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Topic Author's Original Post - Jan 7, 2011 - 10:00pm PT
If any one is interested the Widows Tears is so full and frozen from the record rainfall and now the cold temps we have in the valley.

I have never seen it so fully frozen, will try to get a pic tomorrow.

Trad climber
Top of the Mountain Mun
Jan 7, 2011 - 11:08pm PT
Climbed in 07, WI5 M4 11 pitches Ooooooohhhh lala

em kn0t

Trad climber
isle of wyde
Jan 8, 2011 - 12:21am PT
Fattrad would be interested, cuz he's got some "sharp x-15's and some curved BD thingy."

but I've heard what you really need is a VERY fast car...

don't think my car qualifies, but tempted to totter over there in my chrome-plated walker just to gaze at it in awestruck lust...
The Warbler

the edge of America
Jan 8, 2011 - 12:33am PT
Post em up Chris!

I had a feeling...

When Chappy and I did it it was early March, I think, so there's time for a few ascents.

There are a few other unclimbed ice lines that should be doable for a day or two also with these conditions.


Trad climber
Fresno CA
Jan 8, 2011 - 01:04am PT
Post em up Chris!


The web cams make the Valley look like an ice climbing paradise right now, but I can't imagine WT being anything but hair-raising ever. It's hard to believe it's been over thirty years since you and Chappy did it, Kevin.

The Warbler

the edge of America
Jan 8, 2011 - 01:11am PT
I'm afraid to say it's over 35 years, JE!

Glad I got that out my system - what a fricken epic!

Somebody needs to put the effort into filming that route from three or four different positions at once. It's got amazing architecture.


Trad climber
sorry, just posting out loud.
Jan 8, 2011 - 01:38am PT
film it!!!!

pack now, go!!!

Trad climber
Jan 8, 2011 - 09:54am PT
Would be stoked to see some current photos of it!!

Social climber
Jan 8, 2011 - 12:55pm PT
Tease! Where are the pictures?

Topic Author's Reply - Jan 8, 2011 - 05:29pm PT
Widows Tears, 1.8.11
Widows Tears, 1.8.11
Credit: CF
The Alpine

Big Wall climber
Jan 8, 2011 - 05:30pm PT
Definitely IN!

Mountain climber
The Other Monrovia- CA
Jan 8, 2011 - 05:35pm PT
Nice hiking conditions!

Topic Author's Reply - Jan 8, 2011 - 05:37pm PT
You can find a larger size at

Trad climber
primordial soup
Jan 8, 2011 - 05:42pm PT
it's the same temp here in the easy bay, at about 75 feet...


The Hot Kiss on the end of a Wet Fist
Jan 8, 2011 - 05:43pm PT
Steve Grossman

Trad climber
Seattle, WA
Jan 8, 2011 - 05:54pm PT
Nice shot of the fatness Chris!
The Warbler

the edge of America
Jan 8, 2011 - 06:10pm PT
Get on it guys! Looks good from my armchair thru Tuesday!

But remember.....

It ain't called The Widows Tears for nothing.


Big Wall climber
Jan 8, 2011 - 06:19pm PT
Very FAT:)

Big Wall climber
So Cal
Jan 8, 2011 - 06:27pm PT
Doohood that looks amazing! Wish I could get up there now!

I hope some parties get on it & have some serious fun.

Ice climber
Happy Boulders
Jan 8, 2011 - 08:18pm PT
that does look pretty fat.
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