Message Posting Etiquette

Our goal with the site is to provide a resource for climbers of all skill levels and experience to get information about climbing and climbing destinations.

Please help us keep SuperTopo to be a friendly and informative resource. If you find posts that are objectionable, please contact us to let us know. Although we can't control the content posted to the site, we will delete objectionable or offensive posts as we become aware of them.


How to Use Formatting Tags in Your Postings

There are a number of formatting tags that you can use to add images, web links, and text formatting to your posts. This document provides a summary of those formatting tags.

Basic Text Formatting Tags

Format Tags to Use Description
bold Bold **bold** You get bold text by using two astericks **<bold text>** on either side.
bold Italic //Italic// You get italics by surrounding words with two forward slashes //<italic text>// on either side like this.
bold Underline __Underline__ You get underline by surrounding words with two underscore characters __<underlined text>__ on either side like this.

How to Include Links to Web Pages

No special formatting is required to make a hyperlink. If you type in a web address URL in your posting on it's own line:

Hint: type in the URL including the "http://" part to assure your web URL is automatically clickable.

If you want more control over web links, you can use advanced URL link formatting like this:
Here's a link to [url=""]Google[/url]. Pretty neat, huh?

Will become a link like this:
Here's a link to Google. Pretty neat, huh?

How to Include Photos in Your Posts

To insert a photo in your post, click on the photo button in the formatting bar:

You can upload a photo from your computer, or search SuperTopo to select a photo that you or someone else has previously uploaded. Uploaded photos must be .jpg files, and 2mb or less in filesize.

Once inserted, you'll see that a photo tag has been placed in your post like this [photoid=<photo id #>]. A photo ID number will be automatically assigned when you upload your image.

For example the text below:

Will become a click-able photo in your post like this:
Sunrise on Rodeo Queen.
Sunrise on Rodeo Queen.
Credit: Chris McNamara

Sunrise on Rodeo Queen.

Credit: Chris McNamara

Photos can be clicked to enlarge the photo (so long as they were uploaded in a size larger than 550 pixels).

Quote Formatting

To have a paragraph in a separate quote box, use [quote]<quoted text>[/quote] tags:
Courage is grace under pressure.
- E. Hemmingway