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About SuperTopo Gear Reviews
by Chris McNamara
7,566 Jul 07, 2010 2
5 Ways to Support SuperTopo - Click for details
 5 Ways to Support SuperTopo
[youtube=iZk7RzxaqjA] Thanks for your help in keeping the virtual campfire here at SuperTopo aflame. Here are 5 ways you can help us fund the site: 1) Share you...

by Chris McNamara
6,539 Dec 12, 2014 24
10 Tips To Make Big Wall Climbing More Fun - Click for details
 10 Tips To Make Big Wall Climbing More Fun
This year marks the 20th year that I've been climbing big walls. In my more advanced age, there are 10 tips to making the climbing experience more comfortable and fun. All thi...

by Chris McNamara
14,505 Jul 08, 2015 14
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