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Mountain climber
Jan 14, 2011 - 01:05pm PT
fatty, my guess is Douglas is for real. if you look at the search below, it appears he's pretty open on the net, is a Tahoe photographer, and you can easily see his gmail address if you want to check it out, or ask the person at the address if they are the same person posting on the Taco. his address is not hard to find either. does not look like someone who is trying to hide."Douglas+Rhiner"
Douglas Rhiner

Mountain climber
Truckee , CA
Jan 14, 2011 - 01:18pm PT

Just an ASS HOLE that will not let someone of your ilk get into office!

Post under your real name if you are so proud of what you have to say.

That is the whole problem with the internet.
You can hide behind a wall of anonymity.

I'm posting under my real mame.
You or anyone here can "get to me" anytime they want. Do a little research.
Hell, I've even posted my address here!

Trad climber
greater Boss Angeles area
Jan 14, 2011 - 01:18pm PT
Jesus, Doug.

You need to wise up a little there.

Calling folks who've done nothing wrong ass-hole is always poor form.
Douglas Rhiner

Mountain climber
Truckee , CA
Jan 14, 2011 - 01:28pm PT

Jeff called me an ass hole in a post up-thread.
I responded by agreeing with him.

So, by your logic Jeff is the one with poor form.

EDIT: Learn anything Chaz?
Ken M

Mountain climber
Los Angeles, Ca
Jan 14, 2011 - 01:30pm PT
It is a shame that the thread is gone. It concentrated a lot of things in one place, that otherwise would take up a lot of threads.

For example, I had to do some looking, but found that Skip had responded to my inquisition about the Obama:Psalm bumper sticker. I won't copy the whole thing, but what I consider a HUGE statement by him:

I tell you what. I will even stipulate to your point for the sake of
moving along this discussion. Whether it is in your bumper sticker or
elsewhere there are times that people on my side of the aisle are way over
the top. I don't like it. I think it gets in the way.

There it is. He allows that people "on his side" go over the line. Well, fact of the matter is, the same is true on the liberal side. For me, there is stuff that is just embarrassing, that I cannot watch or listen to on liberal TV and radio.

And this is important. Because we are all Americans, with a deep love for our country, or we would not have passionate feelings that cause us to post. The crazies, on both sides, drag us all down, and incite us to the incivilities that the threads are rampant with.

And Skip is correct, I did meet him for the first time in the mid 2000's, when he worked at California Outfitters in Fresno. We did not know each other well, and never had a political discussion that I'm aware of, but his name is what he says it is.

Trad climber
Somewhere halfway over the rainbow
Jan 14, 2011 - 01:34pm PT
Hey Skip can you say pathetically redundant?
Douglas Rhiner

Mountain climber
Truckee , CA
Jan 14, 2011 - 01:40pm PT
You're not worth wasting my time to do the research.

Then why waste time with me at all, Jeff?

And post under your real name. ALL THE TIME. Change your avatar.
So if someone googles "Jeff Elfont" your political posts, all your, will come up.

Why not? Because you are afraid of the ramifications.
Plain and simple.

But no worries.
When the time comes your posts will make it to the proper people.

Gym climber
Jan 14, 2011 - 01:54pm PT
And post under your real name. ALL THE TIME. Change your avatar.

Silly boy ...

Gym climber
Jan 14, 2011 - 01:56pm PT
You have in your head a twisted tuna.

This is getting good...

Gym climber
Jan 14, 2011 - 01:59pm PT
Hey Norton,

What I liked most about your list of political attributes that describe
your views, is that I saw in it a way for us to have some mutual

Norton, skipt; where is said list, in the 'other' thread?
Douglas Rhiner

Mountain climber
Truckee , CA
Jan 14, 2011 - 01:59pm PT
he, he, he, he....bbblllllfffftttttt!!!!!!!!! Tongue sticking out at you!

Social climber
the Wastelands
Jan 14, 2011 - 02:07pm PT
Hi everyone!
Just checking in now.

Skip, I don't recall ever posting this list you refer to.

I do remember last night that Dr. F was the one who posted a list of things that he
said "liberals want".

I am not Dr. F.

I never posted any such thing.

I will go back to reading F's other thread on why he deleted it.

I see that he is accusing me of some things and telling me to fuk off.

I will put together my response and post it. I don't get, yet, why he is so pissed at me.

But again Skip, I never posted ANY "list".
Wade Icey

Trad climber
Jan 14, 2011 - 02:55pm PT
Credit: kill it

Jan 14, 2011 - 03:26pm PT
Hello friends and Republifascists. :-)

Jan 14, 2011 - 03:41pm PT
"Eat"? No.

Credit: dirtbag

Drink? Ummmm...Maybe!

photo not found
Missing photo ID#162116


Gym climber
Jan 14, 2011 - 03:47pm PT
OK, for fun, here's the King Biscuit:

Speak for ONLY yourself, Dr F, when you talk about what "liberals" want.

You do not speak for me.

Every person is unique and different.

The very definition of left, progressive, democrat, or liberal means different things to
different people.

It is very wrong and unfair to think that all Repubs think alike or should be labeled
and thrown into convenient categories.

Same with people who don't lean to the right politically.


Now, do you think that latte is shaken, or stirred?

Trad climber
Fresno CA
Jan 14, 2011 - 03:58pm PT

I didn't realize you worked at California Outfitters. I loved that place. To my mind, they had a much better selection of climbing gear than REI has in Fresno now. I was very sorry to see them go.

Selling climbing gear in Fresno has been an iffy proposition. In the 1960's, I got a pair of Kronhoffers and my first pitons at Herb Bauer. Every other local dealer of climbing gear -- and there were at least four --(sad to say, even including Royal's Pinedale store) is either out of business, or no longer in the climbing gear business.


Jan 14, 2011 - 04:09pm PT
Getting people into backpacking: very cool. That's a very, very good thing.

Gym climber
Jan 14, 2011 - 04:16pm PT
For you, Dr. Comrade F, the linchpin:

You ought to hear yourself sometimes Dr. F.

Your rhetoric is as relentlessly labeling and intentionally loaded to produce the very replies that you claim are impossible to avoid.

A lot of the time, you goad and provoke because you seem to want to get the exact responses that you do end up getting.

It goes nowhere and like Lois, makes it all about her, and in this case, you.


Big Wall climber
A Token of My Extreme
Jan 14, 2011 - 04:20pm PT
The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round....
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