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Austria - two routes in the Karwendel range - Click for details
 Austria - two routes in the Karwendel range
as it got quite warm and humid recently in Austria, with some friends i opted for some north facing climbing in the Karwendel range (very close to Innsbruck and very very...

by stefano607518
573 Jun 07, 2015 3
Bhatoba Pinnacle in a Day (PIAD)
by SunnyJamshedji
574 May 12, 2014 2
My Favorite Phoenix 5.9 - Click for details
 My Favorite Phoenix 5.9
The Y Crack - 5.9 Pinnacle Peak - The Y Crack Boulder If you are new to rock climbing, you probably have numerous questions swirling around your head, like cl...

by myers1210
577 Apr 01, 2016 7
Wetterstein Range - some "sport" routes for short days - Click for details
 Wetterstein Range - some "sport" routes for short days after a nice climbing Friday with Mario and Christian today i retu...

by stefano607518
579 Nov 15, 2014 2
North East Ridge of Bugaboo Spire - 25 Years Ago
by Crump
588 Apr 21, 2015 3
Trip to Ciampino (Italy) - Click for details
 Trip to Ciampino (Italy)
Hi, recently I found a little crag near Rome (half on our from the city center) that is very pretty but not as little as it seems You may find info on: https...

by Arg0n4th
591 Dec 22, 2015 1
small granite BUT good granite - the Swiss Graübunden area - Click for details
 small granite BUT good granite - the Swiss GraŘbunden area ...

by stefano607518
593 Jul 29, 2014 5
1 new partner, 2x the fun, 3 crags, and 4 routes - Click for details
 1 new partner, 2x the fun, 3 crags, and 4 routes
Politics? Meh. Work? Ha! Errands and responsibilities at home? Blew 'em off, with the wife's blessing, naturally. It's been a while since I have been given the go-ahead f...

by jonnyrig
595 Jul 04, 2016 5
Micro Mini TR from Tmds - Click for details
 Micro Mini TR from Tmds
A super short TR to have an excuse to show two photos. Zipped to Tuolumne with my daughter for a rainy few days. The wettest day we headed to Mono Lake We fo...

by Mike Bolte
621 Jul 14, 2015 4
Arch Stack, Donegal, Ireland
by Donegal Sea Stacks
624 Sep 25, 2012 2
No climbing but there are desert photos if you're bored
by Travis Haussener
625 May 26, 2014 5
Tres escaladores mas tonto que todo en "La Cierta Edad" Red Rock 5.10 - Redux
by HighTraverse
627 Jul 28, 2014 5
Arco and Sarca Valley  "summer" days - Click for details
 Arco and Sarca Valley "summer" days
Winter seems so far away...some good days here in Italy. Loads of Pizzas and Gelatos meanwhile ;-)

by stefano607518
638 May 12, 2015 2
Pikers Peak Classic
by T Hocking
642 Jan 22, 2013 7
Where is the start?
by jfa
642 Apr 17, 2015 2
2014-02 Winter Break Eastern Sierra + Death Valley
by NutAgain!
643 Oct 25, 2016 16
Ireland's Highest free standing tower
by Donegal Sea Stacks
647 Sep 25, 2012 2
Tahquitz Lookout after a Storm
by GDavis
649 Aug 06, 2013 3
a little road trip in Sardinia - Click for details
 a little road trip in Sardinia
as we just back, here some pics and a couple of descriptive paragraphs... some sport, some trad, loads of food and too much wine ;-) somehow a known story.... ...

by stefano607518
649 Apr 28, 2016 8
Regular Route on Fairview Dome with a new friend
by jromma
654 Sep 01, 2016 3
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