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North Arete of BCS with Salad (TR) - Click for details
 North Arete of BCS with Salad (TR)
I took up Salad's invitation to do some climbing in the Rock Creek area last week. The area is like a playground and I wanted to spend a week or so cragging, doing peaks, laz...

by Mic
928 Feb 25, 2009 20
SuperTaco Climbing Hall of Fame
by Mick K
594 Feb 25, 2009 69
Photo Ski TR (warning - American doing Euro Pansy stuff) - Click for details
 Photo Ski TR (warning - American doing Euro Pansy stuff)
Hey Since I had a light load today at work, I though I would head out after half a day and ski this circuit. Pretty fun stuff - even if I made use of a rifugio (I am wea...

by ThomasKeefer
443 Feb 27, 2009 13
(TR) Tollhouse Rock Video Trip Report........Now in High Def
by micronut
594 Mar 06, 2009 28
Articles from the Jeep (Veduawoo & Indian Cr Mini photo TR)♠ - Click for details
 Articles from the Jeep (Veduawoo & Indian Cr Mini photo TR)♠
The brother, the constant drifter, is now somewhere around Boulder, Co...After climbing the Green Spur yesterday, he's taking a rest day due to rain & extending his trip with ...

by TKingsbury
1,420 Mar 11, 2009 70
Grapevine, Grindhouse & Sally (Backwaters Bouldering, MT) - Click for details
 Grapevine, Grindhouse & Sally (Backwaters Bouldering, MT)
More fun out in the backwaters Pat on the FA of Grapevine Grape Slab The Grindhouse Project The brother ...

by TKingsbury
439 Mar 14, 2009 20
Gunks TR - Oct 08' - Click for details
 Gunks TR - Oct 08'
Hey Folks, Finally doing a trip report from my trip to the Gunks for a few days in October. It was my first time there, and man, is that place awesome. I can't wait to go...

by luquitos
769 Apr 01, 2009 10
Northern Aspens (Montana Bouldering TR) - Click for details
 Northern Aspens (Montana Bouldering TR)
Easter Sunday in the Boulder in the sun. Ron, Max and I met up with Kevin out in the Northern Aspens...which consequently really doesn't have many aspens....

by TKingsbury
503 Apr 16, 2009 38
Vedauwoo & Deto Mini photo TR(Articles from the Jeep part 2) - Click for details
 Vedauwoo & Deto Mini photo TR(Articles from the Jeep part 2)
The brotherman, the new age dirtbag, a vagabond playing poker and climbing rocks...who says dirtbagging is dead?!'s just changed a bit...that is if you know a thing or tw...

by TKingsbury
1,928 Apr 17, 2009 172
The other Valley (lots of pics) - Click for details
 The other Valley (lots of pics)
Well, a about five years ago this chick I know organized a camping trip to a lake with a bunch of friends of ours. She and I decided we'd take a few extra days and explore Kin...

by bluering
874 Apr 20, 2009 72
TR 2008-12-30 Gary's Crack Menace - Click for details
 TR 2008-12-30 Gary's Crack Menace
The menace: The crew: Queen of Wyde: Ed H with injured foot (and wall of fame in foreground): Scuffy showing us how the arm...

by nutjob
420 Apr 25, 2009 15
Haute Route 1/2 TR - Click for details
 Haute Route 1/2 TR
Executive summary: We started, did day one as normal, combined days two and three in hopes of beating an incoming storm that is still ongoing and failed so we skiied out in 'S...

by ThomasKeefer
706 Apr 29, 2009 16
existential moment on HCS - Click for details
 existential moment on HCS
At 8 am on Sunday April 26, 2009, Bill McConachie & I embarked on the 0.8 mile/1,500 foot elevation gain, 2 hour hike to the start of the regular route on Higher Cathed...

by tuolumne_tradster
860 Apr 29, 2009 11
Gold Wall tr 3/08 - Click for details
 Gold Wall tr 3/08
My buddy Micah and I climbed Gold Wall in the spring of í04 and Iíve itching to get back up there since. As the South Face is known for perfect finger cracks/stopper placement...

by Nanook
1,209 May 25, 2009 29
Sports Illustrated article on Dawn Wall 1971
by Ihateplastic
1,232 May 28, 2009 6
Castle Valey TR crimpie style - Click for details
 Castle Valey TR crimpie style
Crimpie style = more color shots than climbing shots for now. Will update when I get all the pics from other cameras. At the Red Rocks Rendezvous I was fortunate enoug...

by thedogfather
615 May 31, 2009 20
King Swing lowerout (very simple tutorial) - Click for details
 King Swing lowerout (very simple tutorial)
I'm going to shoot some video of this and get some more photos but wanted to try to explain it simply to see what people connect with and what parts need more work. So this is...

by Nanook
2,588 Jun 15, 2009 34
A visit to Calaveras Dome/Hidden Wall (Pics) - Click for details
 A visit to Calaveras Dome/Hidden Wall (Pics)
I live here in Bear Valley, about a 45 min drive to the top of Cal dome on the forest roads. I have never been there before and decided to go for a recon mission yesterday and...

by Eric McAuliffe
1,404 Jun 15, 2009 25
royal arches crest jewel linkup 5/09 with the wife - Click for details
 royal arches crest jewel linkup 5/09 with the wife
Here goes my first supertopo trip report. Enjoy. My wife Jessy and I awake at 5am on saturday and drive to the parking area for royal arches. We decided to do the alternate s...

by sneville
2,325 Jun 26, 2009 45
Cathedral Peak TR - Click for details
 Cathedral Peak TR
I'd only done Cathedral Peak's SE Buttress once before, in August 2006. My intent was to do it again in 2007, but instead I wrecked my car on the way up (late night + dee...

by rhyang
1,299 Jun 29, 2009 22
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