those are the Only 2 possibilities

This shows stupid Americans.

Dr F is stupid.

When 2 possibilities are no good the intelligent class rejects them both to find an intelligent solution.

Stupid class of men accept the either/or bondage of stupidity.

Stupid as stupid ......

The Chief

From the Land of the Mongols
Aug 31, 2013 - 09:31am PT
So, Chief, you think Mitt would have done a better job?

Because those are the Only 2 possibilities as far our President goes.

AH! Nice.

Now you libs are going to play the "Lesser of two evils" card as an excuse.

Got it.

NO I DON'T Craig. But the fact remains, your side is NO DIFFERENT than the other. Not one bit.

They are all career politicians doing what they do to appease their ideological ways. Regardless the laws they break in doing so.

JFK (DEM) was the ONLY President to "secretly" authorize open assassinations by the CIA and SPECWAR Operators on foreign gov't officials. You of course knew that right Craig.

There are many more "dirty deeds" that DEM Presidents/Admin Officials since JFK's tenure have secretly authorized and undertaken. But those do not count. Right Craig?

Somewhere out there
Aug 31, 2013 - 09:33am PT
^^^ ^^^
^^^ and Werner is Werner….^^^

Social climber
Some Rehab in Bolivia
Aug 31, 2013 - 09:39am PT

"the fact remains, your side is NO DIFFERENT than the other."...

There IS in fact a difference between the two parties...

If there wasn't, there would only be one party...

Which in my honest opinion would be a better way to go...

"They are all career politicians doing what they do to appease their ideological ways. Regardless the laws they break in doing so."...


But some break laws for the good of all (or in the least, more than not)...

Some do it only for themselves and their cohorts...

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