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Ice climber
Pomfert VT
Feb 11, 2014 - 07:19pm PT
Whatever works for you is fine by me but keep your pompus bullshit to yourselfs. Pretty fcked up when the AA crowd judges me and declares that I must not of really been an alchoholic if i was able to quit on my own without being part of their program.. Got news for you sunshine. I have accomplished many things in this life that many if not most people could not pull off. Of course millions of other folks have accomplished things that I could not. As much as we are all the same we are all different.

Trad climber
Feb 11, 2014 - 09:37pm PT
Tradmanclimbs -I have no doubt whatsoever that you are an alcoholic. I never suggested you weren't...sunshine!

Because a write of an article(who doesn't mention actually have been an alcoholic, or even having attended open AA meetings) writes that AA'ers say someone who is able to quit on their own "must not really be an alcoholic" is blarney. Nowhere in the Big Book does it infer such a thing, nor anywhere in AA literature published since.

For sure, there are probably alcoholics in AA who would spout that sort of blather, but that would be their personal opinion and nothing more, and you know what they say about opinions.... (Or, as is said in the rooms of AA: "Some are sicker than others" - which is usually said in jest, by the way).


Boulder climber
I'm James Brown, Bi-atch!
Feb 11, 2014 - 10:11pm PT
AA works but not or everybody,

95 percent leave before 90 days,

of those, 95 percent leave before 2 years,

maybe a lot of those who drop out remain sober, maybe not,

most of the people who come in on the blue light special do not return,

so 1 in 400 make it to 2 years, if they do make it to 2 years, then they tend to stay sober a long time,

you have to find a group that is good for you as anyone can attend, all it takes is one goofball to turn people off, and there is not much you can do to shut them up so you find another meeting,

so get what you can and leave the rest, helps me out, on my way to an 8 oclocker, free cofee, sometimes cake and cookies, and some cool people that i like,


Trad climber
South Lake Tahoe, CA
Feb 11, 2014 - 11:44pm PT
Only people who have been to 3 or less meetings give a rats ass about what everyone outside of the program gets all up in arms over. I got a tip for you.... It's the community. These programs allow you to surround yourself with others like you who also want to be well and provides some structure and some sort of direction for the previously directionless and hopeless. No one comes into aa high fiving their friends. For most, it's a demoralizing end of the road. But some get better and there is no better feeling than helping another crawl out of that shitty pit of hell you were once in yourself.

Trad climber
Las Vegas, NV.
Feb 12, 2014 - 09:56pm PT
Two days away from 14 years. One day at a time. For those still suffering, please keep up the fight. It works if you work it.

Trad climber
Feb 12, 2014 - 10:15pm PT
Happy Valentine's...err 14 years Sober Day!

Trad climber
dancin on the tip of god's middle finger
Mar 1, 2014 - 07:31am PT
i've experienced a few wet dreams, of late.
ones where i give the shaft to sobriety
and frolic in the foam of a good draught.

the first pint always feels good,
the second one showers me with guilt,
and i'm upset, in my dream,
that i'll have to tell my wife that i spilt beer down my gob.

i'm about 6 months deep in this
sucker hole of reality.
i was probing around in the dark,
trying to find a soft place to park,
for it was cold and lonely and overly dramatic, out there.
i should have waited for light before committing
to absolute clarity,
but now here i find myself,
still lonely, overly-dramatic and broke; underinspired.
but fvck it. right. fvck that false hole,
i'm gone and i'm right here at the same time,
kinda torn between existences.
since i'm my own design,
i assigned myself a proper modulus of elasticity,
which quantifies a resistance to bending.
mine is, rightfully, quite low.

yesterday i was at the pub with my daughters
and i had a good bottle of n.a.,
they had gelato.

the fine gals around me were having the perfect.
pints, good shares, laughter, social shine, and big smiles.
i shared in their conversation, and i felt a tinge of yearning for the pint.

but overall, this has been quite enjoyable.
the emotional glissades are still there,
but i've found other ways to jumar back up my hope-rope
that don't leave me with a sideways glance and hung over.

i'm excited about the potential beer that i'll crack
on my 40th, next october, closing a sober year.

Mar 1, 2014 - 08:31am PT
Nice Weeg.


Social climber
Joshua Tree
Mar 2, 2014 - 01:57pm PT
So I go to the Banff film fest the other night.

At intermission, they do a door prize drawing. About 4 different prizes they draw for. I tell my friends, "I never win these things, have never won one anywhere". So the last prize they draw is a growler with some free fill-ups from a Redlands microbrewery. I lean over tell buddy "watch this, I don't drink, never win these things...5:1 they draw my number"

"I'm gonna win"
"You've got to be shitting me, I'm going to win"

Yes, I won the beer. WTF?!
Friends I went with don't drink either. Plenty of people from my climbing gym were in attendance, so I passed it off to a friend once the thing was over. Kept the brewery t-shirt though, a man can never have too many t-shirts.


Trad climber
dancin on the tip of god's middle finger
Apr 1, 2014 - 10:13am PT
i'm calling it my seven month milestone.
it is merely a coincidence that today is april fools,

so this morning i asked my wife for an appropriate gift:

me: "will you drink a coors light so i can steal a nip?"
she: "no, i don't want a beer right now (it's 7:00 am)."

me: "where's the love?"

so i'm dry.

5 months until my 1-year goal is complete.
i'm kinda excited to lip up to that can of real.

Social climber
Joshua Tree
Apr 1, 2014 - 10:54am PT
Four years, just last week.


The Granite State.
Apr 7, 2014 - 09:16pm PT
So, it's Monday night. I don't have to work tomorrow and I've decided that I want to drink to the point of being buzzed, tonight.
When I found out that I'd have tonight to myself I thought, 'Sweet, I can have a cocktail.' {total red flag, if you ever want to find one}
Well, I'm doing it right now, and it feels shitty, like I'm just going through the motions and getting nothing back in return.
I'm listening to Bob Marley preach greatness, and I portray greatness when I can, but I am not a great man. I am a flawed man.
There are no more lies in our relationship, so I'm telling you that I'm f*#king up tonight.
I'm not getting wasted, but I've got a little buzz.
Tomorrow I'll wake and accomplish things on my list, but I'm slipping a little bit tonight. It's not indicative of anything larger, but I want to be super honest with you.
I've found a space in my being that is all love, and it is so damn good. You've been the impetus for so much of my change.
I'm telling this to you because I care about us.
I've quit drinking for both of us, but I'm falling back on old habits tonight, three beers, bad news.
I hope you can forgive me. I did what I said I wouldn't do.
I love you.


Trad climber
Less than a second shy of 49 minutes
Apr 7, 2014 - 09:21pm PT
Brandon, who are you quoting?

The Granite State.
Apr 7, 2014 - 09:24pm PT
I wrote that to the woman I love.

It's such a struggle, now that I have someone else in my life.

It's easy when she's around, but I give in to addiction more often than I should when I'm alone.
SC seagoat

Trad climber
Santa Cruz CA
Apr 7, 2014 - 09:32pm PT
Brandon, think of the views from Cone Peak we were just e-chatting about. Substitute those memories for the beer....and forgive yourself for the relapse...


Apr 7, 2014 - 09:37pm PT
Yikes man just stop now,

This only has to be as bad as you make it.

If you stop with this three beers and having had written this letter regardless of how she reacts you don't have many pieces to pick up at this point if any,

Worse case move out, find your own place, learn to get used to being alone again and make sure you don't drink. Sure that might be a sh#t ton of work and you can't see from here how to get there from where you stand now but its nothing like the damage a full on bender will create,.

It can get much much worse real quick and chances are will. Nothing quite sucks like picking yourself up off the ground when nothing is left, there is no where to turn and not a soul willing to help and or wants anything to do with you.

That sh#t takes years to rebuild from. This "what you are dealing with now" drinking a few beers, hurts like the hurt everyone has to deal with that does not self medicate. You back peddle out real easy still.

A few beers, cut yourself some slack. Get up tomorrow figure out what is not right in your life enough to motivate you to pick up and start walking in the opposite direction of it and don't look back.

If you hesitate you could end up f*#ked real fast. If you just don't drink again this can be a little tiny blip in the grand scheme of things..
Flip Flop

Trad climber
Truckee, CA
Apr 7, 2014 - 09:55pm PT
Man the custody battle really changed my drinking habit. I've been a 1-3 beers 3-4 nights a week drinker forever. Social beers. Big euro guy with no DUI's. I don't like being drunk. For the first time ever, and for a year now, I think about beer every day. That's probably bad. I'm just heartbroken and miss my kid and really want a break from the hurting most evenings. I'm uncomfortable with the new normal. I should take a long walk and clear my head. Jail is the other real possibility as I've been served with an arrest warrant by my baby mama. Dark days.

Apr 7, 2014 - 10:02pm PT
Hope you guys are just f*#king around,

I would think if you know enough to worry about a few drinks you dam well know the difference between a momentary lapse in judgment and being scrapped off the ground and dumped in detox.

The later you pay the price for and feel the pain for years, the prior hurts now but subsides in hours, days, weeks, worse case months.

Putting yourself back together after you let everything go is a big f*#king job!

Wishing you both the best.

Social climber
Joshua Tree
Apr 7, 2014 - 10:17pm PT
Many ways to get a break fellas.

Occupy your time, tire yourself out. The gym works for me, but I grew up training in one kind of gym or another from about 13yo, so I feel at home in them and if I go after work, train til 8, drive home, cook dinner, eat...then it's bed time. No time for temptation.

Not a long term solution, but it can get you through some of the rougher spells.

Apr 7, 2014 - 11:23pm PT
Been sober about 6 years man,

Sadly not a substance known to man I have not had to kick at some point in time...
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