CLIMB and PUNISHMENT- An Open Telegram to Alex Honnold


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Romans 5:8
Jan 20, 2014 - 01:40pm PT
All I got to say is, "TENSION"!
Ron Anderson

Trad climber
Relic MilkEye and grandpoobah of HBRKRNH
Jan 20, 2014 - 01:44pm PT
Dano sometimes thought he should slow down, and that included the last week of his life. He had fully admitted he was "pushing his angels". The week before he died, he called me and wanted to start hunting again - and wanted to arrange a turkey hunt. Years before his death i told him i was worried id wake up someday with his name in the headlines and not in a good way. But for that one last jump...

So there is real reason for concern of these natural born climbers. Yet they also demonstrate a purity within our lil game that cant be surpassed.
the Fet

Jan 20, 2014 - 01:50pm PT
As an acquaintance of Alex I know him a little and I doubt he will ever read this thread. He is better than most about not wasting time looking at screens.

I don't blame people for throwing out warnings, I think it's good for people to speak their mind and share their experience. And I think the message stands repeating because it's easy to get caught up in things and get carried away and do something you shouldn't do.

However Alex has an excellent grasp of what he is doing and a great head on his shoulders. I doubt he'd do something he wouldn't do if the cameras weren't rolling.

It will be interesting to see where his climbing career goes. He has huge talent, motivation, and is very smart. The big free solos naturally are limited in number. It's wasn't surprising in a way that one of his next huge accomplishments was the triple crown. Not pure free soloing, but using that talent to pull off the next step in rock climbing. Not surprising that it was his next step, but very surprising that a human could accomplish that. I can't even fathom hiking to the top of those three formations in a day.
Jeff Gorris

Not from, Portlandia
Jan 20, 2014 - 01:57pm PT

Sport climber
Jan 20, 2014 - 02:03pm PT
when i was soloing a lot there was always this feeling of invincibility. i could do no wrong. there was also the deep down acceptance that i really didn't care, life or death. i was never in the big leagues of soloing but wouldn't think much of vert mile days, just a chalk bag and shoes. the best climbing of my life.
patrick compton

Trad climber
Jan 20, 2014 - 02:11pm PT
this isn't 1885, people dont send telegrams anymore
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