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Social climber
So Cal
Jul 21, 2013 - 11:41pm PT
Car free, but not idiot free.

Seems there's as many of them on bikes as in cars.

The 5:00 AM start mitigates a lot of that though.

Mark Hudon

Trad climber
Hood River, OR
Jul 21, 2013 - 11:48pm PT
Rest day today. I start the second month of Insanity. the month where all the workouts whose names begin with "Max" lurk, tomorrow.

Gym climber
Jul 22, 2013 - 12:08am PT
26min up, 22 down on the Bear Gulch / Alambique loop in Wunderlich Park.

After a week of running every other day and biking/climbing the other days, I've somehow put on 3 or 4 pounds. Guessing it's the titanic glutes I'm building, as I ripped the seat of my pants warming up on a boulder problem at the gym this morning. (A makeshift climbing-tape interior patch somehow held up fine.)
Ward Trotter

Trad climber
Jul 22, 2013 - 12:21am PT

Alternate forward and lateral dumbbell raises
Upright barbell rows
Dumbbell shoulder rows
Incline push-ups

1 mile run
10x 50 yd dashes. (Killer)

1 mile speed walk with dog

4 mile speed walk with dog

Boulder climber
Jul 22, 2013 - 02:51am PT
Right outside my door I discovered a short section of urban trail going to a Rite Aid. It sunk in that it's fairly steep, and you could just run laps around the block for pretty-much full value. There is also a landscaped drainage of loose rocks on the route for ankle cartilage etc too. Been hitting it up alot in the last week.

Boulder climber
Jul 22, 2013 - 01:53pm PT
2013 has been a good year, so far...
Feb. American Canyon 50K
March, Way Too Cool 50K
March, Knickerbocker Canyon 30K
April, American River 50 mile
May, Silver State 50K
May, Western States Training Runs, 32 miles, and 20 miles, back to back/
June, Western States Endurance Run, 100 mile

And lots of miles between the races

Next up, Tamalpa Headlands 50K in August.

And hopefully, Hwy 40 to Hwy 50 on PCT in September, and Tuolumne to Red's Meadow.

Social climber
Wolf City, Wyoming
Topic Author's Reply - Jul 22, 2013 - 01:55pm PT
Damn, Atch!

Boulder climber
Jul 22, 2013 - 02:10pm PT
Hahaha, Cant. Stop. Running.

Trad climber
Yacolt, WA
Jul 22, 2013 - 03:57pm PT
Yesterday - 6 mile AM run - nice tempo, climbed in the afternoon, 2 mile PM run.

Today, hit the heat

Heard the team might be short a runner for the relay. Might have to do 4 legs. I will be doing more doubles, even if they are short, to get me legs and head accustomed to running tired.

Trad climber
Santa Cruz
Jul 22, 2013 - 04:08pm PT
June, Western States Endurance Run, 100 mile
Wowsa.....all that running you must be using that belt buckle to cinch in your belt!
Way to go! Very very envious!

Winners Bucke.  Other buckles for various categories of finishers  <br/>
Winners Bucke. Other buckles for various categories of finishers

Credit: Western States web site


Social climber
Wolf City, Wyoming
Topic Author's Reply - Jul 23, 2013 - 04:28pm PT
We should run together someday Sully. My new Garmin GPS watch with constant feedback has me running faster than in a long time. I mightt even be able to keep you in sight!

Trad climber
4 Corners Area
Jul 23, 2013 - 04:39pm PT
Well, I went to the century ride in Flagstaff last Saturday. As I was reading the pre-ride information I saw they had a cut-off time for the century riders.
2.5 hours to be at the 43 mile point, and 8 hours to complete the ride or be picked up by the sag wagon.

This bummed me out. I really wanted to do the full century. I know how fast I can ride, and making it to the 43 mile point in 2.5 would have required me to push way too hard early in the ride. My strategy was to really take it easy on the first half since the real climbing started at the 60 mile point.

Anyway, I switched and did the 65 miler instead. I did it in 4:24.00 which I was more than happy with. I am still bummed I didn't get to ride the full century (which I had trained for, and I know I could have made, only in more like 8.5 - 9 hours instead of the 8 hours alotted)

I just wish they could have put that information on the website with the course descriptions and ride profiles.

Now, I have to find another one . . .

Jul 24, 2013 - 02:15am PT
yesterday: 16 mile lap on moonlight meadows and shuman's gulch w/ me dag.
today: 28 miler in the abajo mountains. 4.7k' climbing had.
Ward Trotter

Trad climber
Jul 24, 2013 - 02:20am PT
1 mile run

6 x 50 yd dashes

6 x bleacher sprint/ incline push- up superset

1 mile speed walk with dog
goatboy smellz

Jul 24, 2013 - 06:35pm PT
Good job Sully, old trails are the best, triggers all sorts of great memories.

Been averaging about 75 miles a day on the bike, 35 in the morning 40 in the evening with a two mile swim along the Gulf every other day.

Hardman Knott

Gym climber
Muir Woods National Monument, Mill Valley, Ca
Jul 24, 2013 - 07:08pm PT
Did my first-ever solo century this morning, no stops.

It's amazing what the body can do on very little food. I had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, and all I had on the ride was 3oz of Hammer Gel (Espresso, tastes like chocolate pudding). Got a PR on a longish Strava segment in the last 10 miles (end of bike path to Golden Gate Bridge).

Here's the heart-rate breakdown:

Credit: Hardman Knott

Next I'm gonna ride my 30lb Sht Bike to the Giants game at AT&T Park. Wish me luck!

Social climber
somewhere that doesnt have anything over 90'
Jul 24, 2013 - 07:51pm PT
six mile run in Texas heat

Social climber
Jul 24, 2013 - 09:53pm PT
8 mile run in the GA sultry summer. (temperatures are down this summer; we're having a wet one with nothing higher than 93 so far. The humidity was 99% when I ran with a temp of 75 at 6:30 a.m..

Speed work on track plus 2 mile warm up and 2 mile cool down on rails to trails
Credit: Tobia

I will hit 1000 mile mark for this year at the end of July (should have been there but injuries and illness syndrome stopped me).

Social climber
Wolf City, Wyoming
Topic Author's Reply - Jul 25, 2013 - 12:42am PT
7mile trail run
8mile technical Mtn bike ride

I try to get 1 half marathon, or somehow equivalent once a month. Since December 2011. I think that's as close as I'm gonna get for July '13

Social climber
Jul 25, 2013 - 06:17am PT
I've been running 35+ years, with some time off at several junctures due to long term injuries and health issues. I can't count the number of 5 & 10K's; but I can count the number of 15K's, half and full marathons. 2,2 and 0 respectfully. I had to scratch on a marathon, the morning of the race.

I am on the way to a half in November and the Rocket City Marathon in December.
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