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Busted....On Bastille. - Click for details
 Busted....On Bastille.

by Myles Moser
3,483 Nov 04, 2014 38
Ho Chi Minh Trail: The Journey - Click for details
 Ho Chi Minh Trail: The Journey
It was the best long multi-pitch free climb I have ever done. Better than Beckey-Choinard in my honest opinion. Any 5.10 leader who enjoys mixed climbing and long routes shoul...

by Vitaliy M.
4,552 Nov 04, 2014 53
Desert Shield, Zion National Park, Trip Report - Click for details
 Desert Shield, Zion National Park, Trip Report
There’s a reason not many people climb in Zion in December: “Its cold out there!” They understand average route gets less than 5 hours of sun a day and temperatures in t...

by Chris McNamara
1,869 Nov 04, 2014 20
Middle Cathedral Rock--1974 - Click for details
 Middle Cathedral Rock--1974
Jim Shirley, Cowboy Larry Moore, Mouse. Late spring, on the East Buttress of Model California Rock. Both these guys were best men at my weddings! Larry is in an ash...

by mouse from merced
2,791 Nov 04, 2014 52
MARK & FRITZ'S  "BIG"  MT. FAY, 1978:   CANADIAN ADVENTURE! - Click for details
My stay on top of the Cadillac-size boulder, that we both assumed was bedrock, or at least damned solid: was very brief. As I stood there, catching my breath: the boulder ro...

by Fritz
1,929 Nov 04, 2014 36
The Sphinx (9,146 ft) - Cotton Mouth Khafra (FA) 1800 ft, 5.11-
by Vitaliy M.
2,558 Nov 04, 2014 47
Climbing the Elb river.  Elbsandsteingebirge - Click for details
 Climbing the Elb river. Elbsandsteingebirge
Elbsandsteingebirge Saxony of the former “East Germany” had the first bolt chopping wars. Early climber consensus degreed a maximum of three rings per route, but in 1936 Will...

by steven Curtis
1,564 Nov 04, 2014 41
Smoke and Flames--Touron from Merced - Click for details
 Smoke and Flames--Touron from Merced
One morning, I woke up, and....Rejoice! Rejoice! Where are you going now, Mr. Mouse? What you do, what you see, Sooo depends on where you go, don’t it? Tryin’ my bes...

by mouse from merced
757 Nov 04, 2014 16
The First Ascent of the Needle's Eye - Click for details
 The First Ascent of the Needle's Eye
In the spirit of living---or at least not entirely dead---history at SuperT, I offer the following reminiscence of an epic adventure a long time ago. The original post,...

by rgold
6,579 Nov 04, 2014 50
Sarca Valley - Arco.... 3 autumn classics - Click for details
 Sarca Valley - Arco.... 3 autumn classics Italy - Arco - Climbing... Three days of incredible sun in Arco, three no bolts routes, thre...

by stefano607518
717 Nov 03, 2014 3
Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby - Click for details
 Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby
"ROPE!" Almost two hundred feet of rope satisfyingly spirals cleanly to the deck below.  I hope they heard me underneath, but either way Lloyd should be wearing a h...

by GDavis
1,401 Nov 02, 2014 20
Spire 4 - Click for details
 Spire 4
I am showing my son how to post a TR. We will work on it for the next couple of days. We went to far up the wrong way, but we still stopped to look at the Gill arrow. This ...

by mike m
7,567 Nov 01, 2014 122
Silk Road to the Karakoram Highway, a Cal Domes mega-classic!!! - Click for details
 Silk Road to the Karakoram Highway, a Cal Domes mega-classic!!!
Late in August isn't really the time of year when one thinks about climbing at Calaveras Domes, but the weather was holding in the low 90's and that long drive to the Valley j...

by Salamanizer
5,563 Nov 01, 2014 92
Ain't Skeerd:  A Halloween TR on The Nutscracker - Click for details
 Ain't Skeerd: A Halloween TR on The Nutscracker
Its Dark. I mean reely dark. Like two days before Halloween dark. So dark I can smell myself. And cold. Me and Jr. are rackin' up in the pick-o-nick parking lot un...

by micronut
5,039 Oct 31, 2014 38
Cathedrals Travers
by Clarke Brogger
721 Oct 30, 2014 5
Hall of Mirrors weekend 9/27-29, 2014 - Click for details
 Hall of Mirrors weekend 9/27-29, 2014
I've been wanting to spend some time on Hall of Mirrors for a while, but I couldn't convince any of my friends to join me even though it's the best slab climb in the world ...

by AlanDoak
1,282 Oct 29, 2014 35
Pyramid Peak:  Paul Ryan’s “Favorite Fourteener” or Fitness Fable? - Click for details
 Pyramid Peak: Paul Ryan’s “Favorite Fourteener” or Fitness Fable?
I was in Aspen for work recently, when it occurred to me that I might get away and hike something in the high peaks to get some cardiovascular exercise. From near town, ...

by Rick A
8,544 Oct 29, 2014 138
Sandra and Big Mike's Formerly **LIVE** Facelift Odyssey!!!
by Big Mike
8,510 Oct 29, 2014 241
Snake Dike by Moonlight - Click for details
 Snake Dike by Moonlight
Snake Dike by Moonlight My 15 year old son Dylan, and I. along with Andy Puhvel Oct 11th, 2014 The entire event from car door to car door took 30 hours (3 PM Sat.- ...

581 Oct 29, 2014 4
Kor/Ingalls Castleton Tower 5.9 - Click for details
 Kor/Ingalls Castleton Tower 5.9
The plan was to drive out to Castle Valley and camp out to get an early start. I didn't get my sh#t together and the thought of sleeping in my bed sounded more appealing. ...

by The Larry
2,998 Oct 28, 2014 54
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