THANK YOU to manzanita man, for sharing stuff for crafts..


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Topic Author's Original Post - Jan 23, 2013 - 11:41pm PT
hey there say, manzanita man! thank you... box just came a few hours ago, just saw it as i went to store for some stamps...

they did not knock this time, as the porch was snowy, but they set it in a safe spot... it was obvious we were home and dog DID bark...

and for TACO FOLKS:
I SHARED THIS HERE, for us all, too, as:
this box will keep on giving, for those that need a get well, or
those that want to order gift dreamcatchers...

thank you again...
yep--it helps me not only do some work to earn things need, but helps
me be a giver, as to those
needs for get-wells...

very kind of you....
god bless, and happy supertopo eve...

*never did know where to mail john longs get well stuff :(

AM GOING to open it now, :)
will email much later, though...
been standing here wayyy, to long in the ol' 'computer-wrestling-rink'

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Topic Author's Reply - Mar 21, 2013 - 02:10am PT
hey there say... just a thank you to manzanita man... a bit ago, from the 'help shed get saved' , it opened a neat door, about manzanita, and such... something special to me, about my mom, and things we loved from the woods...

from the shed-fix process, manzanita man, in the midst of his work, gave some neat perches for my bird, season, that were part of the sharing of the grapevines, of recent...

a very nice share... thank you very much, for that kindness, and
may god's good blessing be there, in return...
thank you...

here is season's new 'fun stuff'... it REALLY made a big difference...
season only had a walking stick of mine to play on...
and an old cage 'stair' to fly too...

(always have to watch that the rat does nibble the bird's toes!)
i got some clear plastic there now!!!

he was very impressed (if birds get so) by the SWING... :)
AND, the light perches of sanded manzanita...

he was a tad leary of the dark wood, but settled down, after i
quided him through it...

thank you so very much....
thank you so very much....
Credit: neebee

you can see them in this picture...
season is ASLEEP NOW, :)
had a busy much more fun bird day, :))

also, i learned that my bird really DOES trust me, more than i thought...
and if donna sees this:

wow, these birds sure are smart... :O
he knows what he wants--as to a shiney container that i have...
did NOT want to have me take him away from it (he thought it was another bird) ... well, i reckon they are NOT as smart as the think, after all, :))
manzanita man

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somerset, ca.
Mar 21, 2013 - 10:26pm PT
you are very welcome neebee. you are the true angel.

Mar 21, 2013 - 10:30pm PT
Neebee really is one heck of a good Angel. Amen on that.

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Topic Author's Reply - Mar 21, 2013 - 11:29pm PT
hey there say, manzanita man, and anastasia...

HERE is season, enjoy himself...

did not take pics, yet, of the other perches, as he loves those, naturally,
but these UP in the air, he was not sure of, as, being a bird,

DARK things above, seems like danger, of course... yet, my ROOM in front, here, is a long LONG ROOM divided in half (as if two rooms) by the piano, in center... season will FLY the length of BOTH rooms, always DUCKING under the
ceiling CENTER beam...

well, i THOUGHT he might like a landing place, near the hanging plant, but
never had anything stable to put there...

so--i screwed on TWO of the perches, one to each side of the basket...

well now--he (by bird action) told me:

your're not getting ME on that thing... not either one!

i taught him, thought, that they were safe, and LATER
(AS YOU CAN SEE, there, manzanita man, i sanded off some of the
dark color on that one branch) it looked less ominous, up high,

NOW--he does NOT want to get off them, he wants to sit up there and sing!
(i think?? i read that birds feel more assertive? if they are up there
above you)...


so--here he is... he played on all the perches, again, as i walked him through... from now on, he can do it on his own...
he LOVES the swing, :))

season (up high) on his road to new home adventure--jody' pic,...
season (up high) on his road to new home adventure--jody' pic, from john, behind him... the shed-fix, lead to the manzanita perches, so it is very fitting, :)
Credit: neebee

now, on the other high-up perch, that shows the back end, of the front...
now, on the other high-up perch, that shows the back end, of the front room (leads to the kitchen) you can kind of SEE the BEAM that he flies under, just above his head, where the basket hangs... perhaps now, someday, he will FLY there himself, to lan
Credit: neebee


fuzzy, due to no flash... you can see his front-room area, here, and h...
fuzzy, due to no flash... you can see his front-room area, here, and his swing, :) he is NOT that big, but this was a close up, and he puffed his feather out, :) he is a tad brighter, too... he is soooo neat!
Credit: neebee

thank you again...
awwww, shucks, you both... not an angel, but just doing my
trail as best i can, :) with a lot of prayer and grace, :)
and thankful, that i got folks to share with... >:D<

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Mar 22, 2013 - 11:37pm PT
does that bear have a nose bleed?

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Topic Author's Reply - Mar 22, 2013 - 11:42pm PT
hey there say, john... i KNEW it was a trick question, but was not sure where, :))

i went back up and saw it... (it's a deer skin, though) :))

say, but the LAST picture... seems to have a pink bear (teddy bear type face), with a REDid-up nose, too, but not running...

do you see the pink 'flowery' bear now? you can see the two glossy eyes and pink'ruddy red nose,... :))

i thought season looked neat, with the jody pic, behind him, :)

thank you soooo much, as well, john, for all you did...

say, did you GET your mail, of recent? i got one more, i will mail this week...

happy supertopo weekend, season is a climber now, too, :))


OH SAY, john, NOW, i see the eyes, from the deerskin area...

say, very clever!! to spot that bear face, though not so bear... :)
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