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Dingus Milktoast

Trad climber
Minister of Moderation, Fatcrackistan
Topic Author's Original Post - Apr 17, 2017 - 02:35pm PT
Damn Troubles!

You don't see something like this every day

The business end of a dam, somewhere in the Sierra Nevada

We drove the beast down some gnarly roads to get here.

Wandered around through the woods and came upon a lake.

We just walked right across it, no keep off signs, no nothing.

4-gates wide open, that waterfall was stunning.

It'll make you a little giddy to lean out over it like this :)

The reservoir feeds a canal system for Tuolumne County residents and PG&E.

See those walkways down there? You know what we're gonna do, right?


It was kind of freaky. The spray made it hard to breathe at times!


Just walk right in!

This is the drain and shutoff valve for the entire reservoir. It sort of looks like a big gun. I guess thatís exactly what it is. ThenÖ - surprise!

Haha she thought that was funny. So weird to be in this room at the foot of the waterfall, out of the spray, with 'all that' just on the other side of the door.

Time to go, don't forget to look up. And check out the Father of all Nozzles. Talk about drinking from a fire hose!

You've been warned

The extraction shack

The delivery mechanism

Its built like a trestle


Whereís my monkey wrench?

We walked right in!

So there you have it

A little Lions Dam action

Smoke em if ya got em.

And donít forget, you canít get there from here.

Time to get on outta here

Well another half hour of this, that is.


Apr 17, 2017 - 03:30pm PT
So, you guys were under there hidin' from da Red Coats!?

Pretty cool, DMT!

thx - ec

Trad climber
Twain Harte, California
Apr 17, 2017 - 03:52pm PT

And donít forget, you canít get there from here.

But you CAN get there from here (from my house).

We frequently walk (and bike) the old, retired railroad grade to the dam. All the ties and rails were removed long ago, so it's really just a wide, relatively flat dirt road (should I cross-post this to that thread?).

The grade starts 1/3 of a mile from our house and then goes 5 1/2 miles to the dam. It's been a great source of fun for us over the years: walks, hikes, bike rides, (one) horseback ride, and running. All the way to the dam, or just out a mile and back. Lots of room to explore down from the grade to the ditch too (locals don't call it a canal, we call it the ditch; and the trestles are flumes).

Tricia was just out there biking with a friend yesterday.

There's a few ferrel apple trees about 3/4 of a mile out. Right near the two acre blackberry patch (we go there for desert on some summer evenings). Wild roses are seen - in season - right on the side of the road. And, if you know just where and when, there's a patch of wild strawberries about halfway between the grade and the ditch.

Stop by some time Dingus and do the walk with us. Late summer is probably best.

Dingus Milktoast

Trad climber
Minister of Moderation, Fatcrackistan
Topic Author's Reply - Apr 17, 2017 - 03:55pm PT
Sasha told me about the railroad grade after we saw some bikers on it.

We came in from the other side. Our approach involved considerably less walking and way more rattling, hah.

Didn't realize you lived so close to that. Pretty cool. We ended up spending more time in there than we thought and had to skedaddle once we got back to pavement. Next time, I'll ping you first, but we were sorta rushed by then.

I bet we couldn't get back in there today :)

Lynne Leichtfuss

Trad climber
Will know soon
Apr 17, 2017 - 04:10pm PT
That was absolutely and totally wonderful/amazing!!!

Trad climber
Monrovia, California
Apr 17, 2017 - 04:15pm PT
A well cultivated man looks at the menu but brings his appetite home.

Trad climber
Apr 17, 2017 - 04:22pm PT
A virtual trip to a badass Dam courtesy of DMT.

Great pics.

Enjoyed the journey!!
T Hocking

Trad climber
Redding, Ca
Apr 17, 2017 - 04:23pm PT
Nice DMT!
How's the fishin?
Any trout in that lake or stream?

Social climber
Desolation Basin, Calif.
Apr 17, 2017 - 06:42pm PT
Gotta love it. Finding cool things is where it's at.

Them dam things is everywhere.
Brown Canyon Debris Dam
Brown Canyon Debris Dam
Credit: Gary

Credit: Gary

Ŗ ő ō T « H

Boulder climber
Apr 17, 2017 - 06:53pm PT
The damn 9th photo looks like Vernal falls.

Social climber
Desolation Basin, Calif.
Apr 17, 2017 - 07:50pm PT
^^ Damn! You made me count!

Apr 17, 2017 - 07:53pm PT
Killer stuff Dingus.

You two are the bomb !!!!!

Social climber
Apr 17, 2017 - 09:31pm PT
hey there say, dingus... man oh man, great stuff here...

thanks for sharing... just now SAW the link on the 'dam troubles'

wow, thanks for sharing... will come back and see THIS again, as well...
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