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TR 1990-07 My First Worst Climbing Mistake in the USSR
by nutjob
1,642 Apr 14, 2015 20
Desert Splits - Click for details
 Desert Splits
Got away for a quicky this weekend with my buddy Joey who's made an appearance in my previous Desert Shield tr. This was my 3rd trip to the dez in 3 weeks so I was finally abl...

by Grippa
534 Apr 14, 2015 16
New Routes in the Southern Sierra, Old School Style! - Click for details
 New Routes in the Southern Sierra, Old School Style!
Edit: I just posted this and it looks way too long, sorry, I like pictures!!! I rarely get to climb twice in the same week, much less luck out with two fun potentially n...

by limpingcrab
3,937 Apr 14, 2015 68
Middle Cathedral Rock--1974 - Click for details
 Middle Cathedral Rock--1974
Jim Shirley, Cowboy Larry Moore, Mouse. Late spring, on the East Buttress of Model California Rock. Both these guys were best men at my weddings! Larry is in an ash...

by mouse from merced
3,187 Apr 14, 2015 55
north buttress middle Cathedral - Click for details
 north buttress middle Cathedral
I did the North Buttress of the Middle Cathedral with a friend, a year ago....

by pitu
553 Apr 13, 2015 9
Yosemite Valley - Chingando trip report - Click for details
 Yosemite Valley - Chingando trip report
In the 1994 "Yosesmite Climbs" guide by Don Reid on page 74 the climb Chingando 5.10a has the notation "Part of the Hardman Offwidth Training Circuit." I have looked and this ...

by Ed Hartouni
2,591 Apr 13, 2015 63
Superbalance (Polar Sun Spire, Baffin Island, April-May 2012) - Click for details
 Superbalance (Polar Sun Spire, Baffin Island, April-May 2012)
You can say that Zodiac is a piece of cake, but I was so proud, when I alone topped out in October 2006. I felt a certain calm contentment after my first climb in Yo thinking ...

by Regan
18,151 Apr 13, 2015 178
TR 2011-02 Parkline Slabs - Click for details
 TR 2011-02 Parkline Slabs
I promised this TR soon after we did it, then life got in the way... Our typical valley trip is a late night drive, not enough sleep, pre-dawn start, and charge til we dr...

by nutjob
3,500 Apr 13, 2015 21
TR 2011-09-011 Rainy Day Adventures in the Valley - Click for details
 TR 2011-09-011 Rainy Day Adventures in the Valley
The weather forecast put the kibosh on our planned grudge match with Geek Tower. We got to the valley late Sunday morning, imagining some play on the Gollum hiding out from th...

by nutjob
1,621 Apr 13, 2015 27
The First Vedauwoo Sushifest - Click for details
 The First Vedauwoo Sushifest
D'oh put this in the wrong place first..... The Vedauwoo Sushifest; -A Firemonkey’s journey east, to the Wild West. I was out, it was grim, then things began...

by Jaybro
2,471 Apr 13, 2015 27
First Grateful Dead Show
by Flip Flop
554 Apr 12, 2015 28
Moonlight Buttress and Zion - Click for details
 Moonlight Buttress and Zion
Curt and I had not seen or heard from each other in over 20 years. We used to climb togeth...

by Batrock
1,623 Apr 12, 2015 19
A Deto first time - Click for details
 A Deto first time
My sixteen yr old daughter Natalie has been climbing longer than she can remember. inside and out, but neveer anything 'big.' So, when a hurried weekend trip to NE Wyo...

by Jaybro
1,584 Apr 12, 2015 72
Hesitant Laughter! The first ascent of the Funnybone! - Click for details
 Hesitant Laughter! The first ascent of the Funnybone!
Oh dear. At the very top of the headwall on the Funnybone, a seedy 60-foot rhyolite spire in the middle of nowhere in Idaho, the next move onto the top seemed to be a flying ...

by Woody the Beaver
1,075 Apr 12, 2015 20
Yosemite Point Buttress, 'Direct' (IV, 5.9+, 14P) - Click for details
 Yosemite Point Buttress, 'Direct' (IV, 5.9+, 14P)
I prepped myself for leading all of the cruxy wide on this climb by sleeping 3 hours, puking up breakfast on the RR of Sunnyside Bench (off-route, don't worry), ...

by PellucidWombat
5,201 Apr 12, 2015 58
Yosemite Hoop Dance - Click for details
 Yosemite Hoop Dance
Hi, y'all I had the chance to go to Yosemite with a total novice. It's a fun story. I was at Lover's Point in Pacific Grove. I go there to boulder. It's a small poi...

by Flip Flop
761 Apr 12, 2015 20
The Idiots Guide To Descending Lone Pine Peak - Click for details
 The Idiots Guide To Descending Lone Pine Peak
"The Reverse South Face" ** Grade IV, Class 3, A0 First Known Winter Nighttime Descent: March 16/17, 2009 Dirtbag Vic and Crass Kras. Gear: The crux pitches ...

by drc
3,754 Apr 12, 2015 94
CA Winter - The New Spring
by Vitaliy M.
1,794 Apr 12, 2015 25
NE Butt of Higher Cathedral - Click for details
 NE Butt of Higher Cathedral
I've often heard the NEBoHC referred to as a benchmark to measure one's readiness for many of the long and burly routes in the Valley. I've also often heard that the rou...

by PellucidWombat
2,955 Apr 12, 2015 22
No Country For Old Men, A Question Of Desire, Red Rock, 2012 - Click for details
 No Country For Old Men, A Question Of Desire, Red Rock, 2012
The color glossy brochure from the Old Man Fantasy Climbing Club showed us floating effortlessly up endless stretches of stunning red, pink and brown sandstone. There we...

by survival
3,917 Apr 12, 2015 81
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