Drones Officially Banned in all National Parks


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Jon Beck

Trad climber
Topic Author's Original Post - Jun 20, 2014 - 03:07pm PT
Yosemite already had a ban through a dubious interpretation of existing law. The new ban will specifically apply to drones in all parks.

No drinking from creeks either. When did that become illegal


Visitors to the nation’s 401 National Parks have one more rule to remember before heeding their call to the wild: In addition to not feeding the bears or drinking water from the creek, don’t bring a drone.

National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis signed a memorandum Friday that will ban the use of unmanned aircraft across 84 million acres of public lands, saying the hum of the drone is not a fit for some of the nation’s most scenic and untamed real estate.

A person launches a drone in the great outdoors, an activity that the National Park Service prohibited Friday. (Associated Press)
A person launches a drone in the great outdoors, an activity that the National Park Service prohibited Friday. (Associated Press)
Drones outfitted with cameras have increasingly been spotted buzzing the cliff-side faces of presidents at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. They’ve crashed into walls at the Grand Canyon in Arizona. One even pestered a herd of big horn sheep at Zion National Park in Utah, prompting the young to be separated from their parents.

“We have serious concerns about the negative impact that flying unmanned aircraft is having in parks, so we are prohibiting their use until we can determine the most appropriate policy that will protect park resources and provide all visitors with a rich experience,” Jarvis said in a statement.

Under his order, park superintendents at places like Golden Gate National Recreation Area and Yosemite National Park have 60 days to put drone prohibitions on their books.

The new policy clears up any confusion about whether unmanned aircraft have been legal to fly on park lands.

In some places, park officials have ordered people to ground their drones, citing laws that prevent visitors from harassing wildlife or threatening public safety. Yosemite rangers began a crackdown this spring, saying federal law gave them general powers to halt flight.

Friday’s action provides a uniform rule exclusive to drones. Jarvis’ order will remain in effect until a service-wide prohibition is officially adopted, a process that involves collecting public input and can take a year or more.

Drones have become increasingly popular as their price has dropped and their capabilities have expanded. The devices range in size from a bird to a small plane and often carry cameras to take aerial video or photographs.

In May, rangers at Yosemite began approaching people who flew the devices and let them know the park was no longer tolerating them.

“There are so many things wrong with it,” Yosemite spokesman Scott Gediman told The Chronicle last month. “It’s just not conducive to what we’re trying to do here in Yosemite.”

Mountain climber
Jun 20, 2014 - 05:02pm PT
I'm glad I just fly RC aircraft..

Somewhere out there
Jun 20, 2014 - 07:10pm PT
In addition to not feeding the bears or drinking water from the creek, don’t bring a drone.

 And here I thought the next natural step in YOSAR Rescue would be the unmanned aerial vehicle.

Instead of the Helicopter Rescue getting the tap then arriving on the scene to assess and plan, hour(s) have passed and something irreversible could happen in that time...

Meanwhile, back in my future YOSAR world where from the ranger station a call can come in, another ranger pilot can get the drone headed up to greet and assess the situation within minutes, with their own eyes and ears from the victims mouth... meanwhile, after he hung up the phone ranger one waits to call the copter until after assessment can be made by ranger two, but a plan can be put into place that would allow for the starting the processes of getting the helicopter in the air, but would not waste a thing in shutting down once the assessment comes down from ranger two...
Meanwhile at the assessment, with open communication being available between drone and victim(s) and the ability of the drone to carry any amount of weight (not looked into it, but then again I don't really have to seeing as I'm just a dummy on a climbing web-forum) which may or may not be stocked with who knows the supplies that could be transferred to an awaiting vic in order to stabilize while the tray arrives to pick and call it a day....

but that's just a day dream for a dummy like me....

Trad climber
Jun 20, 2014 - 07:14pm PT
They have a tendency to crash.
Ken M

Mountain climber
Los Angeles, Ca
Jun 20, 2014 - 08:22pm PT
Note that this will only apply to the use of drones BY THE PUBLIC.

This will not apply to agency use for appropriate emergency situations, like SAR activities.

Trad climber
Jun 20, 2014 - 08:35pm PT
Wouldn't that go without saying?

Like. . . good luck landing your own helicopter in El Cap Meadow, eh?

Or. . . say. . . speeding on the long loop. . . you do it, you're busted, if they need to, they will.

So, it would stand to reason if they find a need for a drone, they'll use one, eh?

Jon Beck

Trad climber
Topic Author's Reply - Jun 20, 2014 - 08:48pm PT
Drone cached at the top of El cap, in a bird house type structure with a solar panel roof to keep batteries charged. Drone is launched remotely from a command center. The various pitches of each route are already in the system. Pilot plugs in route and pitch, drone goes there. Live feed goes to sar real time. Could even program the video to find the rope and follow it up or down.

Somebody in san Diego got amazing drone video the other day when a 112 foot luxury yacht burned in a shipyard. The drone show is just getting started

Mountain climber
The Other Monrovia- CA
Jun 20, 2014 - 09:30pm PT
Yeah, the Park Service will be all over toy drones but meanwhile they are totally cool with the
Navy and Air Force tearing up the parks with F-18's and F-16's at all hours.

Trad climber
The state of confusion
Jun 21, 2014 - 08:29pm PT

Here's a good article on reliability . . .

Ed Hartouni

Trad climber
Livermore, CA
Jun 21, 2014 - 09:42pm PT

Technically expert, safe belayer, can lead if easy
Jun 21, 2014 - 10:23pm PT
I'm good with this. Sounds like a good call.

Social climber
Jun 21, 2014 - 11:26pm PT
hey there say, steveW and ed... thanks for sharing the info links...

Vision man...ya gotta have vision...
Jun 22, 2014 - 09:34am PT

Separated at birth? I hardly think so.

Social climber
Dalian, Liaoning
Jun 22, 2014 - 09:40am PT
bike rentals, raft rentals

You'd rather have cars?
Dingus Milktoast

Gym climber
Maestro, Ecosystem Ministry, Fatcrackistan
Jun 22, 2014 - 09:43am PT
Banning drones from all national parks is a great step and hopefully will lead to bans in all public spaces.

A pox on those infernal machines and the drones who fly them.


Trad climber
greater Boss Angeles area
Jun 22, 2014 - 10:12am PT
I understand there was an ice hockey game played in L.A. last week, and the home team did OK.

Some joker thought it would be a good idea to fly a drone over a crowd of people supporting their home team.

The crowd took offense to being overflown - rightly so - and used what they had on hand to bring the drone down safely, before it crashed on its own and wounded God knows who.

I read somewhere that the cops have what's left of the drone, and its owner can come down to the police officer station and pick it up, no charges to be filed.

Just flying something like that over a crowd - whether or not it crashes - should be considered reckless endangerment.


Trad climber
Jun 22, 2014 - 10:15am PT
More evidence that the kite based camera lobby is a powerful force in Washington.
Dingus Milktoast

Gym climber
Maestro, Ecosystem Ministry, Fatcrackistan
Jun 22, 2014 - 02:01pm PT
I LOVE the freedom loving citizens of LA. Hah they even got in some skateboard action! Riot!


Mountain climber
Jun 23, 2014 - 08:03pm PT
Dingus Milktoast

Gym climber
Maestro, Ecosystem Ministry, Fatcrackistan
Jul 29, 2014 - 05:39pm PT
I'm telling you these drone pilots are a pox....

A drone spotted flying near the Sand fire on Sunday could have endangered firefighting aircraft working in the area, fire officials say.

Lynne Tolmachoff, spokeswoman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, said Monday that sheriff’s deputies located the person controlling the drone and grounded the radio-controlled plane. Flights by firefighting helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft were not affected by the incident, but Tolmachoff said the presence of drones is a concern.

She noted firefighting aircraft typically fly very low. Like a bird strike, she said, a small radio-controlled plane could bring down a helicopter or airplane.

Sgt. Chris Felton of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office said Monday that the incident was still being investigated. Sheriff’s deputies responded after several calls were received reporting a drone near the fire. Felton said the person controlling the drone apparently was a hobbyist looking to take video of the fire.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2014/07/29/6588674/fire-officials-say-drone-could.html#storylink=cpy

Just wait till one of those people brings down an airliner with their f*#king toys.

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