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Bhatoba Pinnacle in a Day (PIAD)
by SunnyJamshedji
565 May 12, 2014 2
Trip to Ciampino (Italy) - Click for details
 Trip to Ciampino (Italy)
Hi, recently I found a little crag near Rome (half on our from the city center) that is very pretty but not as little as it seems You may find info on: https...

by Arg0n4th
569 Dec 22, 2015 1
Wetterstein Range - some "sport" routes for short days - Click for details
 Wetterstein Range - some "sport" routes for short days after a nice climbing Friday with Mario and Christian today i retu...

by stefano607518
570 Nov 15, 2014 2
1 new partner, 2x the fun, 3 crags, and 4 routes - Click for details
 1 new partner, 2x the fun, 3 crags, and 4 routes
Politics? Meh. Work? Ha! Errands and responsibilities at home? Blew 'em off, with the wife's blessing, naturally. It's been a while since I have been given the go-ahead f...

by jonnyrig
576 Jul 04, 2016 5
small granite BUT good granite - the Swiss Graübunden area - Click for details
 small granite BUT good granite - the Swiss GraŘbunden area ...

by stefano607518
583 Jul 29, 2014 5
North East Ridge of Bugaboo Spire - 25 Years Ago
by Crump
585 Apr 21, 2015 3
Micro Mini TR from Tmds - Click for details
 Micro Mini TR from Tmds
A super short TR to have an excuse to show two photos. Zipped to Tuolumne with my daughter for a rainy few days. The wettest day we headed to Mono Lake We fo...

by Mike Bolte
604 Jul 14, 2015 4
a little road trip in Sardinia - Click for details
 a little road trip in Sardinia
as we just back, here some pics and a couple of descriptive paragraphs... some sport, some trad, loads of food and too much wine ;-) somehow a known story.... ...

by stefano607518
606 Apr 28, 2016 8
Tres escaladores mas tonto que todo en "La Cierta Edad" Red Rock 5.10 - Redux
by HighTraverse
612 Jul 28, 2014 5
No climbing but there are desert photos if you're bored
by Travis Haussener
615 May 26, 2014 5
Regular Route on Fairview Dome with a new friend
by jromma
615 Sep 01, 2016 3
Arch Stack, Donegal, Ireland
by Donegal Sea Stacks
619 Sep 25, 2012 2
supersummer in the Alps so far...the usual pics and report - Click for details
 supersummer in the Alps so far...the usual pics and report this summer has been pretty good i had some time to take off .as usual some detaile or not so detailed (depend on the pics vs word ratio) reports belo...

by stefano607518
621 Sep 08, 2016 16
Arco and Sarca Valley  "summer" days - Click for details
 Arco and Sarca Valley "summer" days
Winter seems so far away...some good days here in Italy. Loads of Pizzas and Gelatos meanwhile ;-)

by stefano607518
623 May 12, 2015 2
Where is the start?
by jfa
631 Apr 17, 2015 2
The Flakes - MCR, May 27, 2016 - Click for details
 The Flakes - MCR, May 27, 2016
I had to be in Turlock at 6:45 for a graduation. Our plan was to hustle up the "six pitches" of The Flakes, boogie down and do Overhang Bypass on LCR, boogie down to the mead...

by Burnin' Oil
633 Jun 01, 2016 10
Ireland's Highest free standing tower
by Donegal Sea Stacks
636 Sep 25, 2012 2
Pikers Peak Classic
by T Hocking
637 Jan 22, 2013 7
Visiting My Old Friend Stonewall - Click for details
 Visiting My Old Friend Stonewall
The following trip report is posted in its entirety - feel free to check out my blog for more like it! I guess the earliest memory I have is sitting in the front ya...

by GDavis
639 Dec 03, 2013 3
Tahquitz Lookout after a Storm
by GDavis
642 Aug 06, 2013 3
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