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Social climber
The West
Topic Author's Original Post - May 13, 2005 - 04:21am PT
Today a car loaned to me containing climbing stuff was stolen from the parking lot of the Hampton Inn Tropicana in Las Vegas.
-1988 Nissan Sentra, Blue, Nv 435FSS plates
-Climbing stuff inside, Fish Maxi-pad with Zebra-pattern strap, in back seat. In the Trunk was a black Lowe Snow -70(?) pack containing the following;
-Four sets of Metoulius four cam units up to orange,
-Two sets of Camalots up to #4.5 (I left the big guys at home)
~twenty five quick draws of various types (including 5 unmarked kong, weird looking wires on rainbow draws)
Approx 50 'biners
Misty Mtn, green, harness
Atc, Gri-gri, with attache and prisoner manufacture locking biners, respectivley, well worn size 39 Myhos, Fish fist-chalkbag (Crackhouse bag and good shoes are, thankfully, in hotel room)
Various slings, gear was on a vintage, mid eighties Misty Mtn, green paisley rack sling; I try not to be a vindictive man, but I am imaginative enough to come up with a detailed hell for the lazy-ass Diss-heads that will end up throwing this stuff in a dumpster;; wish Danno was still here to advise, on recovery options.
All climbing gear except the already mentioned QD's are either stamped JCA or in the case of the cams, "J-bro" is inscribed in the color coded area on the bottom of the cam lobes (so that the letters are in silver metal color. )
Any leads appreciated and will be rewarded.
Everybody else, careful out there!!!!!!!

The car, is my ex-wife's new husband's old car, I can't make sh#t like this up- they were nice to me in a way that can only be described as Karmic, and now ... I'm straining the 10k processor I like to call my brain, to come up with an appropriate way to reward their largess; Help find my stuff and you can borrow it!

May 13, 2005 - 05:27am PT
What a nightmare.Sorry to hear it.Give my regards to your ex.

May 13, 2005 - 08:14am PT
Damn that sucks. I hope it is found and returned to you.
Chris W

May 13, 2005 - 09:32am PT
I'll keep an eye out for it here in Colorado. Hope u had renters insurance. For everyone else, renters insurance is well worth it. I have had a couple of bicycles riped off and my renters insurance covered the bike and all upgrades. like 2000.00 plus dollars.

May 13, 2005 - 10:13am PT
Really bummed to hear about it, J. I hope it was covered by homeowners or renters insurance. Vegas is the only place I've been ripped off--thankfully, they left the $2K in gear and only took a $600 guitar. You can borrow a rack until July if you need to.


Trad climber
May 13, 2005 - 11:18am PT
that really sucks dude, sorry to hear it.

In SoCal you don't leave ANYTHING in your car. Where I live, the shitbums will break your window out if they spot an aluminum can inside. My cars have been broken into so many times I don't even bother reporting it anymore. Enforcement based on crime statistics is a silly urban myth.

I (mistakenly) thot' that buying a place in a nice bayfront neighborhood would get me away from the dregs; well the news is the shitbags don't go to the barrio to steal, they go to nice neighborhoods. I hope my blather will give y'all pause next time you consider leaving gear (or anything valuable) in the rig.

Please don't let it happen to you
(end public service message)
the Fet

Trad climber
Loomis, CA
May 13, 2005 - 11:27am PT
Makes me want that security system James Bond has, when they break the window and the whole car blows up killing the lowlifes.

May 13, 2005 - 11:57am PT
Man Jaybro that really hurts.

Was that all your current free climbing rack in the car or do you have anything left at home as far as good lead rack goes? I hope the car and everything gets recovered. If you get to the Valley and need anything look me up.

Berkeley, CA
May 13, 2005 - 01:36pm PT
I'm really sorry to hear about the stolen gear. I've had plenty of gear stolen on several occasions, and it always hurts...

Most of the hotels in Vegas have security cams covering the parking area. Any luck checking with them?
can't say

Social climber
Pasadena CA
May 13, 2005 - 02:07pm PT
Jaybro...sorry to hear about your loss. I hope they run into some seriously bad juju because of it. Thieves blow for sure.

Reminds me of Mo and Mari's gear being jacked out of their rig at ORG, only the theives left the rig, but took their gear, something like 15 years worth of stuff.


Trad climber
hayward, ca
May 13, 2005 - 02:20pm PT
sorry man, but it was on tropicana, that street (farther from the strip) is a dump.

Social climber
The West
Topic Author's Reply - May 13, 2005 - 10:45pm PT
Thanks, all, for the support. in a world seemingly gone mad it is re-assuring.
Werner, thanks, I'm cool as far as a rack goes ( once I get home anyway) the "B-list" will rise to the front,
Ct-They ARE looking at the surveilance tapes, so, who knows?
Leroy- Mich, the ex, will appreciate your regards, I think
Mike- we will see what my homeowner's ins, has to say
Shano,- truer words were never said.
Solobolo- guess I'm smarter, about Tropicana, now ( it was employer's choice, this time)
A new rope (forgot to mention that) and I'll be good to go. At least the wide arsenal remains unaffected, ( just have to get back in shape, to get the most out of it.) . I'll look for soft landings bouldering for a while.
The big question; what is the appropriate restitution gift to the ex, et al? I don't want to buy them an old car that will be a hassle, but something that will help them out, as their car did for me?
What an adventure this life is.

May 14, 2005 - 12:20am PT
vegas, baby. vegas.

Trad climber
emporium, pa
May 14, 2005 - 12:49am PT
About 8 or 9 years ago I was with my mom and dad in the valley. We went for a hike across the north rim of the valley and came back to find that our VW camper had been stolen with everything we had for a cross country trip from PA. Worst part was that it was right at the beginning of the trip and we had to take a greyhound home. Van turned up a few months later in San Francisco and everything that hadn't been stolen smelled like incense from the dirty hippies that stole it. So keep hope -it'll probably turn up. Frigg'n hippies.

Social climber
The West
Topic Author's Reply - Oct 28, 2005 - 05:53pm PT
It only gets wierder. Got a call from Vegas PD. They found the car abandonend, last weekend. The impound lot says that though they are not mechanics, the car appears functional (is still on the tires) and the trunk has not been forced. "There is a large blue vinyl thing in the back seat."-sounds like a Fish maxi-pad™ to me! I will try to be optimistic about the trunk contents. Next week my emmisaries will know.
-Still, watch out for used cams that have 'JCA' or 'J-bro' scratched engraved on them!
scuffy b

S Cruz
Oct 28, 2005 - 08:30pm PT
Congratulations, I hope.

Trad climber
Oct 28, 2005 - 09:33pm PT
I drive a silver Mini-Cooper S with eyes painted on the hood. Anyone takes that baby, the cops will have it within fifteen minutes. When in Vegas, I dump the gear in the room. That way I can fondle it during the night.
mark miller

Social climber
Oct 28, 2005 - 10:37pm PT
Good luck Jay.

Trad climber
somewhere between LA and Baja
Oct 29, 2005 - 01:15pm PT
check kelly's blue book. add the low and high values (private party/retail) and divide by 2. that'll give you a good place to start as far as $$$ are concerned. write 'em a check and make sure they think it's fair. that's good karma repaid, isn't it?
Hardman Knott

Gym climber
Straight Outta Squamton
Oct 29, 2005 - 03:00pm PT
Jaybro - hope you end up getting most if not all of your stuff back.
That sounds like a crazy dream come true! Maybe it was just taken for a joyride?

BTW, I am amazed at the number of vehicles sporting climbing stickers;
I really can't think of a better way to attract the attention of thieves!
Obviously your best bet is to avoid having any climbing related stuff visible.
Let them seek riper looking targets. Where this is unavoidable, I strongly
suggest making the vehicle inoperable. Many times the car will be stolen first,
as it only takes 30 seconds (or even less) for them to enter the vehicle and drive off
to a quiet location to pick through the goods at their leisure.

When I have to leave my car full of visible stuff unattended, it only takes a few
seconds for me to pop the hood and remove the rotor, and replace the rotor cap
so it looks normal––in the extremely unlikely event the would-be thieves
decide to "trouble-shoot" the no-start condition. They'll just go to the next car
if the screwdrivered ignition doesn't start the engine immediately.
Other tricks are removing the coil wire––although that's pretty well known,
and I've heard that some thieves will have a spare and actually check for that.
The main fusible link works nicely as well.

Where I work, there has been a rash of cars getting broken into, and the scumbag(s)
are simply smashing the main door windows to get in. I have resorted to removing
everything of value from my car, and I leave the empty glove-box wide open,
and leave both doors unlocked, and will roll both windows down several inches
if I know it's not going to rain. A couple weeks ago a car right next to mine had
its window smashed. I don't know whether they bothered checking my car.
Personally, I hoped they did and wasted their time.

We talked about setting up a "bait car" and sitting in some folding chairs
with baseball bats and drinking beers to while the time away.
The baseball bats would only be used (as a deterrent) if the scumbag(s) had a weapon.
The plan would be to simply "detain" until police arrive. Of course, it's funny
how things can turn out when a felony suspect decides he doesn't want to play along...
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