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King Swing lowerout (very simple tutorial) - Click for details
 King Swing lowerout (very simple tutorial)
I'm going to shoot some video of this and get some more photos but wanted to try to explain it simply to see what people connect with and what parts need more work. So this is...

by Nanook
4,243 Jun 15, 2009 34
A visit to Calaveras Dome/Hidden Wall (Pics) - Click for details
 A visit to Calaveras Dome/Hidden Wall (Pics)
I live here in Bear Valley, about a 45 min drive to the top of Cal dome on the forest roads. I have never been there before and decided to go for a recon mission yesterday and...

by Eric McAuliffe
2,026 Jun 15, 2009 25
Cathedral Peak TR - Click for details
 Cathedral Peak TR
I'd only done Cathedral Peak's SE Buttress once before, in August 2006. My intent was to do it again in 2007, but instead I wrecked my car on the way up (late night + dee...

by rhyang
2,297 Jun 29, 2009 22
Photo essay, Cascade winter climbing '09 - Click for details
 Photo essay, Cascade winter climbing '09
I thought some here might enjoy a look at a tiny bit of our exceptional '09 season in the NW. Ice everywhere with low avi very unusual! Grass, trees, moss, dirt a...

by RDB
1,066 Jun 30, 2009 39
Olton's Shoulder TR - Click for details
 Olton's Shoulder TR
We made a trip to Mt Rushmore 07-12-09 to climb Olton's Shoulder. This is an uber classic climb where in 1937 Fritz Weissner stood on Percy Olton's shoulders to begin the...

by the museum
964 Jul 12, 2009 4
Northwest Books (TR) - Click for details
 Northwest Books (TR)
I know, I know, a TR about a 5.6 climb is kinda weak but I'm gonna tell it anyway. All my usual partners were injured or busy but a German buddy of mine hadn't ever been to Tu...

by bluering
1,667 Jul 14, 2009 54
A Tuolumne TR : Matthes Crest, Holdless Horror, NW Books - Click for details
 A Tuolumne TR : Matthes Crest, Holdless Horror, NW Books
It was another fine weekend in Tuolumne Meadows. Saturday at around 6-ish I and my friend Matthew started on our way to Matthes Crest. It was breezy and cool, with some clou...

by rhyang
1,269 Jul 15, 2009 18
Second Ascent of Nataraj on North Dome TR IV 10b A0 13 pitch
by Karl Baba
1,033 Jul 22, 2009 47
Mont Blanc and TDF Trip Report - Click for details
 Mont Blanc and TDF Trip Report
With my time in Italia is getting shorter and shorter and the list of things to do getting longer and longer, I wanted to nail down some dates to climb the 3 Monts route on Mo...

by ThomasKeefer
1,325 Jul 24, 2009 23
TR - Leaning Tower : Wet Denim Daydream 6-21-09 - Click for details
 TR - Leaning Tower : Wet Denim Daydream 6-21-09
My partner on this trip had a good saying about walls: "Wall climbing is long periods of boredom interspersed with moments of terror." For a flash slideshow click here: ...

by Grahm Doe
2,462 Jul 27, 2009 16
Climbing SD with my boy, TR, lots of photos - Click for details
 Climbing SD with my boy, TR, lots of photos
This is a trip report primarily about my oldest son Ky, and his first multi-pitch climb. I have 3 boys, 9-year-old twins, and 11-year-old Kyler. All 3 of them love to climb,...

by bearbnz
2,028 Jul 28, 2009 31
Tuolumne Meadows : South Crack, Shagadelic, Hobbit Book TR
by rhyang
1,830 Jul 30, 2009 30
Matthes Crest TR 9/20/08 - lots of pics!! - Click for details
 Matthes Crest TR 9/20/08 - lots of pics!!
Well, this trip report is a little late in coming, I've wanted to put up trip reports before but never found the time. I've got some serious motivation now though. Some of you...

by luquitos
3,553 Jul 31, 2009 13
Cooke Booke Trip Report 7/12/09 - Click for details
 Cooke Booke Trip Report 7/12/09
Cooke Booke Trip Report 7/12/09 Davidji and I headed up on Saturday night. Amazingly we found a legal campsite at Porcupine Flat. We did our part to stimulate the econ...

by Zander
972 Jul 31, 2009 34
Herring Creek Dome TR - Click for details
 Herring Creek Dome TR
This past Saturday I headed up to Castle Rock state park again, this time with Mike Z, whom I tend of think of as my trad mentor. Mike had visited me when I was in the hospit...

by rhyang
2,398 Aug 06, 2009 29
Crest Jewel Photo Trip Report 7/19/09 - Click for details
 Crest Jewel Photo Trip Report 7/19/09
Crest Jewel Photo Trip Report 7/19/09 6:20 at the trailhead. There are a lot of good TRs of this route out there so Iíll give a quick overview and proceed to the pics. ...

by Zander
1,877 Aug 15, 2009 48
Photos of The Hourglass Left - Click for details
 Photos of The Hourglass Left
Here is the Hourglass from afar: Here is a closeup of the 350-400 ft profile: Here it is from below: and here is a closer view: ...

by Peter Haan
1,941 Aug 22, 2009 68
Bear Creek Spire, NE Ridge TR - Click for details
 Bear Creek Spire, NE Ridge TR
Today marks two years since I broke my neck. Yesterday I climbed the Northeast Ridge of Bear Creek Spire again - did it a little over two years ago (trip report). ...

by rhyang
1,017 Aug 27, 2009 32
Devils Tower TR - Click for details
 Devils Tower TR
Nov 1 2008 Some pitches on the SW Shoulder...Sunny and 64 and no wind. Captions on top people.. Top tope on the 5.8 left of Direct SW Top r...

by the museum
976 Aug 30, 2009 15
Long's Peak,  via The Loft TR - Click for details
 Long's Peak, via The Loft TR
On a recent road trip to Colorado on September 6, 2009, we climbed Long's Peak 14,255' via The Loft. From the Long's Peak Area Ranger Station and trailhead, 8 miles south...

by the museum
2,007 Sep 09, 2009 15
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