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Captain...or Skully

Big Wall climber
leading the away team, but not in a red shirt!
Nov 13, 2010 - 06:03pm PT
I just ate a buncha mushrooms. You like apples?
john hansen

Nov 13, 2010 - 09:40pm PT

aging malcontent
Nov 14, 2010 - 12:39am PT
Lambone - I havent done any acid in awhile, doubt if i ever will again, but what they cqall LSD today wouldnt have even qualified as kool aid acid BITD. Clean but very, very weak. If you havent taken LSD before 1990, you havent taken LSD.

I dropped acid for the first time in 1968, when the real deal was on the street. 1/2 hit of orange mini barrel had me hallucinating wildly and on the edge of reality for most of a day. The early stuff I saw was on tiny tabs and blotters. Quality and potency declined in the 70s, and it was on larger tabs or in powder form, which was sometimes cut with strychnine. You could still get the real stuff like window pane, which came on tiny clear squares, or sandoz blotter, but you had to know the right people. I tripped alot back then, but only totally left reality twice. Once when I took 3 hits of window pane and spent 48 hours sitting on a mound of dirt in a field while my mind blazed with indescribable scenarios. I lived lives, saw the birth and death of entire galaxies and romped with bizarre but friendly cartoon friends as my body sat motionless. When I finally came to I was starving, freezing, thirsty as hell and my entire body ached, but the experience was worth it.

The other out of reality experience resulted from eating a full hit of sandoz blotter acid. I pulled my car over and went bye bye for around 12 hours. The hallucinations were viciously intense, including the wildest audio and body hallucinations Ive ever experienced. I came to my senses to find my mouth had been wide open the whole time. It was dry as a bone and my jaws were almost stuck. That one wasnt as magical as the first. I only did LSD occasionally after that.

Trad climber
San Jose, CA
Jun 16, 2013 - 01:08pm PT
Bump for bumps sake

Trad climber
Jun 16, 2013 - 01:10pm PT
a civil democratic society would be handing it out

Jun 16, 2013 - 01:12pm PT
there are eleven year olds here

Trad climber
Jun 16, 2013 - 01:43pm PT

preteens have considerable lobbies

if they were here their agents would have softened us up long before now

Jun 16, 2013 - 02:15pm PT
Had wonderful times on shrooms a while back. First time was in a maple grove in New Hampshire in the fall. Most intense time was on the summit of Middle Sister in Oregon. Wouldn't trade those times for anything, but wouldn't touch the stuff at this point in the game.

Trad climber
Jun 16, 2013 - 05:27pm PT
So I was in grade 10 back in 1972. One Friday noon I dropped a tab then went to Sociology class. I walk in and see 2 cops and a big blue box that opens up in 2 sections.
Oh Boy we are getting the DRUG LECTURE!
The box is full of samples of lots of stuff. Of course everybody wonders if it is real. I have a great class while tripping.

Trad climber
Way Out There
Jun 16, 2013 - 07:38pm PT
Summer of '69. Coming back to Santa Cruz from Oregon up the Rogue River. I was given a tab of Pink Harvard, which I was told came from Harvard. I was 13, just a month shy of 14. I laughed all day long on half. Later that night in Arcata, I was tired of tripping and just wanted to sleep.

4 months later I took what was called Pink Mescaline. Now I think it was about 500 micrograms of chopped up LSD. My world disassembled. People were missing arms, legs, tops, bottoms, and the Earth was in pieces. At one point, I was on the floor looking up through backwards binoculars with fisheye lenses unable to recognize my friends anymore. It was a long, long day and the strongest trip I ever took.

I picked up a hitchhiker on the way to see the Dead at the Cow Palace one New Years. He paid me with 30 peyote buttons. He had about 2000 in his back pack.

Didn't eat shrooms until High Sierra Music Festival a few years back. I fell in love with a tall tree and her beautiful fractals.

Last weekend of March this year I was given Dilaudid in the hospital. Talk about hallucinations!
Ricky D

Trad climber
Sierra Westside
Jun 16, 2013 - 07:52pm PT
Used to hang with the hippies who lived in the Victorian houses on Poli Street in Ventura back in the day. Pure, clean, real Owsley now and then - very T. Leary - all about "set and setting". Lot of Indian print bedspreads from Pier I and Boston ferns in macrame hangers.

Weirdest dare was dropping blotter after being told that our company was shutting down. We made low-cost crappy sound mixers for garage bands and the owner's wife skipped town with the checkbook and one of our engineers. To get home, I had to drive down the Conejo Grade at rush hour on a early sundown winter's night - still remember the pulsing taillights samba rhythm to this day.

Now shrooms are a class all their own - used to room with a bunch of surfers in the Valley and one of the guys ran a full clean room nursery in the garage - pressure cookers, brown rice, sterilizers and a sh#t ton of Mason jars. Spores Galore I tells ya!

The wife and I mixed up some shroomy tea and spent one Christmas Eve laying buck-nekkid on a sheep skin rug under a 14 foot tree covered with strobing mini-lights, wearing 3d glasses from some theater showing and giggling for hours.
McHale's Navy

Trad climber
From Panorama City, CA
Jun 16, 2013 - 07:54pm PT
What a great thread. I've done my share but didn't start till I was about 29 and that was mushrooms - about 1980. Last acid may have been about 1995. Never did all that much - it was more experimental than recreational - fascinating stuff it is! More than anything it cleared my head. That was the 'feeling' - of clearness, no vibrations, or something. Anyway, I quit wearing glasses after acid. I used to not be able to read freeway exit signs in time to get off the freeway, especially at night, without glasses. I stomped my glasses into the ground one day around 1983. One of my biggest fears for years was maybe losing what I gained in eyesight somehow. I still don't wear glasses or use contacts. I am still amazed at how clear those exit signs are! Essentially what seeing is is done by the brain and you have to get all your sh#t out of the way. The eyes simply focus attention and you let the brain soak it up. I suppose the brain and eyes have to be relaxed at the same time. You have to be able to chew gum and walk at the same time. If I'm uptight and not seeing well, I go in there (inside my brain) and relax it - just let it go, my brain goes snap, crackle, and pop, and I can see again. It's as simple as that. Yeah, I liked Rice Crispies too.

Here's an experiment for those that have done the goods. I enjoy looking at those 3D stereogram posters. I wonder if people that have done psychedelics find them easier to do than people that have not done LSD etc. In fact, the Magic Eye 3D company has a book on improving vision. I find that looking at the images brings my mind to a relaxed state if it is not already there. Here is a link to one image. I don't really have to try to see them - they happen as soon as they hit the screen pretty much - after I'm warmed up. There are plenty of others out there;

I can certainly say much more about my psychedelic experiences! One of the big things was seeing how what we call time is not linear. It's very difficult to describe and many times I'm happy just to remember that I experienced it. One way to see it is in realizing that everything that happens in the world happens at the exact same moment and the moment is something else again! Geez, I sound high, but that's the reality of this thread. Doing LSD was one of the most important things I ever did. If I did it when I was younger I may have never climbed El Cap and I may have spent more time in school, but whatever, Reality is one very Grandiose thing! Viva the Universe!

I don't follow the research but it gives me hope just to see that it's happening. These drugs saved our world and generation. Here's something I grabbed off the net;
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