Did you have an "OUTDOOR UPBRINGING" ?


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Trad climber
San Diego, CA
Feb 1, 2013 - 12:04pm PT

Yep, Havasupai in the early 70's. What an incredible place.


Edit - Are those Chaco Cyn shots? maybe de Chelly? Chaco rules....

Trad climber
So Cal urban sprawl Hell
Feb 1, 2013 - 12:20pm PT
Credit: Karen

Every summer my family camped in the Sierra, namely Twin Lakes outside of Bridgeport. My Grandparents loved to fish, while they fished I would go explore. My Grandparents also camped along the coast at a place called, Faria-think that is how it's spelled-again it was all about the fishing.

My parents always were camping and exploring all over, from the Salton Sea, Joshua Tree, Dana Point (keeping in mind none of these areas were developed yet.

One summer (it was the year for me between 4th and 5th grade) we drove all the way up to Alaska, north of Fairbanks as far as we could drive the camper. We literally went everywhere you could drive up there. We ended up driving onto and taking the ferry back to St. George. That was cool, we slept in the camper then spent the days looking at the amazing scenery.

There is so much more but I will spare you. It is no wonder I totally love camping and exploring and have one a ton of it on my own, independent, never needed a partner, just would set out on my own. There's a world of beauty out there and I've never understood people who just laze around and don't get out there!!!

El Presidio San Augustin del Tucson
Topic Author's Reply - Feb 1, 2013 - 08:12pm PT
stahlbro, yes, Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley, Chaco Canyon, Bandolier, Sedona.
There's even one posted on a previous page of the hike into Havasupai.

Cool stories and pictures, folks!

My parents loved the Pueblos too.
Acoma, maybe?
Credit: drljefe

Once my dad bailed my mom and I continued exploring together.
Lago Chapala or Patzcuaro, can't remember, road tripping deep in Mexico.
Credit: drljefe

Credit: drljefe

Credit: drljefe

And I guess it all led up to this sorta thing
Credit: drljefe
my favorite ground up FA from last summer, High Pro Glow

and one of my favorite boulder problems, with my buddy giving his kids an outdoor upbringing
Credit: drljefe


Trad climber
the middle of CA
Feb 1, 2013 - 08:20pm PT
I love seeing pictures of people outside with their little kids. Cool thread, getting me excited for my first, due in May!

And yes I did, very much. No pics on my phone though.


Trad climber
Feb 1, 2013 - 08:27pm PT
Me and Mom. Yosemite Valley circa 1954. We would stay for weeks and months at a time...me, mom, Grandma Turner and my sister...along with assorted aunts, uncles and friends. My dad ran the Sherwin Williams paint store in Merced so he would come up on the weekends. We had the run of the place...just had to show up for dinner and the firefalls.
Credit: throwpie

from out where the anecdotes roam
Feb 1, 2013 - 08:40pm PT
out - where all the stuff that always was, pretty much still is

door - implies sanctuary, launching pad, base station, shelter place

up - harding was being cynical, up is where we drag our selves

bring - ok, folks made it possible technically

ing - and it goes on ... thankfully!

my folks, ya i owe 'em bigtime

Sport climber
Feb 1, 2013 - 08:55pm PT
Hiking, Camping, soccer, baseball, track and field.

Then I turned 12, was the boss of me. Skateboard, biked, weed and alcohol.

Then I turned 16 and started playing video games 20 hours a day for 5 years until I found rock climbing.

I was outdoors for 95% of the time in those video games if that counts.

right here, right now
Feb 2, 2013 - 07:40pm PT
Great thread idea!

Here's my favorite images so far:

El Jefe, this one belongs blown up and framed in your home!
Pretty much says it all.

East Side Underground:



right here, right now
Feb 2, 2013 - 09:50pm PT
Outdoor upbringing?
No, not in the conventional sense.

My old man toted a B.A.R. and a heavy pack up and down snow-covered hills during the Korean War. He swore he would never hike again. Claims he's a sociopath, says he was never happier than when he was killing gooks! What a bunch of BS! I kind of get what he means tho

I do have one very crisp memory outdoor with pops: I was four years old and he took me on a short day hike in the brush at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains above Arcadia California Showed me how to kick the sides of my feet into the off-camber dirt trail where it sloped down and away into the ravine. Slow and deliberate movement, self-reliance, route finding, balance, technique: it's all in there in that one experience!

He took me to the sports car races a lot and left me to my own devices: so I was outside at Riverside Internationa l Raceway, pedaling around on my Schwinn stingray out in the dirt under the hot sun, watching big bore sports cars battle it out and not very far from Mt. Rubidoux in fact. That was kind of an outdoor experience on steroids.

But as kids we were outside all the time, what with it being a 60s and all. My boyhood pal and I grew up more or less as brothers at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. At 9 years of age we were doing long day hikes without supervision. By 13 we were teaching ourselves how to rock climb.

Hard to say if it's in our family blood to be ... outside.
If there's any link, it'd be traceable only as epigenetic.

Yosemite Valley, 1931, taken by my father's adoptive parents:


Mountain climber
Olympia, WA
Feb 2, 2013 - 10:40pm PT
I was truly blessed with the most perfect start to the outdoors - Tuolumne Meadows was our family vacation spot, as it is today. Looking over these antique pictures is a bit startling!

Credit: TMJesse

Credit: TMJesse

Lake Tenaya
Lake Tenaya
Credit: TMJesse

Headed back to camp from the store.  Could be 2012, but was 50 years p...
Headed back to camp from the store. Could be 2012, but was 50 years previous.
Credit: TMJesse

Just the start of a long family tradition
Just the start of a long family tradition
Credit: TMJesse

to see today's updates, see:

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