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Lizard Head in Winter with Charlie Pitts - Click for details
 Lizard Head in Winter with Charlie Pitts
Lizard Head Peak is the hardest summit to attain in the state according to the classic Ormes guide to the Colorado Rockies. Insofar as this refers to the summit of a peak, th...

by Nick Danger
321 Apr 10, 2017 3
Lotus Flower Tower 2016 - Click for details
 Lotus Flower Tower 2016
Thought this might come in useful for anyone planning a trip to the cirque this year.

by jaddles
1,646 Apr 09, 2017 27
An Absurd Obsession, the north face of Blanca Peak - Click for details
 An Absurd Obsession, the north face of Blanca Peak
When you tip at windmills, sometimes the windmill wins. For much of my mountaineering life I have been obsessed with the north face of Blanca Peak in the Sangre de Cristo Mou...

by Nick Danger
1,476 Apr 05, 2017 12
Middle Teton – a Love Story - Click for details
 Middle Teton – a Love Story
There is no question that Grand Teton is the grandest mountain in the Teton Range. That being said, Middle Teton has been for me over the years, like little baby bear’s porr...

by Nick Danger
937 Apr 05, 2017 15
Jeef - Click for details
Jeef is a well known route in Corsica, established by the Petit brothers in honor of their friend Jeef who died climbing the Dru. While climbing it I couldn't help but think h...

by Timus
501 Apr 02, 2017 4
Ozymandias Direct, Mt. Buffalo Australia - Click for details
 Ozymandias Direct, Mt. Buffalo Australia
Australia's iconic big wall, The North Wall (south facing, so little sunshine in these antipodes) is the longest section of cliff of Mt. Buffalo, about 1000 feet of ve...

by deuce4
2,415 Apr 02, 2017 29
The Column all to ourselves! - Click for details
 The Column all to ourselves!
Before you read this trip report, read this: Always follow the rules and ethics of Yosemite climbing, pack out your trash, including you poop, always climb like there is a par...

by Wannabeclimber
3,023 Apr 01, 2017 25
Wind River Mountains with Jimmie - Click for details
 Wind River Mountains with Jimmie
Cirque of the Towers – the name just has a romance about it. To us Gunnisonites it was like the lost city of gold or the fabled fountain of youth, and we were drawn to it in ...

by Nick Danger
1,387 Mar 31, 2017 18
Hesitant Laughter! The first ascent of the Funnybone! - Click for details
 Hesitant Laughter! The first ascent of the Funnybone!
Oh dear. At the very top of the headwall on the Funnybone, a seedy 60-foot rhyolite spire in the middle of nowhere in Idaho, the next move onto the top seemed to be a flying ...

by Woody the Beaver
2,074 Mar 31, 2017 24
Solstice at Tom's Thumb - Click for details
 Solstice at Tom's Thumb
Dates: June 20 and 21, 2013. To Thompson Peak, Tom's Thumb (Cannabis Crag). http://www.m...

by mouse from merced
1,655 Mar 26, 2017 14
The Grand Traverse August 2011 - Click for details
 The Grand Traverse August 2011
I’ve done a descent amount of rock climbing over the years, but have never really branched out into the alpine category. I began thinking about it and realized that I have...

by Pcutler
5,172 Mar 24, 2017 40
Team Dad Descends upon The Needles - Click for details
 Team Dad Descends upon The Needles
This time last year Mr. D and I both became first time fathers. Being a new parent, it turns out, is a piece of cake. They are cute and awesome and joyful, and instinct carrie...

by snowhazed
1,453 Mar 17, 2017 22
This is a little old but hopefully helpful to some people looking for info on a first time Yosemite trip or trying to do the nose and half dome for the first time. https://j...

by jaddles
1,865 Mar 16, 2017 12
Solo trip on the San Rafael River - Click for details
 Solo trip on the San Rafael River
Supertacoistas, just to show that I can do more than merely sit in my rocking chair and reminisce about the hero I once pretended to be, here is a little dittie I did just a c...

by Nick Danger
1,689 Mar 16, 2017 35
2017-02 Saline Valley Wall and Thereabouts
by NutAgain!
1,472 Mar 15, 2017 39
Falling in Vegas
by steven Curtis
2,334 Mar 12, 2017 19
A lass solo on Zodiac - Click for details
 A lass solo on Zodiac
Before I started my Partner said: When you finally start climbing you’ll understand that there is just you and your route and on the summit, you will be a different pe...

by magda_o
8,730 Mar 04, 2017 70
A Month in the Desert - Moab, Cochise, Indian Creek, Red Rocks - Click for details
 A Month in the Desert - Moab, Cochise, Indian Creek, Red Rocks
This is my first TR on Supertaco, so go easy! My wife, Kristin, and I recently returned from a month long road trip to the Desert Southwest. With winter closing in and the s...

by Winter
6,827 Mar 03, 2017 41
A bit of water ice on Mt. Morrison on June 8, 2011 - Click for details
 A bit of water ice on Mt. Morrison on June 8, 2011
Water ice was recently spotted and climbed for the first time in years in the Mendenhall Couloir (also called the Northwest Couloir, Y Couloir, and other names) on Mou...

by BMcC
6,132 Mar 02, 2017 43
Barre des Écrins - Butterflies and Brocken spectres! - Click for details
 Barre des Écrins - Butterflies and Brocken spectres!
Warm greetings SuperTopoist's from a stormy Doris Day in the UK! Here's a wee offering to hopefully brighten up your day and a short vid from a trip a couple of sum...

by Bald Eagle
1,251 Mar 02, 2017 23
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